Another Word For BADASS


Adjective : Mischievous; tending to misbehave or act badly (especially of a child).

Adjective : Sexually provocative; now in weakened sense, risqué, cheeky.

Adjective : (now rare, archaic) Evil, wicked, morally reprehensible.


Noun : A person who is intentionally physically or emotionally cruel to others, especially to those whom they perceive as being vulnerable or of less power or privilege.

Noun : A noisy, blustering, tyrannical person, more insolent than courageous; one who is threatening and quarrelsome.

Noun : A hired thug.


Noun : A dishonest person; a rogue, a scoundrel, a trickster.

Noun : Sometimes diminutive: a cheeky person or creature; a troublemaker.

Noun : (Papua New Guinea) A member of a criminal gang.


Noun : A scoundrel, rascal or unprincipled, deceitful, and unreliable person.

Noun : A mischievous scamp.

Noun : A vagrant.


Noun : (archaic) An animal seen as being without human reason; a senseless beast.

Noun : A person with the characteristics of an unthinking animal; a coarse or brutal person.

Noun : (film, television) A kind of powerful spotlight.


Noun : A mean, worthless fellow; a rascal; a villain; a person without honour or virtue.


Noun : (derogatory) An untrustworthy, despicable, or disreputable person, especially one suspected of being a criminal.


Noun : (vulgar, slang) A tough and combative person.


Adjective : Alternative form of hardcore [Having an extreme dedication to a certain activity.]


Noun : A surname.


Noun : (informal, derogatory) A person who causes trouble or violence.

Noun : (Navy slang, derogatory) A member of the coast guard.

Noun : A type of fish, an anadromous smelt, Thaleichthys pacificus, found in the North Pacific.


Noun : The unmowed part of a golf course.

Noun : A rude fellow; a coarse bully; a rowdy.

Noun : (cricket) A scuffed and roughened area of the pitch, where the bowler's feet fall, used as a target by spin bowlers because of its unpredictable bounce.


Noun : (countable, nautical) A firm or paved beach or slope convenient for hauling vessels out of the water.

Noun : (countable, motorsports) A tyre whose compound is softer than superhards, and harder than mediums.

Noun : (uncountable, drugs, slang) Crack cocaine.


Noun : A person who obtains things by force; a thug or bully.


Noun : A surname.

Noun : A minor city in Union County, Arkansas.

Noun : A township in Chase County, Kansas.


Noun : Moral badness; wickedness; malevolence; the forces or behaviors that are the opposite or enemy of good.

Noun : Something which impairs the happiness of a being or deprives a being of any good; something which causes suffering of any kind to sentient beings; harm; injury; mischief.

Noun : (obsolete) A malady or disease; especially in combination, as in king's evil, colt evil.


Noun : An extremely depraved person, or one capable or guilty of great crimes.

Noun : A deliberate scoundrel.

Noun : (archaic, derogatory) A low-born, abject person.


Noun : Twelve dozen = 144.

Noun : The total nominal earnings or amount, before taxes, expenses, exceptions or similar are deducted. That which remains after all deductions is called net.

Noun : The bulk, the mass, the masses.


Adjective : Showing rebellion.


Noun : A person who has committed a felony.

Noun : (law) A person who has been tried and convicted of a felony.

Noun : A wicked person.


Noun : In any of various contexts, a specifically named instance of a super, such as a particular superintendent, supervisor, or super-weapon.

Noun : (Australia, New Zealand, informal) Short for superannuation. [(UK, Australia, New Zealand) A retirement benefit fund, an accumulation of regular deductions from one′s wage or salary while employed and similar regular contributions from the employer, usually administered by an independent entity; a pension.]

Noun : Short for supercomputer. [(computing) Any computer that has a far greater processing power than others of its generation; typically they use more than one core and are housed in large clean rooms with high air flow to permit cooling. Typical uses are weather forecasting, nuclear and other natural science simulations, advanced mathematics and animations.]


Noun : A person who resists an established authority, often violently.

Noun : (US, historical) Synonym of Confederate: a citizen of the Confederate States of America, especially a Confederate soldier.

Noun : (US) A Confederate soldier; of the Confederate States of America; of the American Civil War.


