Another Word For BAD


Adjective : (American spelling) Alternative spelling of unfavourable [Serving to hinder or oppose; adverse, disadvantageous, inconducive, unsuitable.]


Adjective : Not fit; not having the correct requirements.

Adjective : Not fit, not having a good physical demeanor.

Adjective : (often with for) Unsuitable for a particular purpose.


Adjective : Inadequate, substandard or not satisfactory.


Adjective : Not sound

Adjective : Not whole, not solid, defective.

Adjective : (especially of equestrianism) Infirm, diseased.


Adjective : Not suitable.


Adjective : Unskilled; lacking the degree of ability and responsibility that would normally be expected.

Adjective : Unable to make rational decisions; insane or otherwise cognitively impaired.

Adjective : (medicine, of the cervix) Opening too early during pregnancy, resulting in miscarriage or premature birth.


Adjective : Having one or more defects.

Adjective : (grammar, of a lexeme, especially a verb) Lacking some forms; e.g., having only one tense or being usable only in the third person.

Adjective : (Arabic grammar, of a verb) Having a root whose final consonant is weak (ي, و, or ء).


Adjective : Having no value, use or merit


Adjective : Not happy; sad.

Adjective : Not satisfied; unsatisfied.

Adjective : (chiefly dated) Not lucky; unlucky.


Noun : A malfunction.


Adjective : Breaching principles of natural law, rectitude, or justice, and so inconsistent with the demands of virtue, purity, or "good morals"; not right, not moral. (Compare unethical, illegal.)


Adjective : Of a person or workforce: not having a skill or technical training.

Adjective : Of a job: not requiring skill or training.

Adjective : Of a made object: inexpertly made or showing a lack of skill.


Adjective : Not valid; not true, correct, acceptable or appropriate.

Adjective : Suffering from disability or illness.

Adjective : Intended for use by an invalid.


Adjective : characterized by, or conducive to poor health

Adjective : sick or ill

Adjective : tending to corrupt


Adjective : Not functional; useless; broken.

Adjective : (programming) Not of the functional programming paradigm.


Adjective : (Northern England) Ill, unwell.


Adjective : Worthy of, or causing, abhorrence, as a thing of evil omen; odious in the utmost degree; very hateful; detestable; loathsome; execrable.

Adjective : (obsolete) Excessive, large (used as an intensifier).

Adjective : Very bad or inferior.


Adjective : Very bad.

Adjective : Exceedingly great; usually applied intensively.

Adjective : (dated) Causing fear or horror; appalling, terrible.


Adjective : (obsolete) Evil; wicked (of people).

Adjective : (archaic) Morally reprehensible (of behaviour etc.); blameworthy.

Adjective : Indicative of unkind or malevolent intentions; harsh, cruel.


Adjective : Without hope; despairing; not expecting anything positive.

Adjective : Giving no ground of hope; promising nothing desirable; desperate.

Adjective : Without talent, not skilled.


Adjective : Not secure.

Adjective : Not comfortable or confident in oneself or in certain situations.


Adjective : With no or few possessions or money, particularly in relation to contemporaries who do have them.

Adjective : Of low quality.

Adjective : (attributive only) Worthy of pity.


Adjective : To be deplored.

Adjective : To be felt sorrow for; worthy of compassion; lamentable.

Adjective : Deserving strong condemnation; shockingly bad, wretched.


Adjective : Intending to harm; malevolent.

Adjective : Morally corrupt.

Adjective : Unpleasant, foul (of odour, taste, mood, weather, etc.).


Adjective : Not comfortable; causing discomfort.

Adjective : Experiencing discomfort.

Adjective : Uneasy or anxious.


Adjective : Having no peculiar or outstanding features; not extraordinary, special, exceptional, or great; of medium quality, almost always with a negative connotation.


Adjective : (colloquial) Remarkably bad; of poor quality.

Adjective : (colloquial) Dirty or untidy.

Adjective : (colloquial) Unwell; under the weather.


Adjective : Frightful, evil, cruel, or monstrous.

Adjective : Offensive or heinous.

Adjective : Very bad; abominable, disgusting.


Adjective : Lower in rank, status, or quality.

Adjective : Of low rank, standard or quality.

Adjective : (law) (of a court or tribunal) Susceptible to having its decisions overturned by a higher court.


Adjective : Full of something causing dread, whether

Adjective : Genuinely horrific, awful, or alarming; dangerous, risky.

Adjective : (hyperbolic) Unpleasant, awful, very bad (also used as an intensifier).


Adjective : (now rare) Feeling pity; merciful.

Adjective : So appalling or sad that one feels or should feel sorry for it; eliciting pity.

Adjective : Of an amount or number: very small.


Adjective : Dreadful; causing terror, alarm and fear; awesome

Adjective : Formidable, powerful.

Adjective : Intense; extreme in degree or extent.


Adjective : Evil or mischievous by nature.

