Another Word For DEVELOPED


Verb : (intransitive) To proceed toward maturity: full development or completion (either of concrete or of abstract things, e.g. plans, judgments, qualities).

Verb : (intransitive, of food, especially fruit) To attain maturity, to become mature or ripe.

Verb : (transitive) To bring (something) to maturity, full development, or completion.


Adjective : That has been made better; enhanced.


Adjective : Of or relating to industry, notably manufacturing.

Adjective : Produced by such industry.

Adjective : Used by such industry.


Adjective : having taken on a definite arrangemen

Adjective : having or given a form or shap

Adjective : fully developed as by discipline or trainin


Adjective : devised; developed according to an orderly pla


Adjective : (used of societies) having high industrial developmen


Adjective : fully ripe; at the height of bloo

Adjective : fully considered and perfecte


Verb : (transitive) To use one’s intellect to plan or design (something).

Verb : (transitive) To leave (property) in a will.

Verb : (intransitive, archaic) To form a scheme; to lay a plan; to contrive; to consider.


Adjective : forced or compelled or put in forc


Verb : (transitive) To bring into existence; (sometimes in particular:)

Verb : (especially of a god) To bring into existence out of nothing, without the prior existence of the materials or elements used.

Verb : To make or produce from other (e.g. raw, unrefined or scattered) materials or combinable elements or ideas; to design or invest with a new form, shape, function, etc.


Adjective : (informal) well-built, muscular or toned.

Noun : (obsolete) Shape; build; form of structure.


Adjective : Having arisen through a process of evolution or iterative development.

Adjective : (informal) biologically gifted


Adjective : (biology) Not native to a location; brought from another place.


Adjective : Being used.


Adjective : artificial; man-made


Adjective : created according to a design

Adjective : (dated) Planned; designated.


Adjective : Having been in existence for a long time and therefore recognized and generally accepted.

Adjective : Of a religion, church etc.: formally recognized by a state as being official within that area.

Adjective : Of any social or economic entity: part of the establishment (“groups with socioeconomic power”).


Verb : (transitive) To be the first to do or achieve (something), preparing the way for others to follow.


Adjective : having been taken into a specific relationshi

Adjective : acquired as your own by free choic


Adjective : (US) Being a type of company, a legal entity where the ownership has been arranged into shares. A shareholder has no responsibilities to the company and the potential losses of the shareholder are limited to the value of the stock turning to zero in the case of a bankruptcy.


Adjective : formed in the min


Adjective : that is caused b


Verb : (intransitive, auxiliary, defective, only in past tense/participle) To perform habitually; to be accustomed [to doing something].


Adjective : Having been subject to an alteration or change to fit a different circumstance or medium.


Verb : (transitive) To throw (a projectile such as a lance, dart or ball); to hurl; to propel with force.

Verb : (transitive, obsolete) To pierce with, or as with, a lance.

Verb : (transitive) To cause (a vessel) to move or slide from the land or a larger vessel into the water; to set afloat.


Noun : a live album by punk rock band Bad Religion.

Noun : "Tested" is the sixteenth episode of the fifth season of the American musical television series Glee, and the 104th episode overall.


Adjective : put to us


Verb : To work together with others to achieve a common goal.

Verb : To voluntarily cooperate treasonably, as with an enemy occupation force in one's country.


Adjective : constructed as a prototype


Adjective : having been demonstrated or verified beyond doub


Adjective : Designed or executed in a particular manner or to a particular degree.

Adjective : Wrought.

Adjective : Processed in a particular way; prepared via labour.


Adjective : (of a person) cultured, refined, educated

Adjective : (of a plant) grown by cultivation (not wild)

Adjective : (of land) farmed


Adjective : (medicine) Developed after birth; not congenital.


Adjective : resembling sculptur


Adjective : Practiced; self-conscious; careful.

Adjective : (dated) Qualified by, or versed in, study; learned.


Adjective : fictional, made up, imaginary.


Verb : To complete, to bring to perfection, to make whole.

Verb : To provide what the partner lacks and lack what the partner provides, thus forming part of a whole.

Verb : To change a voltage, number, color, etc. to its complement.


Verb : (transitive) To begin; to start.