Adjective : (obsolete, rare) Subject to death; mortal.

Adjective : Causing death; lethal.

Adjective : Aiming or willing to destroy; implacable; desperately hostile.


Noun : Any weapon that causes death.

Noun : (genetics) An allele that causes the death of the organism that carries it.

Noun : (chemistry) One of the higher alcohols of the paraffine series obtained from spermaceti as a white crystalline solid.


Noun : A human; someone susceptible to death.


Noun : Alternative form of chunkey (Native American game). [A sport or game played by the Cherokee and other Native Americans in the Carolinas, which involved rolling stone disks across the ground and throwing spears at them in an attempt to land the spear as close to the stopped stone as possible.]


Noun : (uncountable) The supreme effort one can make, or has made.

Noun : (uncountable) One's best behavior.

Noun : (countable) The person (or persons; or thing or things) that is (are) most excellent.


Noun : A person who assaults and robs others, especially in a public place.

Noun : A person who makes exaggerated faces, as a performance; a gurner.

Noun : A large crocodile, Crocodylus palustris, of southwest Asia, having a very broad wrinkled snout.


Noun : A gangster; a hired thug.

Noun : A rough or violent youth.


Noun : Someone with an intimidating and unseemly appearance and mannerisms, who treats others violently and roughly, often for hire.

Noun : (historical) One of a band of assassins formerly active in northern India who worshipped Kali and offered their victims to her.

Noun : (horticulture) An over-vigorous plant that spreads and dominates the flowerbed.


Noun : (now historical and rare) Synonym of prostitute: a person paid for sex.

Noun : (LGBT, obsolete) Synonym of catamite: a boy or younger man used by an older as a (usually passive) homosexual partner.

Noun : (chiefly US, LGBT) Synonym of bottom: any passive or effeminate homosexual male.


Noun : A thug; a usually muscular henchman with little intelligence (also known as a 'hired goon').

Noun : A fool; someone considered silly, stupid, awkward, or outlandish.

Noun : (ice hockey, derogatory) An enforcer or fighter.


Noun : (informal or childish, chiefly Commonwealth) The buttocks.

Noun : (informal or childish, chiefly Commonwealth) The anus.

Noun : (US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, colloquial, sometimes derogatory) A homeless person, usually a man.


Noun : (uncountable) The state of being in alignment.

Noun : (uncountable, obsolete) Truth.

Noun : (countable, obsolete) A pledge or truce.


Noun : (now chiefly in the plural) A method or course of action used to achieve some result.

Noun : (obsolete, in the singular) An intermediate step or intermediate steps.

Noun : Something which is intermediate or in the middle; an intermediate value or range of values; a medium.


Noun : (sugar refining, sugar trade) An unprocessed sugar; a batch of such.

Noun : A galled place; an inveterate sore.

Noun : (by extension, figuratively) A point about which a person is particularly sensitive.


Noun : A moderate or refreshing state of cold; moderate temperature of the air between hot and cold; coolness.

Noun : A calm temperament.

Noun : The property of being cool, popular or in fashion.


Noun : A fatality; an event that leads to death.

Noun : (computing) A fatal error; a failure that causes a program to terminate.


Adjective : Characterized by solemn religious ceremony or religious use, especially, in a positive sense; consecrated, made holy.

Adjective : Religious; relating to religion, or to the services of religion; not secular

Adjective : Spiritual; concerned with metaphysics.


Noun : (Britain) An effigy of a man burned on a bonfire on the anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot (5th November).

Noun : (dated) A person of eccentric appearance or dress; a "fright".

Noun : (colloquial) A man, fellow.


Noun : (Canada, US) A small, flat, baked good which is either crisp or soft but firm.

Noun : (UK, Commonwealth) A sweet baked good (as in the previous sense) usually having chocolate chips, fruit, nuts, etc. baked into it.

Noun : (Scotland) A bun.


Noun : Any of various small mammals, of the family Mephitidae, native to North and Central America, having a glossy black with a white coat and two musk glands at the base of the tail for emitting a noxious smell as a defensive measure.

Noun : (slang, derogatory) A despicable person.

