Another Word For CLEAR


Adjective : Allowing the passage of light; translucent or transparent.

Adjective : Easily understood; clear.

Adjective : Of music or some other sound: not discordant or harsh; clear and pure-sounding.


Adjective : Allowing light to pass through, but diffusing it.

Adjective : Clear, lucid, or transparent.


Adjective : Clear, transparent or bright.


Adjective : (of a material or object) See-through, clear; having the property that light passes through it almost undisturbed, such that one can see through it clearly.

Adjective : (of a system or organization) Open, public; having the property that theories and practices are publicly visible, thereby reducing the chance of corruption.

Adjective : Obvious; readily apparent; easy to see or understand.


Adjective : Allowing some visibility but partially clouded or obscured; translucent.

shed light on

Verb : To illuminate; to make clear.


Adjective : Emitting much light; visually dazzling; luminous, lucent, radiant.

Adjective : Of light: brilliant, intense.

Adjective : Of an object, surface, etc.: reflecting much light; having a high lustre; gleaming, shiny.


Adjective : (obsolete) enlightened


Verb : (transitive) To supply with light.

Verb : (transitive, figuratively) To make something clear to (someone); to give knowledge or understanding to.

light up

Verb : (transitive) To illuminate, to bring light to something, to brighten.

Verb : (intransitive) To show an increase in activity or a brightening of mood.

Verb : (intransitive) To light a cigarette, pipe, etc.


Adjective : Reflecting light.

Adjective : Emitting light.

Adjective : (colloquial) Excellent; remarkable.


Adjective : Emitting light.

Adjective : Reflecting light.

Adjective : Having a high polish or sheen.


Adjective : (now rare) Shining, brilliant.

Adjective : (obsolete) Of language, speeches etc: lucid, brilliantly clear.


Verb : (transitive) To make bright or brighter in color.

Verb : (transitive) To make illustrious, or more distinguished; to add luster or splendor to

Verb : (transitive, figuratively) To make more cheerful and pleasant; to enliven


Adjective : clear; easily understood

Adjective : mentally rational; sane

Adjective : bright, luminous, translucent or transparent


Adjective : Alternative spelling of clear cut [(idiomatic) Straightforward, obvious, simple, or basic.]


Verb : (of liquids, such as wine or syrup) To make clear or bright by freeing from feculent matter.

Verb : To make clear or easily understood; to explain in order to remove doubt or obscurity.

Verb : (ergative) To grow or become clear or transparent; to become free from feculent impurities, as wine or other liquid under clarification.


Adjective : Sunny, full of sunshine.

Adjective : Bright, as though with sunshine; shining.

Adjective : Cheerful, happy.


Adjective : Situated on the top of something.

Adjective : (informal) Best; of the highest quality or rank.

Adjective : (informal) Very good, of high quality, power, or rank.

crystal clear

Adjective : (idiomatic) Completely clear and understood.

Adjective : (idiomatic) Visually clear, a sharp image, high acuity.


Adjective : Clearly expressed, easy to understand; lucid.

Adjective : (logic) Of a language or notation, such as that of formal propositional calculus: where the process of inference from premises to conclusion is explicitly laid out.

Adjective : (rare) Transparent; translucent.


Adjective : (of weather or a day) Featuring a lot of sunshine.

Adjective : (of a place) Receiving a lot of sunshine.

Adjective : (figuratively) Cheerful.


Adjective : Wide in extent or scope.

Adjective : Extended, in the sense of diffused; open; clear; full.

Adjective : Having a large measure of any thing or quality; unlimited; unrestrained.


Adjective : Having the ability to think clearly and act appropriately


Adjective : Having the ability to perceive, especially to perceive quickly.

Adjective : (psychology, education, dated) Perceiving events only in the moment, without reflection, as a very young child.


Adjective : Able to be accessed.

Adjective : Able to have something pass through or along it.

Adjective : (of a body part) not covered, showing what is inside


Adjective : Of keen insight or good judgement; perceptive.


Verb : (transitive) To make clear; to clarify; to shed light upon.


Adjective : Having a clean and distinct outline

Adjective : Accurately and precisely described or specified

Adjective : (mathematics) Defined in an unambiguous and consistent way: specifically, such that any two objects implied to be identical are indeed identical.


Adjective : (of perception) Clear, detailed or powerful.

Adjective : (of an image) Bright, intense or colourful.

Adjective : Full of life, strikingly alive.

pull in

Verb : (literally, transitive) To pull something, so that it comes inside.

Verb : (idiomatic, intransitive, of a vehicle) To approach or drive up to a place and come to a stop.

Verb : (idiomatic, intransitive, of a train or bus) To approach a station; to arrive at a station.


Verb : To build, construct, produce, or originate.

Verb : To write or compose.

Verb : To bring about; to effect or produce by means of some action.

straighten out

Verb : (transitive) To make straight.

Verb : (transitive, idiomatic) To correct or rectify.

Verb : (transitive, idiomatic) To eliminate confusion from or concerning.


