Another Word For A

every bit

Verb : (idiomatic) Exactly, to its full degree


Verb : (manner) In an equal manner; in equal shares or proportion; with equal and impartial justice; evenly

Verb : (degree) In equal degree or extent; just as.

Verb : (conjunctive) Used to link two or more coordinate elements


Noun : A toxic grey brittle nonmetallic chemical element (symbol As) with an atomic number of 33.

Noun : (countable) A single atom of this element.

Noun : Arsenic trioxide.

atomic number 33

Noun : a very poisonous metallic element that has three allotropic forms; arsenic and arsenic compounds are used as herbicides and insecticides and various alloys; found in arsenopyrite and orpiment and realga

eat an elephant one bite at a time

Verb : (idiomatic, chiefly proverb) To do something one step at a time; to do something in steps rather than all at once.

give something a miss

Verb : (idiomatic) To forgo something.

horse of a different colour

Noun : (British spelling) Alternative form of horse of a different color [(American spelling, idiomatic) An unrelated or only incidentally related matter with distinctly different significance.]

sick as a parrot

Adjective : (colloquial, simile) Extremely sick; very ill.

Adjective : (colloquial, simile, idiomatic, UK) Very disappointed; miserable.

run into a brick wall

Verb : (transitive, idiomatic) to encounter an insurmountable barrier or obstacle to progress

see a man about a horse

Verb : (idiomatic, euphemistic) Used in place of a real explanation when excusing oneself for a short period of time, particularly to use a toilet.

take a breather

Verb : (idiomatic) To take a break; to pause or relax briefly.

grab at a straw

Verb : Alternative form of grasp at straws [(idiomatic) To guess randomly or pursue any apparent option, due to a lack of clear choices or information.]

talk a blue streak

Verb : (originally US) To talk for a long duration of time, at a rapid pace without giving others a chance to speak, or to the point of tedium.

look as if one had lost a shilling and found sixpence

Verb : (idiomatic, UK) To look very disappointed.

touch a nerve

Verb : (idiomatic) To make a remark or perform a deed which produces a strong response, especially an emotional response such as anxiety or annoyance, because it calls to mind something which has been a source of concern or embarrassment.

knock someone over with a feather

Verb : (idiomatic, informal, hyperbolic) Used to express that one is greatly surprised.

win by a nose

Verb : (idiomatic) To win by a small margin; to have a narrow victory.

a good look

Noun : (chiefly in the negative) Something that gives a positive impression.

Noun : Used other than figuratively or idiomatically: see good, look.

make like a banana and split

Verb : (idiomatic, humorous) To leave, depart.

drop a bomb

Verb : Used other than figuratively or idiomatically: see drop, bomb.

Verb : (UK, euphemistic, slang) To release noxious gas from the bowels: to fart.

Verb : (US, euphemistic, slang) To release feces into a toilet; to defecate.

make a point

Verb : (idiomatic) To argue or promote an idea.

Verb : (idiomatic) To take care in doing something; to pay attention or ensure that something is done.

hang a leg

Verb : (idiomatic) Hesitate; hang back.

have a hand in

Verb : (idiomatic) To contribute to, participate in, or influence.

make a public spectacle of oneself

Verb : Alternative form of make a spectacle of oneself [(idiomatic, originally US) To embarrass oneself or others in public.]

get blood out of a turnip

Verb : Alternative form of get blood out of a stone [(idiomatic) To do something difficult, frustrating, or pointless.]

pull a few strings

Verb : (figurative) To cause an event or events to occur, especially in someone's benefit or favour; to make something happen.

Verb : Alternative form of pull strings [(intransitive, idiomatic) To manipulate a situation, especially by asking favours of others; to use one's influence with others to attain a desired goal.]

take a grab

Verb : Used other than figuratively or idiomatically: see take, grab.

Verb : (Australian rules football) to mark the football, especially overhead

blaze a trail

Verb : (idiomatic) To show the way or proceed rapidly.