Adjective : (slang) Excellent; awesome; masterful.

Adjective : Harsh; severe.


Adjective : Incapable of being spoken or uttered

Adjective : Impossible to speak about.

Adjective : Unfit or not permitted to be spoken or described.


Adjective : (informal) Unpleasantly sticky; yucky; disgusting.

Adjective : (informal) Excessively sentimental.

Adjective : (informal) Unwell or upset; in a bad state of mind or health.


Adjective : Not positive nor neutral.

Adjective : (physics) Of electrical charge of an electron and related particles

Adjective : (mathematics) Of a number: less than zero


Adjective : of a kind likely to be damaging; injurious


Adjective : (alcoholic beverages, obsolete) Clear, free of dregs and lees; old and strong.

Adjective : No longer fresh, in reference to food, urine, straw, wounds, etc.

Adjective : No longer fresh, new, or interesting, in reference to ideas and immaterial things; clichéd, hackneyed, dated.


Adjective : That cannot be collected.


Adjective : Causing sorrow, distress or regret; deplorable, pitiful or distressing.


Adjective : Frightening; causing fear.

Adjective : Tending to fear; timid.

Adjective : (dated) Terrible; shockingly bad.


Adjective : Causing distress; upsetting; distressful.


Adjective : (obsolete) Full of fright, whether

Adjective : Afraid, frightened.

Adjective : Timid, fearful, easily frightened.


Adjective : Not standard.

Adjective : (linguistics) Not conforming to the standard variety, or to the language as used by the majority of its speakers.


Adjective : (heading) Emotionally negative.

Adjective : Feeling sorrow; sorrowful, mournful.

Adjective : Appearing sorrowful.


Adjective : Very bad or intense.

Adjective : Strict or harsh.

Adjective : Sober, plain in appearance, austere.


Adjective : (UK) Having lost its original value

Adjective : Of food, that has deteriorated to the point of no longer being usable or edible.

Adjective : (of a person, usually a child) Having a selfish or greedy character, especially due to pampering


Adjective : Causing pain or distress, either physical or mental.

Adjective : Afflicted or suffering with pain (of a body part or, formerly, of a person).

Adjective : Requiring effort or labor; difficult, laborious.


Adjective : Mischievous; tending to misbehave or act badly (especially of a child).

Adjective : Sexually provocative; now in weakened sense, risqué, cheeky.

Adjective : (now rare, archaic) Evil, wicked, morally reprehensible.


Adjective : (vulgar, colloquial) Very bad; unpleasant; miserable; insignificant.

Adjective : (US, vulgar, slang, not comparable) Under the influence of illicit drugs or alcohol; drunk; high.

Adjective : (UK, Australia, South East, regional, New Zealand, vulgar, slang) Annoyed.


Adjective : (chiefly Canada, US, colloquial, mildly vulgar) Of very poor quality; unpleasant; distasteful.

Adjective : (chiefly Canada, US, colloquial, mildly vulgar, especially with "feel") Bad, sick, or depressed.

Adjective : (chiefly Canada, US, colloquial, mildly vulgar) Covered in crap (faeces/feces).


Adjective : Causing mischief; injurious.

Adjective : Troublesome, cheeky, badly behaved.


Adjective : (of food) That has deteriorated to the point of no longer being usable or edible.

Adjective : (of a person) The state of being heavily pampered.

Adjective : (of a person, usually a child) Having a selfish or greedy character due to pampering.


Adjective : (of material or fluid) Solid and firm.

Adjective : Resistant to pressure; difficult to break, cut or penetrate.

Adjective : (of drink or drugs) Strong.


Adjective : Dangerous, involving risks.

Adjective : Misspelling of risqué. [Suggestive of sexual impropriety; bordering on the indelicate.]


Adjective : (archaic) Bristling, rough, rugged.

Adjective : Causing horror or dread.

Adjective : Offensive, disagreeable, abominable, execrable.


Adjective : Having a great risk.


Adjective : Of perishable items, overridden with bacteria and other infectious agents.

Adjective : In a state of decay.

Adjective : Cruel, mean or immoral.


Adjective : (of a material) Strong and resilient; sturdy.

Adjective : (of food) Difficult to cut or chew.

Adjective : (of a person or animal) Rugged or physically hardy.


Adjective : (of a person) Regretful or apologetic for one's actions.

Adjective : (of a person) Grieved or saddened, especially by the loss of something or someone.

Adjective : Poor, pitifully sad or regrettable.


Adjective : Fake (as documents); falsified.

Adjective : Fabricated by forging or at a forge, by working hot metal


Adjective : False, especially of money; intended to deceive or carry appearance of being genuine.

Adjective : Inauthentic.

Adjective : Assuming the appearance of something; deceitful; hypocritical.


Adjective : Of a characteristic: extreme or very high or strong in degree; severe; also, excessive.

