Another Word For A_LOT

a good deal

Verb : (idiomatic) Very much; to a great extent; a lot; lots.

Noun : (idiomatic) A large amount; a lot.

Noun : Used other than figuratively or idiomatically: see a, good, deal.


Adjective : (obsolete) Large, great.

Adjective : (obsolete) Long in duration.

Verb : To a great extent.

very much

Verb : Extremely. (Used to modify a verb. To modify an adjective or an adverb, very is used.)

Verb : Indeed.

a great deal

Verb : frequently or in great quantitie

Verb : to a very great degree or exten

a lot of bit

Verb : (informal, nonstandard) a lot; quite a bit


Verb : (informal) significantly; very, very much

Verb : mostly, primarily


Verb : To a great extent or degree.

Verb : Conforming to fact, reality or rule; true.

Verb : (with superlatives) Used to firmly establish that nothing else surpasses in some respect.


Verb : In an extensive manner, widely.

Verb : To a great extent.


Verb : Chiefly; for the most part.

Verb : (obsolete) Forcefully, vigorously.

Verb : (obsolete) Of the production of a sound: loudly, powerfully.


Verb : To a great extent or degree.

Verb : (archaic) Nobly; magnanimously.

quite a bit

Verb : (idiomatic) considerably


Adjective : (slang, dated) The greatest; the best.


Verb : (colloquial) very much, very


Verb : Greatly; hugely; extremely; vastly; to a great extent.


Verb : With a great weight.

Verb : To a considerable degree, to a great extent.

Verb : In a manner designed for heavy duty.

so much

Verb : To a certain degree or extent

Adjective : To such a quantity, degree etc.


Verb : In a high or esteemed manner.

Verb : Extremely; greatly; very much.


Verb : greatly; to a huge extent

in no small measure

Verb : (idiomatic) To a very great extent.

all kinds of

Verb : (informal) Extremely.

Verb : Used other than figuratively or idiomatically: see all, kinds, of.


Verb : In a wide manner; across a wide area.

Verb : (figurative) Commonly; generally; to a great degree.


Verb : In a massive manner, in a way that appears large, heavy or imposing.

Verb : (slang) Greatly.


Verb : In a bad manner.

Verb : Very much; to a great degree.


Verb : (focus) Especially, extremely.

Verb : (degree) To a great extent.

Verb : Specifically, uniquely or individually.


Verb : Greatly, in a vast manner.


Noun : (informal) A great distance in space or time.

Noun : A male given name from the Germanic languages.

Noun : A surname originating as a patronymic.


Verb : In a numerous manner; in great numbers.


Verb : (literal) In a way or manner that is real, not unreal.

Verb : (modal) Actually; in fact; in reality.

Verb : (informal, as an intensifier) Very (modifying an adjective); very much (modifying a verb).


Verb : In a widespread or large manner.

Verb : For the most part; mainly or chiefly.

Verb : On a large scale; amply.


Verb : To the fullest extent or degree.

Verb : (degree, colloquial) Very; extremely.

Verb : (modal, colloquial) Definitely; for sure.


Adjective : (of a physical object) Having great weight.

Adjective : (of a topic) Serious, somber.

Adjective : Not easy to bear; burdensome; oppressive.


Verb : (degree) To a given extent or degree.

Verb : (degree) To a great extent or degree; very, particularly (in negative constructions).

Verb : (informal, Britain, Australia) To such an extent; so. (in positive constructions).


Verb : In an abundant manner; in a sufficient degree; in large measure.

Verb : Extremely.

a bit

Verb : (informal) To a small extent; in a small amount.

Verb : (informal) Slightly; rather.

Verb : (UK, meiosis) Very.


Verb : Mainly or chiefly; for the most part; usually, generally, on the whole.

Verb : (obsolete) To the greatest extent; most.


Verb : In an infinite manner; as of anything growing without bounds; endlessly.

Verb : To a surpassingly large extent.


Verb : (manner) Accurately, competently, satisfactorily.

Verb : (manner) Completely, fully.

Verb : (degree) To a significant degree.


Verb : In a strong substantial manner; considerably.

Verb : To a great extent; in essence; essentially.

Verb : Without material qualifications.


Verb : To a deep extent or degree; very greatly.

Verb : So as to extend far down or far into something.

Verb : At depth.

big time

Noun : The highest, or most prestigious level in any field, especially in entertainment.

Verb : (informal) By a large margin; with great significance.


Verb : In a mighty manner; with strength or force.

Verb : Enormously, to a great extent.

Verb : (US, regional) Thoroughly; entirely.


Verb : In an insane manner; not sanely.

Verb : To a great degree; very much.


Verb : (now rare) In a big way, greatly; to a great extent, on a large scale.

Verb : (now rare) Strongly, with great force.

Verb : (now rare) In a blustering or boastful manner; haughtily, pompously.

as all get-out

Verb : (idiomatic, informal, simile) Extremely; to a superlative degree; very much.


Verb : (manner) In a serious or literal manner.

Verb : Gravely; deeply; very much.

Verb : Used to attempt to introduce a serious point in a less serious conversation.

not a little

Verb : Much, very; considerably.

far and away

Verb : (idiomatic) By a large degree or margin; greatly.