Adjective : Capable of being perceived very clearly.

Adjective : Different from one another (with the preferable adposition being "from").

Adjective : Noticeably different from others; distinctive.

sort out

Verb : (transitive) To clarify by reviewing mentally.

Verb : (transitive) To arrange.

Verb : (transitive) To fix, as a problem.


Adjective : (of handwriting, print, etc) legible, possible to read or at least decipher

Adjective : which can be read—i.e. accessed or played—by a certain technical type of device

Adjective : (of a book) enjoyable to read, of an acceptable stylistic quality or at least functionally composed


Adjective : Clear enough to be read; readable, particularly of handwriting.

Adjective : Written or phrased so as to be easy to understand.

clear up

Verb : (transitive) To clarify, to correct a misconception.

Verb : (intransitive) To depart or disappear.

Verb : (intransitive, of skin or medical images) To become free of certain blemishes.


Adjective : that can be deciphered, understood or comprehended


Adjective : Flowing freely like water; fluid; not solid and not gaseous; composed of particles that move freely among each other on the slightest pressure.

Adjective : (finance, of an asset) Easily sold or disposed of without losing value.

Adjective : (finance, of a market) Having sufficient trading activity to make buying or selling easy.


Verb : (intransitive) To move or be moved from one place to another.

Verb : (transitive) To go past, by, over, or through; to proceed from one side to the other of; to move past.

Verb : (ditransitive) To cause to move or go; to send; to transfer from one person, place, or condition to another.

prima facie

Adjective : (law) Apparently correct; not needing proof unless evidence to the contrary is shown.


Adjective : Having a neat, smart appearance

take in

Verb : (transitive) To absorb or comprehend.

Verb : (transitive) To allow a person or an animal to live in one's home.

Verb : (transitive) To receive (goods) into one's home for the purpose of processing for a fee.


Noun : (physics, uncountable) Visible electromagnetic radiation. The human eye can typically detect radiation (light) in the wavelength range of about 400 to 750 nanometers. Nearby shorter and longer wavelength ranges, although not visible, are commonly called ultraviolet and infrared light.

Noun : A source of illumination.

Noun : (figuratively) Spiritual or mental illumination; enlightenment, useful information.

all the way

Verb : Completely, as much as possible; in full; to the end or full extent.

Verb : (of food, colloquial) With every typical condiment or topping.


Verb : (transitive) To eliminate clutter from.

Verb : (intransitive) To eliminate clutter.

bring in

Verb : To introduce a new rule, law, or system of organisation.

Verb : To introduce a person or group of people to an organisation.

Verb : To earn money for a company or for the family.


Adjective : (obsolete) Fitted to trench or cut; gutting; sharp.

Adjective : (figuratively) Keen; biting; vigorously articulate and effective; severe.


Adjective : (archaic or literary) Beautiful, of a pleasing appearance, with a pure and fresh quality.

Adjective : Unblemished (figuratively or literally); clean and pure; innocent.

Adjective : Light in color, pale, particularly with regard to skin tone but also referring to blond hair.


Adjective : Fitting its definition precisely.

Adjective : Having all of its parts in harmony with a common purpose.

Adjective : Without fault or mistake; thoroughly skilled or talented.


Verb : (formal, transitive) To make real; to convert from the imaginary or fictitious into reality; to bring into real existence

Verb : (transitive) To become aware of (a fact or situation, especially of something that has been true for a long time).

Verb : (transitive) To cause to seem real to other people.


Adjective : Glassy, transparent; amorphous.


Adjective : (obsolete) Straight, direct; near; short.

Adjective : (obsolete) Suitable; convenient; ready.

Adjective : (dialectal) Easy; tolerable; handy, dexterous.


Verb : (manner) In a clear manner.

Verb : (modal) Without a doubt; obviously.

Verb : (degree) To a degree clearly discernible.

sack up

Verb : (transitive) To put (something) in a sack.

Verb : (slang, vulgar, intransitive) To force oneself to become more manly; to toughen up or man up.


Verb : To accomplish or complete, as an obligation.

Verb : To free of a debt, claim, obligation, responsibility, accusation, etc.; to absolve; to acquit; to forgive; to clear.

Verb : To send away (a creditor) satisfied by payment; to pay one's debt or obligation to.


Adjective : (obsolete) Good, desirable; clean, decent, clear.

Adjective : Free from extraneous substances; pure; unadulterated; neat.

Adjective : Remaining after expenses or deductions.


Verb : (transitive) To gain (success, reward, recognition) through applied effort or work.

Verb : (transitive) To receive payment for work.

Verb : (intransitive) To receive payment for work.


Noun : A bag; especially a large bag of strong, coarse material for storage and handling of various commodities, such as potatoes, coal, coffee; or, a bag with handles used at a supermarket, a grocery sack; or, a small bag for small items, a satchel.

Noun : The amount a sack holds; also, an archaic or historical measure of varying capacity, depending on commodity type and according to local usage; an old English measure of weight, usually of wool, equal to 13 stone (182 pounds), or in other sources, 26 stone (364 pounds).

