Another Word For FAST


Adjective : Firmly held together; compact; not loose or open.

Adjective : Unyielding or firm.

Adjective : Under high tension; taut.


Adjective : Occurring, arising, or functioning without any delay; happening within an imperceptibly brief period of time.


Adjective : Happening right away, instantly, with no delay.

Adjective : Very close; direct or adjacent.

Adjective : Manifestly true; requiring no argument.


Noun : A very short period of time; a moment.

Noun : A single, usually precise, point in time.

Noun : A beverage or food which has been pre-processed to reduce preparation time, especially instant coffee.


Adjective : (of a statement) Conforming to the actual state of reality or fact; factually correct.

Adjective : As an ellipsis of "(while) it is true (that)", used to start a sentence

Adjective : Conforming to a rule or pattern; exact; accurate.


Adjective : Inclined to waste resources or behave extravagantly.

Adjective : Immoral; abandoned to vice.

Adjective : (obsolete) Overthrown, ruined.


Adjective : Unchanged through time or space; permanent.

Adjective : Consistently recurring over time; persistent.

Adjective : Steady in purpose, action, feeling, etc.


Adjective : Loyal; adhering firmly to person or cause.

Adjective : Having faith.

Adjective : Reliable; worthy of trust.


Adjective : Having or demonstrating undivided and constant support for someone or something.

Adjective : Firm in allegiance to a person or institution.

Adjective : Faithful to a person or cause.


Adjective : fixed, not movable

Noun : One who does not or cannot move (e.g. to travel or live elsewhere).


Adjective : Attached; affixed.

Adjective : Not able to move; unmovable.

Adjective : Not able to change or vary.


Adjective : (rare) Brisk, speedy, with alacrity, quick and eager.


Adjective : Quick; acting without delay.

Adjective : On time; punctual.

Adjective : (archaic) Ready; willing to act.


Adjective : Feeling or having undergone degradation; deprived of dignity or self-respect.

Adjective : (biology) Having the typical characters or organs in a partially developed condition, or lacking certain parts.

Adjective : (heraldry, not comparable) Having steps; said of a cross whose extremities end in steps growing larger as they leave the centre; on degrees.


Adjective : (of qualities) Having deteriorated, degraded or fallen from normal, coherent, balanced and desirable to undesirable and typically abnormal.

Adjective : (of a human or system) Having lost good or desirable qualities.

Adjective : (of an encoding or function) Having multiple domain elements correspond to one element of the range.


Adjective : Fast; quick; rapid.

Adjective : Capable of moving at high speeds.

Noun : A small plain-colored bird of the family Apodidae that resembles a swallow and is noted for its rapid flight.


Adjective : Breaching principles of natural law, rectitude, or justice, and so inconsistent with the demands of virtue, purity, or "good morals"; not right, not moral. (Compare unethical, illegal.)


Adjective : Done in a hurry; rushed.


Adjective : Moving with speed, rapidity or swiftness, or capable of doing so; rapid; fast.

Adjective : Occurring in a short time; happening or done rapidly.

Adjective : Lively, fast-thinking, witty, intelligent.


Noun : The act of speeding up; a growing faster.


Adjective : Proceeding with or characterized by high speed; rapid.

Verb : (transitive) To process in a faster than normal, accelerated way.

Verb : (transitive, Wikimedia jargon) To apply the speedy rule in an online community (often the deletion rule); to speedy delete.


Adjective : Very swift or quick.

Adjective : Steep, changing altitude quickly. (of a slope)

Adjective : Needing only a brief exposure time. (of a lens, plate, film, etc.)


Adjective : Moving or progressing faster than is usual.

Adjective : Happening sooner than expected.


Noun : An act of acceleration.


Noun : The act of one who hurries; hasty motion.


Adjective : That operates, moves or takes place at a greater than normal speed.


Adjective : Having a texture that lacks friction. Not rough.

Adjective : Without difficulty, problems, or unexpected consequences or incidents.

Adjective : Bland; glib.


Adjective : Having the characteristics of a riot.

Adjective : Causing, inciting or taking part in a riot.

Adjective : Unrestrained and boisterous; degenerate or dissolute.


Adjective : Travelling very fast; moving at speed.

Adjective : Specifically, travelling at an illegal speed (of vehicles, motorists).

Adjective : Under the influence of the drug speed; high on amphetamines.


Adjective : Unrestrained by morality.

Adjective : Recklessly abandoned to sensual pleasures.

Noun : An immoral person devoted to sensual pleasures.


Adjective : Wasteful of health or possessions in the pursuit of pleasure.


Adjective : Indulging in or characterised by sensual pleasures to a degree perceived to be morally harmful; corrupted; immoral; self-indulgent.