Verb : (idiomatic) To set precedent or do something novel; to break new ground.

dime a dozen

Adjective : (Australia, US, idiomatic) So common as to be practically worthless.

take a long walk off a short pier

Verb : Alternative form of take a long walk on a short pier [(idiomatic, derogatory, colloquial) Used to tell someone to go away, or that their request will not be met.]

get a kick out of

Verb : (idiomatic) To be delighted by; to be amused by.

knocked over with a feather

a bridge too far

Noun : (idiomatic) A step or action that is too ambitious; an act of overreaching.

build a fire under

Verb : Alternative form of light a fire under [(idiomatic, transitive) To motivate or encourage (someone) to start sooner or move faster.]

make a pig's ear of

Verb : (Britain, idiomatic, transitive) To do badly; to make a mess of.

that's as may be

flog a dead horse

Verb : (Britain, idiomatic) To attempt to get more out of something that cannot give more; to attempt to arouse fresh interest in something that is either hopeless or already settled.

Verb : (dated, nautical) To attempt to get extra work out of a ship's crew during the dead horse period.

give a hang

Verb : (slang, idiomatic) give a hoot; give a damn (to care about; to place value on something)

never in a month of sundays

Verb : (idiomatic) At no time whatsoever.

squint like a bag of nails

Verb : (idiomatic) To squint very much, as though one's eyes were directed as many ways as the points of a bag of nails.

take a flyer

Verb : Used other than figuratively or idiomatically: see take, flyer.

Verb : (idiomatic) To invest against odds.

Verb : (idiomatic) To make a choice with an uncertain outcome; to take a chance.

have a way with

Verb : (idiomatic, informal) To be skilled, adept, or graceful with or at (something).

give someone a hand

Verb : (idiomatic) To help, aid, or assist.

Verb : (idiomatic) To applaud or clap (also to give (someone) a big hand).

show a clean pair of heels

Verb : (idiomatic) To run away; to make an escape quickly.

hard as nails

Adjective : (simile, idiomatic) Very unsympathetic; callous

Adjective : (simile, idiomatic) Able to endure difficulties; tough

paint a rosy picture

Verb : (idiomatic) To describe a situation or prospective set of events in an upbeat, optimistic manner.

call a spade a spade and a shovel a shovel

Verb : Alternative form of call a spade a spade. [(idiomatic) To put it bluntly, to be outspoken; to speak the truth, to say things as they really are.]

smoke like a chimney

Verb : (idiomatic, simile) To smoke tobacco frequently.

ants climbing a tree

Noun : A Sichuan dish of ground meat cooked in a sauce and poured over cellophane noodles.

Noun : Used other than figuratively or idiomatically: see ants, climbing, a, tree.

ride on a rail

Verb : (idiomatic, historical) To be subjected to a punishment most prevalent in the United States in the 18th and 19th centuries in which an offender was made to straddle a fence rail held on the shoulders of two or more bearers. The victim was then paraded around town or taken to the city limits and dumped by the roadside.

fly off at a tangent

Verb : (idiomatic) To digress from a topic.

fit for a king

Adjective : (idiomatic) Lavish; luxurious.

blow a kiss

Verb : (idiomatic) To kiss one's hand, then blow on it in a direction towards the recipient.

march to the beat of a different drum

Verb : (idiomatic) To do things in one's own way regardless of societal norms and conventional expectations.

keep a close watch

Verb : (idiomatic) to pay careful attention to a situation or a thing, so that you can deal with any changes or problems.

take up a collection

Verb : (idiomatic) To request and receive money or goods of value from members of a group, especially for a charitable purpose.

move down a peg

Verb : Alternative form of take down a notch [(transitive, idiomatic, of a person or organization) To cause a person's or group's self-esteem or importance to be decreased.]

take a turn for the worse

Verb : (idiomatic) To start to become worse; to worsen.

take a knee

Verb : To come to rest, usually briefly, with one of one's knees on the ground.

Verb : (American football, Canadian football) Of any player with the ball, to kneel and place the ball on the ground, thereby ending the play and indicating they do not intend to advance with the ball.

Verb : To cease performing customary activities or duties and kneel on one knee, sometimes as a form of protest.

throw a monkey wrench into the works

Verb : (idiomatic) Synonym of throw a spanner into the works

take a dive

Verb : To decline rapidly.

Verb : (idiomatic, boxing) To feign a knockout in order to lose intentionally.