Noun : (slang, derogatory) Anything very bad; a stinker.


Noun : (often used attributively) Ellipsis of durum wheat. [Triticum turgidum subsp. durum, syn. Triticum durum (hard wheat), the flour of which is used to make pasta and bread.]


Noun : (US, slang, vulgar) A jerk or asshole; a mean or rude person; someone seen as being arrogant, snobby or obnoxious.

Noun : A sterile container which holds the fluid used for giving a vaginal douche.

Noun : (US, slang) Any social misfit; a doofus, dork, or nerd.


Noun : (US, vulgar, slang) A stupid or foolish person.

Noun : (US, vulgar, slang) A term of endearment for someone who is stupid or foolish or has done something stupid or foolish.


Noun : (vulgar, derogatory) A jerk; an inappropriately or objectionably mean, inconsiderate, contemptible, obnoxious, intrusive,stupid or rude person.

Noun : (vulgar, colloquial) a term of address


Noun : (Canada, US, vulgar) A contemptible person.

Noun : (Durham, obsolete) An ass (donkey), a jackass, especially a male ass.


Noun : (historical, US) A violence-prone man who has had run-ins with the law; especially one from the Old West days of U.S. history.

Noun : A surname transferred from the nickname.


Noun : Alternative spelling of hard-ass [(vulgar, slang) A tough and combative person.]


Adjective : (African-American Vernacular, slang, derogatory) Contemptible.

Adjective : (African-American Vernacular, slang, derogatory) Weak, cowardly; unmanly.

Noun : (African-American Vernacular, slang, derogatory) A contemptible person.


Adjective : Alternative form of bitch-ass [(African-American Vernacular, slang, derogatory) Contemptible.]

Noun : Alternative form of bitch-ass [(African-American Vernacular, slang, derogatory) A contemptible person.]


Noun : (slang) Bad attitude.


Noun : (rare, colloquial, vulgar, derogatory, offensive) A tendency to act like a bastard (in a despicable manner), said as if it were due to a disease or affliction.


Verb : (Canada, US, slang, vulgar) Synonym of very

Noun : (Canada, US, derogatory, slang, vulgar) A term of abuse.


Noun : (slang, derogatory) An obnoxious or unlikeable person; a jerk.


Noun : (Canada, US, vulgar) Sodomy, anal sex, an act of anal intercourse.

Noun : (Canada, US, vulgar) A jerk; an obnoxious person.

Noun : (Canada, US, vulgar) An act of stunning betrayal.


Noun : Alternative form of jerkass [(slang, derogatory) An obnoxious or unlikeable person; a jerk.]


Noun : (US, slang) A member of a violent gang; a violent person.

Noun : (vulgar, sex) Someone who takes part in a gangbang.

bad boy

Noun : Used other than figuratively or idiomatically: see bad, boy.

Noun : A man whose rebellious nature makes him dangerous and/or attractive.

Noun : (slang) A male criminal.


Noun : (Canada, US, derogatory, slang, vulgar) An obnoxiously ignorant person; a fool.


Noun : Alternative spelling of dumbass [(US, vulgar, slang) A stupid or foolish person.]

Adjective : Alternative spelling of dumbass [(US, vulgar, slang) Stupid, foolish.]


Noun : (slang, vulgar, derogatory) a contemptible person


Noun : (colloquial, derogatory, sometimes vulgar) A person with an ugly face.

Noun : (colloquial, childish, derogatory, sometimes vulgar) A dislikable person, a disagreeable person.


Noun : (slang, vulgar, derogatory) A contemptible or pathetic person; a loser.


Noun : (Canada, US, vulgar, slang) Synonym of top: the active partner in anal sex.

Noun : (Canada, US, vulgar, slang) A nasty, rude, mean, stupid or horrible person.


Noun : Alternative spelling of smart ass [(slang, sometimes vulgar) A person regarded with an obnoxiously determined advancement of one's own personality, wishes, or views.]


Noun : (Canada, US, slang, vulgar, derogatory) An obnoxious person; a jerk.


Noun : (slang) One who is particularly insolent, who tends to make snide remarks or jokes.