Noun : The motion of something that scurries.


Noun : (historical) Someone freed from slavery in Ancient Rome; a freedman.

Noun : One who is freethinking in religious matters.

Noun : Someone (especially a man) who takes no notice of moral laws, especially those involving sexual propriety; someone loose in morals; a pleasure-seeker.


Noun : (UK, business) A business partnership; the name under which it trades.

Noun : (business, economics) A business enterprise, however organized.

Noun : (slang) A criminal gang, especially based around football hooliganism.


Noun : The double time, a marching cadence (pace) approaching running speed.

Verb : (intransitive) To double-time, march (or rather run) at the above speedy pace.

Verb : Very quickly; at once; on the double.


Adjective : Having undergone locking; secured by a lock.

Adjective : (computing) Protected by a mutex or other token restricting access to a resource.

Adjective : (Ireland) Very drunk.


Adjective : Relating to heat and conditions which produce it.

Adjective : (of an object) Having or giving off a high temperature.

Adjective : (of a person or animal) Feeling the sensation of heat, especially to the point of discomfort.


Adjective : Heated to the point that it glows with a visible red color.

Adjective : (hyperbolic) very hot

Adjective : Emotionally charged, especially with anger or enthusiasm.


Adjective : Having colors that have been dyed or applied to the material in a way that will prevent them from being washed out, running, or fading.


Adjective : Slightly colored, having tint.


Adjective : Coloured or tinted with dye, or as though therewith.


Adjective : Having bars; striped.

Adjective : Prevented, either by a physical barrier or by conditions.


Adjective : That flies or can fly.

Adjective : Brief or hurried.

Adjective : Capable of speed


Verb : (music) At a brisk, lively tempo.

Adjective : (music) Played, or to be played, at a brisk, lively tempo.

Noun : (music) A piece to be played at a brisk, lively tempo.


Verb : (music) To be played rather fast and lively.

Noun : (music) A movement in this time.


Adjective : (music) Extremely fast, the fastest possible tempo.

Verb : (chiefly music) Very quickly.


Verb : (music) Very fast or quickly; a directive for the musician(s) to play in a very quick tempo.

Noun : (poker slang) A pair of fives as a starting hand in Texas hold 'em.

Noun : A surname.


Verb : (music) Of a tempo that is slightly faster than andante but slower than moderato.

Noun : A piece of music played in this style.


Noun : (music) A tempo mark directing that a passage is to be played in a quick, lively tempo, faster than allegretto but slower than presto.

Noun : (music, more, traditionally) An expressive mark indicating that a passage is to be played in a lively or happy manner, not necessarily quickly.

Noun : (music) A passage having this mark.


Noun : A group of vessels or vehicles.

Noun : Any group of associated items.

Noun : A large, coordinated group of people.


Adjective : Moving by jet propulsion; Propelled by a jet engine


Adjective : Of, pertaining to, or originating from a meteor.

Adjective : (by extension) Like a meteor in speed, brilliance, or ephemeralness.

Adjective : (geology, of water) Originating in the atmosphere.


Noun : A straight section of a racetrack.

Adjective : Extending into the distance in a straight line.

Verb : Alternative form of straight away (“at once; immediately”) [(idiomatic) Very soon; quickly; immediately.]


Adjective : Causing blisters.

Adjective : Very hot.

Adjective : Harsh or corrosive.


Adjective : Having wings.

Adjective : (in combination) Having wings of a specified kind.

Adjective : (in combination) Having the specified number of wings.


Adjective : firmly fastened or secured against openin


Adjective : firmly closed or secure

Adjective : intent and directed steadil

Adjective : fastened with strings or cord


Adjective : firmly fastened or secured against openin


Adjective : secured by written agreemen

Adjective : firmly fastened or secured against openin


Verb : (manner) In a firm or definite or strong manner.

Verb : (manner) Securely.


Verb : In a solid or firm manner.


Verb : Without unwillingness or hesitation; showing readiness.

Verb : Without impediment, easily.


Adjective : Suitable to effect some desired end or the purpose intended.

Adjective : Affording short-term benefit, often at the expense of the long-term.

Adjective : Governed by self-interest, often short-term self-interest.


Adjective : Done at the proper time or within the proper time limits; prompt.

Adjective : Happening or appearing at the proper time.

Adjective : (obsolete) Keeping time or measure.


Noun : The habit or characteristic of doing things without delay.

Noun : The habit of adhering to a designated time.


Noun : The state of being timely.


Adjective : (now rare except in certain expressions) Comfortable; at ease.

Adjective : Requiring little skill or effort.

Adjective : Causing ease; giving comfort, or freedom from care or labour.