Verb : (transitive) To instruct in the rudiments or principles; to introduce.

Verb : (transitive) To confer membership on; especially, to admit to a secret order with mysterious rites or ceremonies.


Adjective : showing maintenance or attention


Verb : (intransitive) To come into view.

Verb : (intransitive, copulative) To come out of a situation, object or a liquid.

Verb : (intransitive) To become known.


Adjective : In a job; working.

Adjective : Used; in use.


Adjective : invented, made up


Adjective : Produced by engineering; designed and manufactured according to an engineering methodology.


Adjective : manufactured


Noun : a teacher-led organisation established in 2013 by Tom Bennett that aims to make teachers research literate and pseudo-science proof.


Adjective : no longer concealed; uncovered as by opening a curtain; `discovered' is archaic and primarily a theater ter

Adjective : discovered or determined by scientific observatio


Verb : (intransitive) To conduct an experiment.

Verb : (transitive, obsolete) To experience; to feel; to perceive; to detect.

Verb : (transitive, obsolete) To test or ascertain by experiment; to try out; to make an experiment on.


Verb : (transitive) To draw conclusions from examining; to assess.

Verb : (transitive, mathematics, computing) To compute or determine the value of (an expression).

Verb : (intransitive, computing, mathematics) To return or have a specific value.


Adjective : provided with parental care and nurture especially by a surrogate or surrogate

Adjective : encouraged or promoted in growth or developmen


Verb : (transitive, ergative) To prepare and arrange (usually military unit or units) for use.

Verb : (transitive, intransitive) To unfold, open, or otherwise become ready for use.

Verb : (computing) To install, test and implement a computer system or application.


Verb : (intransitive) To have, or open into, blossoms; to bloom.

Verb : (intransitive) To begin to thrive or flourish.


Adjective : of the meaning of words or concepts; stated precisel


Adjective : (in combination) operated by the means specified e.g. a battery-operated toy

Adjective : having undergone an operation


Verb : (obsolete, transitive) To alter, to change into something new; to revolutionize.

Verb : (intransitive) To introduce something new to a particular environment; to do something new.

Verb : (transitive) To introduce (something) as new.


Verb : (transitive) To combine (multiple things) together; to blend, to fuse.

Verb : (intransitive) To combine, to blend, to fuse.

Verb : Especially in games of the rummy family:


Adjective : Having been subject to analysis; examined closely, carefully considered.


Adjective : Put into practical use.

Adjective : Of a branch of science, serving another branch of science or engineering.


Adjective : (rhetoric) expanded


Adjective : Made sharp.

Adjective : Made more accurate or precise.


Verb : (intransitive, obsolete) To seek for something or after someone.

Verb : (transitive) To examine or investigate something systematically.

Verb : (transitive) To travel somewhere in search of discovery.


Verb : (transitive) To show plainly; to make to appear distinctly, usually to the mind; to put beyond question or doubt; to display; to exhibit.

Verb : (intransitive) To become manifest; to be revealed.

Verb : (transitive, initially occult, now slang) To will something to exist.


Verb : (transitive) To control (an aircraft or watercraft).

Verb : (transitive) To guide (a vessel) through coastal waters.

Verb : (transitive) To test or have a preliminary trial of (an idea, a new product, etc.)


Verb : To interpret a phenomenon by forming a concept.

Verb : To conceive the idea for something.


Adjective : composed and coordinated to form a whole

Adjective : (US) characterized by racial integration


Adjective : increased in extent or size or bulk or scop


Verb : To display, demonstrate, show, or present.


Verb : (transitive) To make (products or services) available for sale and promote them.

Verb : (transitive) To sell.

Verb : (intransitive) To deal in a market; to buy or sell; to make bargains for provisions or goods.


Noun : a 1947 American Western film noir.

Noun : a 1934 American drama film directed by Louis King and starring Rosemary Ames, Victor Jory and Russell Hardie.

Noun : Pursued is an American action drama movie that was released on 30 Aug 1925.


Verb : (transitive) To begin or initiate (something); to found.

Verb : (obsolete, transitive) To train, instruct.

Verb : To nominate; to appoint.


Adjective : Identified as a specific type; famous, renowned.