Noun : (vulgar, derogatory) A worthless or despicable person.


Noun : (vulgar, derogatory, slang) idiot, nasty person


Noun : (vulgar, slang, derogatory) an objectionable person


Noun : (derogatory, slang, vulgar) A term of abuse.


Noun : A male donkey.

Noun : (chiefly US) A foolish or stupid person.

Noun : (chiefly US) An inappropriately rude or obnoxious person.


Noun : (slang) An uneducated or boorish person.

Adjective : (slang) Crazy; lacking caution or certainty.

Noun : Alternative spelling of wild ass [Any of several wild equine mammals closely related to donkey, endemic to Asia and northeast Africa.]


Noun : (vulgar, offensive) A contemptible, unpleasant individual.

Noun : (vulgar, derogatory, Internet slang) A dog, seen as fetid and disgusting.


Noun : (figuratively, slang, US) An act of beating.

Noun : (idiomatic, slang, US) A fight.

Noun : (figuratively, slang, US) Strength or will to fight or compete.


Adjective : (vulgar) extremely/very bad

Noun : (vulgar) A stupid or otherwise undesirable person.


Noun : (slang, vulgar, sometimes used attributively) An irritable or habitually unpleasant person.


Noun : (slang, vulgar, derogatory, rare) A contemptible person.

Noun : (slang, vulgar) A remarkable session of sexual intercourse.


Noun : (slang, derogatory, offensive, vulgar) Term of abuse.


Noun : (Canada, US, slang, derogatory) An uncool person; a dork.


Noun : (slang, derogatory, vulgar, offensive) An objectionable person.


Noun : (mining, archaic) A hole that is created using a jack or wedge.

Noun : (slang, derogatory) An obnoxious or contemptible person.


Noun : (informal) Something that is tough, or difficult.

Noun : Someone or something that is strong and resilient.

Noun : A tough; Someone or something that acts as a thug or bully.


Noun : (US, slang, derogatory) A poor person.


Noun : (US) Alternative form of arsebreath [(slang, vulgar, offensive) An annoying or contemptible person.]


Noun : A sudden, often uncontrolled movement, especially of the body.

Noun : A quick, often unpleasant tug or shake.

Noun : (Canada, US, slang, derogatory) A person with unlikable or obnoxious qualities and behavior, typically mean, self-centered, or disagreeable.

douche bag

Noun : Alternative form of douchebag (“container”) [(US, slang, vulgar) A jerk or asshole; a mean or rude person; someone seen as being arrogant, snobby or obnoxious.]

Noun : Alternative form of douchebag (“jerk”) [(US, slang, vulgar) A jerk or asshole; a mean or rude person; someone seen as being arrogant, snobby or obnoxious.]


Noun : (derogatory, slang) A term of abuse.


Noun : (US, slang, derogatory) A highly objectionable person.


Noun : (vulgar, derogatory) A despicable person.


Noun : (countable, vulgar, slang, derogatory) An obnoxious person.

Noun : (uncountable, vulgar, slang) Contemptible behavior, particularly that which inspires frustration.


Noun : (Canada, US, slang, vulgar) A contemptible person.

Noun : (Canada, US, slang, vulgar) An ugly person.


Noun : (US, slang, vulgar, usually in the plural) A workboot.

Noun : (US, slang, vulgar, offensive) A poor, rural person, especially from the southern United States.

Noun : (US, slang, vulgar) Something unusually unpleasant or difficult.


Noun : (slang, derogatory) A bitch (malicious or objectionable person).


Noun : (slang, UK) Toilet paper.

Noun : (slang, vulgar, derogatory) An obnoxious person; a jerk.


Noun : Pronunciation spelling of son of a bitch, representing Southern US English. [(derogatory, slang, vulgar) An objectionable, despicable person.]


Noun : (slang, vulgar) Pronunciation spelling of bastard. [(dated) A person who was born out of wedlock, and hence often considered an illegitimate descendant.]


Noun : Alternative spelling of sad ass [(slang, derogatory) One who has unfashionable interests or obsessions.]


Noun : (vulgar, slang) An objectionable person.

Noun : (vulgar, slang, literally) One who sucks the testicles of another person.

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