Verb : Extremely, greatly: to an enormous degree.

Verb : Shockingly.


Verb : In an ample manner; extensively; thoroughly.


Verb : In a significant manner or to a significant extent.


Noun : A surname.

Noun : (colloquial, informal) Abbreviation of world championship.

beyond measure

Adjective : Very large; great; huge.

Verb : To a great extent or degree; very.


Verb : (manner) In an incredible manner; not to be believed.

Verb : (degree) To a great extent; extremely.

Verb : Used to note the surprising or hard-to-believe nature of what is being said and suggest that it is nevertheless true.


Noun : An abundance.

Verb : In abundance.


Verb : Greatly; enormously


Verb : (degree) To an extreme degree.


Noun : That which complies with justice, law or reason.

Noun : A legal, just or moral entitlement.

Noun : The right side or direction.


Verb : In a strong or powerful manner.

Verb : Very much.


Verb : To an innumerable extent; uncountably.


Verb : In an abounding manner; in a manner that abounds.

Verb : To an abounding degree.

not half

Verb : (Britain, slang) Greatly; to a considerable extent.


Verb : In an appreciable manner; to a large extent; considerably.

only too

Verb : (before adjective) very, all too.

Verb : (before adverb) to a high degree; very well or very much

far cry

Noun : (idiomatic, usually in the phrase 'a far cry from') A long distance, in terms of dissimilarity or difference.

Verb : much: to a great extent or degree; by far


Noun : Something complete, without any parts missing.

Noun : An entirety.

as all hell

Verb : (simile) To a great extent or degree; very.


Verb : To a greater degree or extent.

Verb : Used to form the comparative form of adjectives and adverbs.

Verb : (now poetic) In negative constructions: any further, any longer; any more.


Verb : in a proper manner, appropriately, suitably; correctly, justifiably

Verb : (obsolete) individually; in one's own manner.

Verb : (colloquial) Entirely; extremely; thoroughly.

pretty much

Verb : Almost completely; very nearly; mostly; more or less; basically.


Verb : (informal) Significantly; very, very much; extremely.


Verb : Under enlargement.

Verb : (figurative) With greater extent or scope.


Verb : In an overwhelming manner; very greatly or intensely.

Verb : Mostly; predominantly; almost completely.


Verb : In great quantity or abundance; in a profuse manner.


Verb : In a plentiful manner; with plenty.

a tad

Verb : (informal) To a small extent; in a small amount.

Verb : (informal) Slightly; rather.

Verb : (UK, meiosis) Very.


Verb : To a mammoth extent; greatly; extremely.


Adjective : Tending to excite wonder; surprising, extraordinary.

Adjective : Surprisingly excellent; very good or admirable, extremely impressive.


Verb : To the full or entire extent.

Verb : To the exclusion of others.

as hell

Verb : (postpositive, simile) To a great extent or degree; very.

as much

Verb : precisely that

Verb : Used other than figuratively or idiomatically: see as, much.

all out

Adjective : (cricket) The state of a side having no more men to bat, thus ending its innings.

Verb : (idiomatic) With maximum effort.

Verb : (idiomatic) Without regard for risk.

a mite

Verb : (informal) To a small extent; in a small amount; rather.


Verb : In an eminent or prominent manner.

Verb : To a great degree; notably; highly.

so mickle

Noun : (now chiefly Scotland and Northumbria) A particular amount, often a large or excessive amount; so much.

Noun : (now chiefly Scotland and Northumbria) A demonstrated amount.

Verb : (now chiefly Scotland and Northumbria) To a certain degree or extent; so much.

all ends up

Verb : (informal, idiomatic) Completely; totally.


Verb : To a monumental extent; very greatly.

sort of

Verb : (idiomatic, colloquial) Approximately; in a way; partially; not quite; somewhat.


Verb : Widely and openly.

Verb : Broadly speaking; in a wide manner; liberally; in a loose sense.

how much

Verb : (interrogative) To what degree; to what extent.


Verb : In a luxurious manner; full of majesty or expression:

Verb : In an attractive or manner; full of colour or detail.

Verb : In a manner that occupies the non-visual senses; flavourfully, deeply.


Verb : (manner) In a complete manner

Verb : (degree) To the fullest extent or degree; totally.

many a times

Verb : (nonstandard) Frequently, often.


Verb : In a material manner; with regard to physical things or characteristics.

Verb : To a significant degree.

as sin

Verb : (postpositive) To a great extent or degree; very.


Verb : Completely; entirely; to the fullest extent.


Verb : In a superimmense manner.


Verb : Significantly; to a degree worth considering.


Adjective : (of distance or position; also figurative) Extending far away from a point of reference, especially downwards.

Adjective : Extending far down from the top, or surface, to the bottom, literally or figuratively.

Adjective : Far in extent in another (non-downwards, but generally also non-upwards) direction away from a point of reference.


Verb : (literary or dated) So as to cause terror or awe.

Verb : Very; extremely.

Verb : Very badly.

all that

Noun : That, and everything similar; all of that kind of thing; and so on, et cetera.

Adjective : (US, slang) Of especially good quality; particularly excellent.

Verb : (idiomatic, in negative constructions) Very.

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