Adjective : Accepted, familiar, researched.

Noun : Any fact or situation which is known or familiar.


Verb : (transitive) To clasp (someone or each other) in the arms with affection; to take in the arms; to hug.

Verb : (transitive, figuratively) To seize (something) eagerly or with alacrity; to accept or take up with cordiality; to welcome.

Verb : (transitive, figuratively) To submit to; to undergo.


Verb : (British spelling) (Canadian spelling, common) simple past and past participle of trial


Adjective : Having a basis.


Verb : (archaic, transitive) To lead, or guide; to escort.

Verb : (transitive) To lead; to direct; to be in charge of (people or tasks)

Verb : (transitive, reflexive) To behave.


Verb : (intransitive) To move, go, or proceed forward; to advance.

Verb : (intransitive) To develop.

Verb : (by extension) To improve; to become better or more complete.


Adjective : (systematics) Of, or pertaining to, conditions unique to the descendant species of a clade, and not found in earlier ancestral species.

Adjective : (comparable, archaic, taxonomy) Possessing features believed to be more advanced or improved than those other organisms.

Adjective : A product of derivation


Verb : (US, Canada, Oxford British English) Alternative spelling of utilise. [To make use of; to use.]


Adjective : Resulting from the addition of several sources, parts, elements, aspects, etc. united together.

Noun : (skiing) Ellipsis of alpine combined.. [(skiing) An event in alpine skiing which combines runs on a downhill skiing course and a slalom course, for individual skiers.]

Noun : (skiing) Ellipsis of Nordic combined.. [(skiing) An event in which individual skiers take part in runs on a cross-country skiing course and a ski jumping hill.]


Noun : the second studio album by Vanessa Hudgens, released on July 1, 2008 in the U.S. June 24, 2008 in Japan, February 13, 2009 in most European countries and February 16, 2009 in the United Kingdom.

Noun : "Identified" is the pilot and first episode of UFO, a 1970 British television science fiction series about an alien invasion of Earth.


Adjective : given added strength or suppor


Verb : To make popular.


Verb : (transitive) To display or show (something) for others to see, especially at an exhibition or contest.

Verb : (transitive) To demonstrate.

Verb : (transitive, law) To submit (a physical object) to a court as evidence.


Adjective : Declared or made valid.

Adjective : Having experienced emotional validation.


Verb : To nourish or nurse.

Verb : (figuratively, by extension) To encourage, especially the growth or development of something.


Verb : (transitive) To join as a partner.

Verb : (intransitive, often with with) To work or perform as a partner.


Noun : "Started" is a song recorded by Australian rapper Iggy Azalea for her second studio album In My Defense.


Adjective : (of plans, ideas, etc.) perfectly forme


Adjective : Precise, freed from imprecision

Adjective : (of people, obsolete) Sagacious, sometimes (derogatory) oversubtle or feigning sagacity.

Adjective : (of thought) Subtle, scrupulous, carefully thought out.


Adjective : Not wearing, or not covered by, a veil.


Adjective : given formal standing or endorsement; made official or legitimate by the observance of proper procedure

Adjective : concerned with or characterized by rigorous or adherence to recognized forms (especially in religion or art


Verb : (transitive) to display for others to see, especially in regard to wearing clothing while performing the role of a fashion model

Verb : (transitive) to use as an object in the creation of a forecast or model

Verb : (transitive) to make a miniature model of


Noun : A surname.


Adjective : (chiefly of a plant or animal) introduced again


Verb : To imitate, especially in order to ridicule.

Verb : (biology) To take on the appearance of another, for protection or camouflage.


Verb : Britain standard spelling of analyze.


Adjective : being searched fo

Adjective : that is looked fo


Verb : (transitive) To take upon oneself; to start, to embark on (a specific task etc.).

Verb : (intransitive) To commit oneself (to an obligation, activity etc.).

Verb : (Britain, informal) To pass a slower moving vehicle on the curbside rather than on the side closest to oncoming traffic.


Adjective : Held in position, especially from below.

Adjective : Furnished with corroborating evidence.

Adjective : Helped or aided.


Adjective : transformed


Adjective : skillful, proficient, knowledgeable or expert as a result of practice

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