Words can make or break a person! Find out How?

"Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate, and to humble."

-Yehuda Berg

We are well aware of how powerful words are. They can earn friends for you or make your friends drift away from it. It all lies with our mouth and what we speak leaves a profound impact on the hearer. The way you speak and the words you utter gives an impression of your personality traits.

Careful selection of words is necessary to leave a good impact, move gracefully, and make the best of life. We are now going to look at an example of how words benefit individual cases while harming some in the worst way possible.

Word Mixer

This man doubled his salary by his persuasive speech selection!

A person is always in a happy space when he is kind to others. There was this man Edward, who worked endlessly in the fir, but the only hindrance in his promotion was his way of speaking. This made people think that he might not comply with the company standards once he gets promoted, so the company officials put his promotion on hold.

At the same company, there was John, who might have been a little less efficient at work, but his speech selection was commendable, and anyone who heard him spoke highly of him, and therefore his feedback to the CEO always went positive.

We can see a lot of such examples around us, and one would personally think that someone nice to us will always stay close to the heart while an arrogant person is someone we tend to maintain distance from.

Some important points to consider to make your speech powerful

  • Make sure you are not being complex and can defend what you say. To do that, you should not sound rude and choose your words accordingly.
  • Always be a good listener and then respond accordingly while not going too overboard to prove yourself right.
  • "Thank you" and "Please" are short words that make your task easy.
  • Using harsh words like "You fool" would enrage the other person, and the two might get into an ugly spat.
  • Everyone is trying the best of their abilities with the consciousness they have to work with, which includes you as well. Always consider being kind and offer the same empathy and compassion to others that you expect should be extended to you.
  • Ask the two critical questions to yourself before going ahead:
  • 1. 'What is the purpose of saying this?

    2. 'How is this going to serve my happiness?'


An improvement in your selection of words will make you see the short term benefits and harness great benefits for you in the long run. Always be considerate of the feelings of others and be gentle while talking. There is this Golden Rule of Speech that is important to keep as learning that:

“If you have nothing Good or Kind to say, say nothing.”