Verb : (idiomatic) To lose or fail intentionally.

have a ball

Verb : (idiomatic) To enjoy oneself thoroughly; to have lots of fun or excitement.

make out like a bandit

Verb : (idiomatic, informal) To profit greatly; to get an excessively good deal

smell like a tart's bedroom

Verb : Alternative form of smell like a tart's handbag [(UK, idiomatic, slang, derogatory, simile) To smell strongly of perfume.]

come up smelling like a rose

Verb : Alternative form of smell like a rose [(idiomatic, colloquial, simile) To be regarded as appealing, virtuous, or respectable; to be untainted or unharmed.]

kick up a fuss

Verb : (idiomatic) To show annoyance, or to complain loudly about something, often when it is of little importance in reality.

hold a grudge

Verb : (idiomatic) To stay angry (at someone or something).

take something as read

Verb : (idiomatic) To assume that everyone agrees that something is correct.

just as well

Verb : Used to say that an occurrence, or situation, is not only fortunate, but that on the contrary, it could have been a lot worse; or that something that might at first seem bad is actually good because it could have been worse.

Verb : Used other than figuratively or idiomatically: see just, as well, as, well.

make a clean breast

Verb : (idiomatic) Often followed by of: to be honest about something; to confess.

as it were

Verb : Used other than figuratively or idiomatically: see as, it, were.

Verb : Used to indicate that a word or statement is perhaps not exact though practically right; as if it were so.

Verb : Used to draw attention to the use of a metaphor, sometimes to prevent confusion or to highlight wordplay.

not worth a plug nickel

Adjective : (chiefly US, idiomatic) Having no or almost no value; worthless.

go so far as

Verb : (idiomatic) To reach an unexpected extent in doing something.

take a nap

Verb : (idiomatic) To sleep briefly.

have a word

Verb : (idiomatic, meiosis) To speak to someone, usually and especially in private, often in order to admonish.

put one's pants on one leg at a time

Verb : (idiomatic) To be an ordinary person; to be a mere mortal.

be it as it may

Verb : (idiomatic) Even if that is the case; whether that is true or not; nevertheless.

have a stab

Verb : (idiomatic) To make an attempt, a try.

toss a bone to

Verb : Alternative form of throw a bone to [(idiomatic) To provide support or assistance to, especially in one particular way or to a limited extent; to make a concession to.]

make a scene

Verb : (idiomatic) To bring unnecessary attention to oneself, especially through a public expression of tumultuous emotion.

get a move on

Verb : (informal, idiomatic) To hurry up, to get moving.

drive a coach and horses through

Verb : (Britain, idiomatic) To spoil, break or render ineffective (a rule, plan or agreement).

beat a dead horse

Verb : (idiomatic) To persist or continue far beyond any purpose, interest or reason.

show a leg

Verb : (idiomatic, nautical, chiefly imperative) To wake up and get out of bed.

turn a page

Verb : Alternative form of turn the page (“move on; make a fresh start”) [(idiomatic) To move on to new involvements or activities; to make a fresh start.]

turn a trick

Verb : (chiefly US, idiomatic, of a prostitute) To perform a sexual service for a customer.

meet a sticky end

Verb : (idiomatic, Britain) To die unpleasantly due to one's actions.

throw a curve

Verb : Alternative form of throw someone a curve [(baseball) Used other than figuratively or idiomatically: To pitch a curve ball.]

run a train

Verb : (intransitive, slang, vulgar) Synonym of gangbang: To have sex with someone as a line going one after the other.

Verb : (intransitive, slang, vulgar) To have sex with someone multiple times in short succession.

Verb : Used other than figuratively or idiomatically: see run, train.

take a flier

Verb : Alternative form of take a flyer [Used other than figuratively or idiomatically: see take, flyer.]

call a cab

Verb : Used other than figuratively or idiomatically: see call, cab. (summon a taxi)

Verb : (horse racing) To raise one's arm to maintain balance while riding.

bust a move

Verb : (African-American Vernacular, idiomatic, transitive) To dance.

Verb : (African-American Vernacular, idiomatic, transitive) To initiate an action, such as a departure, attack, etc.

look as if one has lost a shilling and found sixpence

Verb : (idiomatic, dated) To look annoyed or displeased.

have a brick in one's hat

Verb : (New England, idiomatic, obsolete) To be drunk.

take a turn

Verb : (idiomatic) Change in direction, tone, or tendency.

Verb : To walk around; to stroll.

Verb : To participate in an activity involving two or more participants.

pull a fast one

Verb : (idiomatic, often followed by on) To carry out a trick or deception; to behave contrary to expectations.

catch a break

Verb : (idiomatic, informal) To experience the minimal amount of good luck or a favorable outcome.

as well

Verb : (idiomatic) In addition; also.

Verb : To the same effect.

Verb : (South Africa) Me too.

have a gas

Verb : (idiomatic) Have a good time.

like a phoenix from the ashes

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