Adjective : Capable of producing great physical force.

Adjective : Capable of withstanding great physical force.

Adjective : (broadly) Possessing power, might, or strength.


Adjective : Free from attack or danger; protected.

Adjective : Free from the danger of theft; safe.

Adjective : Free from the risk of eavesdropping, interception or discovery; secret.


Verb : In prompt manner; both soon and quickly.


Verb : In an immediate manner; instantly or without delay.

Verb : Without any intervening time or space.


Verb : (informal) Quickly, very soon, promptly.


Verb : In a short or brief time or manner; quickly.

Verb : In or after a short time; soon.

Verb : In few words


Verb : Initialism of as soon as possible. [As soon as is possible; at one's earliest convenience; at the earliest possible time.]

Verb : Alternative spelling of ASAP.


Verb : (medicine) Immediately; now.

Adjective : (medicine) With no delay; at once.

Verb : (transitive, chiefly sports, informal) To collect or interpret statistics related to (a match etc.).


Adjective : making good, thorough, or careful use of resources; not consuming extra. Especially, making good use of time or energy

Adjective : expressing the proportion of consumed energy that was successfully used in a process; the ratio of useful output to total input

Adjective : causing effects, producing results; bringing into being; initiating change (rare except in philosophical and legal expression efficient cause = causative factor or agent)


Verb : (physical) To remove a gap.

Verb : (transitive, intransitive) To move a thing, or part of a thing, nearer to another so that the gap or opening between the two is removed.

Verb : To obstruct or block.


Verb : Almost but not quite.

Verb : Without exaggeration.

Verb : In essence or functionally, but not in fact, formally, or technically.


Adjective : Prepared for immediate action or use.

Adjective : Inclined; apt to happen.

Adjective : Liable at any moment.


Adjective : Stiff, rather than flexible.

Adjective : Fixed, rather than moving.

Adjective : Rigorous and unbending.


Adjective : Of short duration; happening quickly.

Adjective : Concise; taking few words.

Adjective : Occupying a small distance, area or spatial extent; short.


Verb : From a place, hence.

Verb : Aside; off; in another direction.

Verb : Aside, so as to discard something.


Verb : In close approximation; almost, virtually.

Verb : (now rare) With great scrutiny; carefully.

Verb : With close relation; intimately.


Verb : Very close to, but not quite.

Verb : (mathematics) Up to, except for a negligible set (where negligible is not universally but contextually defined).

Verb : (measure theory, probability theory) Up to a null set; except for a set of measure 0.


Adjective : Short in length of time from the present.

Adjective : (US, dialect) Early.

Adjective : Used as an alternative to express 'to be going to' in the form 'to be soon to'.


Adjective : Requiring immediate attention.

Adjective : Of people: insistent, solicitous.


Verb : rather.

Noun : (informal) A native or resident of the American state of Oklahoma

Noun : (collegiate sports) A competitor representing the University of Oklahoma.


Adjective : (of material or fluid) Solid and firm.

Adjective : Resistant to pressure; difficult to break, cut or penetrate.

Adjective : (of drink or drugs) Strong.


Verb : (degree) Barely, only just, almost not.

Verb : Certainly not; not at all.

Verb : (now rare) With difficulty.


Verb : In practice; in effect or actuality, though possibly not officially.

Verb : Almost completely; almost entirely.

Verb : With respect to practices or a practice.


Verb : (ditransitive) To obtain; to acquire.

Verb : (transitive) To receive.

Verb : (transitive, in a perfect construction, with present-tense meaning) To have. See usage notes.


Adjective : Worthy of note; pertinent or relevant.

Adjective : Prominent; conspicuous.

Adjective : (heraldry, usually of a quadruped) Depicted in a leaping posture.


Verb : In a dramatic manner.


Verb : In a miraculous manner.


Noun : One who, or that which, stretches.

Noun : A simple litter designed to carry a sick, injured, or dead person.

Noun : A frame on which a canvas is stretched for painting.


Adjective : Present; current.

Adjective : (informal) Fashionable; popular; up to date; current.

Adjective : (archaic, law) At the time the will is written. Used in order to prevent any inheritance from being transferred to a person of a future marriage. Does not indicate the existence of a previous marriage.


Adjective : Without end, eternal.

Adjective : Lasting for an indefinitely long time.

Noun : A chemical hair treatment imparting or removing curliness, whose effects typically last for a period of weeks; a perm.


Verb : Comfortably, without discomfort or anxiety.

Verb : Without difficulty.

Verb : (colloquial, not comparable) Absolutely, without question.


Verb : With great haste, with a sense of urgency, because it is very important.

Verb : Continuously. With insistence.

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