Noun : (uncountable) The plunder and pillaging of a captured town or city.


Adjective : (archaic) Freed from an obligation; freed from accusation or blame; acquitted, exonerated.


Verb : (transitive) To grant (someone) the permission or power necessary to do (something).

Verb : (transitive) To permit (something), to sanction or consent to (something).


Verb : (transitive, chemistry, physics) to make something form into crystals

Verb : (intransitive) to assume a crystalline form

Verb : (transitive) to give something a definite or precise form


Adjective : Of, relating to, or composed of crystals.

Adjective : (chemistry) Having a regular three-dimensional molecular structure.

Adjective : Resembling crystal in being clear and transparent.


Adjective : Calm, peaceful, unruffled.

Adjective : Without worry or anxiety; unaffected by disturbance.

Adjective : (archaic) Fair and unclouded (as of the sky); clear; unobscured.


Verb : To clear of or to free from guilt; exonerate.


Adjective : Freed from any question of guilt, acquitted.


Verb : To absolve or release (someone) from blame or sin; to forgive, to pardon.

Verb : To atone or expiate for (something).

Verb : (law) Followed by from or of: to acquit (someone) from a criminal charge; to find (someone) not guilty; to clear.


Verb : (transitive) To declare or find innocent or not guilty.

Verb : (transitive) To discharge (for example, a claim or debt); to clear off, to pay off; to fulfil.

Verb : (transitive) Followed by of (and formerly by from): to discharge, release, or set free from a burden, duty, liability, or obligation, or from an accusation or charge.


Adjective : justified, avenged or cleared of blame


Adjective : (dated) Alternative spelling of net (remaining after expenses or deductions). [(obsolete) Good, desirable; clean, decent, clear.]


Verb : Non-Oxford British English standard spelling of authorize. [(transitive) To grant (someone) the permission or power necessary to do (something).]


Adjective : Not qualified, ineligible, unfit for a position or task.

Adjective : Not elaborated upon, or not accompanied by restrictions or qualification; undescribed.

Adjective : Outright; thorough; utter.


Adjective : Unique, such that it cannot be mistaken for something else.


Adjective : Not dirty.

Adjective : In an unmarked condition.

Adjective : (aerodynamics) Allowing an uninterrupted flow over surfaces, without protrusions such as racks or landing gear.


Adjective : Without worries; free from care.


Adjective : Not burdened with worries, cares or responsibilities.

Adjective : Free of encumbrance.

Adjective : (of property) Not subject to any claims.


Adjective : (chiefly UK) Innocent and candid; free from corruption.


Adjective : Free of flaws or imperfections; unsullied.

Adjective : Free of foreign material or pollutants.

Adjective : Free of immoral behavior or qualities; clean.


Adjective : Free from guilt, sin, or immorality.

Adjective : Bearing no legal responsibility for a wrongful act.

Adjective : Without wrongful intent; accidental or in good faith.


Adjective : Not subtle; obvious.


Adjective : faultless or lacking blemishes.

Adjective : Free from evil or corruption.


Adjective : Free from guilt; innocent.

Adjective : Without experience or trial; unacquainted (with).

Adjective : (humorous) Not encumbered with; free from.


Adjective : Not subject to a mortgage.


Adjective : Not cloudy; clear.


Adjective : Not imprisoned or enslaved.

Adjective : Unconstrained by timidity or distrust

Adjective : Generous; liberal.


Adjective : Without any clouds.


Adjective : Not obstructed.


Adjective : Not frosted.


Adjective : freed from any question of guil


Adjective : not mentally confused; able to think clearly and act intelligentl


Adjective : freed from any question of guil


Verb : in a transparent manner; with nothing hidden.

Verb : (manner) So as to admit light without distortion.

Verb : (modal) So as to be readily perceived and understood.


Adjective : Alternative spelling of crystal clear [(idiomatic) Completely clear and understood.]


Adjective : (now rare, regional) Flat, level.

Adjective : Ordinary; lacking adornment or ornamentation; unembellished.

Adjective : Of just one colour; lacking a pattern.


Noun : The act of clarifying; the act or process of making clear or transparent by freeing visible impurities; particularly, the clearing or fining of liquid substances from feculent matter by the separation of the insoluble particles which prevent the liquid from being transparent.

Noun : The act of freeing from obscurities.


Noun : The state or measure of being clear, either in appearance, thought or style; lucidity.

Noun : The ability to be easily understood.


Adjective : Alternative spelling of clearheaded [Having the ability to think clearly and act appropriately]


Verb : (now rare) To mix, blend, mingle.

Verb : (obsolete) To bring (people, animals etc.) together; to be joined, in marriage or sexual intercourse.

Verb : (UK, dialectal) To produce through mixing; especially, to knead.


Adjective : Touchable; able to be touched or felt; perceptible by the sense of touch

Adjective : Possible to be treated as fact; real or concrete.

Adjective : Comprehensible by the mind; understandable.

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