Adjective : Of a thing: possessing some characteristic to an extreme or very high or strong degree.

Adjective : Of feelings, thoughts, etc.: strongly focused; ardent, deep, earnest, passionate.


Adjective : (chiefly Britain) Huge, immense.

Adjective : Heavy, powerful, scathing.


Adjective : Of great size, large.

Adjective : (informal) Fat.

Adjective : (sometimes figurative) Large with young; pregnant; swelling; ready to give birth or produce.


Adjective : Senses referring to subjective quality.

Adjective : Of superior quality.

Adjective : (ironic) Impressively bad, inappropriate, or unsatisfactory.


Adjective : Pleasant to the sight or other senses; attractive, especially of women or children.

Adjective : Of objects or things: nice-looking, appealing.

Adjective : (often derogatory) Fine-looking; only superficially attractive; initially appealing but having little substance; see petty.


Adjective : Characterized by speculation; based on guessing, unfounded opinions, or extrapolation.

Adjective : Pursued as a gamble, with possible large profits or losses; risky.

Adjective : Pertaining to financial speculation; Involving or resulting from high-risk investments or trade.


Adjective : Imitating; copying; not original.

Adjective : Modelled after another thing.


Adjective : Having a pungent smell.

Adjective : Very bad and undesirable.

Adjective : (slang) Very drunk.


Adjective : Having a strong, unpleasant smell; stinking.

Adjective : (informal) Bad, undesirable.


Adjective : Of a container, especially a bottle, closed with a cork.

Adjective : Of (a bottle of) wine, tainted by mould/mold in the cork.

Adjective : Blackened by burnt cork.


Adjective : Of wine, contaminated by a faulty or tainted cork.

Adjective : Consisting of, or like, cork; dry; shrivelled.


Adjective : (slang, of a draft/check) Not covered by funds on account.


Adjective : Not auspicious; ill-omened


Adjective : Serving to hinder or oppose; adverse, disadvantageous, inconducive, unsuitable.

Adjective : Not auspicious; ill-boding.

Adjective : Of a belief, state of mind, etc.: not favourable; disapproving.


Adjective : Displeasing to the eye; aesthetically unpleasing.

Adjective : Displeasing to the ear or some other sense.

Adjective : Offensive to one's sensibilities or morality.


Adjective : not favored by fortune

Adjective : marked or accompanied by or resulting in misfortune


Adjective : Lacking kindness, sympathy, benevolence, gratitude, or similar; cruel, harsh or unjust; ungrateful.

Adjective : (obsolete) Not kind; contrary to nature or type; unnatural.

Adjective : (obsolete) Having no race or kindred; childless.


Adjective : Not safe (various senses); dangerous.


Adjective : Offensive to good taste.

Adjective : Not in keeping with conventional moral values; improper, immodest, or unseemly.

Adjective : (criminal law) Generally unacceptable for public broadcasting but not legally obscene.


Adjective : Not handsome or beautiful or appealing.

Adjective : Lacking the power to attract interest.


Adjective : Lacking in refinement or civility; bad-mannered; discourteous.

Adjective : Lacking refinement or skill; untaught; ignorant; raw.

Adjective : Violent; abrupt; turbulent.


Verb : in an inappropriate manner


Adjective : Objectionable or not likely to please.


Adjective : Not properly planned or thought through.


Adjective : Not adequate; not fit for the purpose.


Verb : In an inadequate manner.


Adjective : unsuitable, unfit or inappropriate for some purpose

Adjective : not suiting each other; poorly matched


Verb : in an improper manner; not properly


Adjective : unsuitable to needs or circumstances; inappropriate; inapt

Adjective : Not in keeping with conventional mores or good manners; indecent or immodest

Adjective : Not according to facts; inaccurate or erroneous


Adjective : Not appropriate; not suitable for the situation, time, or place.

Adjective : (informal, in particular) Improper; adult; sexual.


Adjective : Causing repugnance; unpleasant to the feelings or senses; displeasing.

Adjective : (archaic) Not suitable; that does not conform or fit.


Adjective : Having or displaying faults; not perfect; not adequate or acceptable.

Adjective : (obsolete) At fault, to blame; guilty.


Verb : In a negative manner; so as to be damaging or not positive.

Verb : (responding to a question, proposal, vote, etc.) In the negative; with the answer “no.”


Adjective : Not advantageous.


Adjective : Not efficient; not producing the effect intended or desired; inefficacious

Adjective : Incapable of, or indisposed to, effective action; habitually slack or unproductive; effecting little or nothing


Adjective : Not well prepared. Not ready, or not in condition to do a task.


Adjective : ill-conceived or not thought through

Adjective : misled or mistaken

Adjective : lacking proper guidance


Adjective : Not sufficient; of a type or kind that does not suffice, that does not satisfy requirements or needs.

Adjective : Not sufficient; lacking competent power or ability; unqualified, unequal, unfit.

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