Another Word For FIRST


Adjective : (not comparable) Relating to the origin or beginning; preceding all others.

Adjective : (not comparable) First in a series of copies or versions.

Adjective : (not comparable) Newly created.


Adjective : Chronologically first, early; of or pertaining to the beginning, cause or origin.

Adjective : Spatially first, placed at the beginning, in the first position; especially said of the first letter of a word.

Noun : The first letter of a word or a name.

number one

Adjective : (idiomatic) First; foremost; best, often used after its headword.

Adjective : (US, law enforcement) Black, African-American.

Noun : The most important person, the one who is in charge.

first of all

Verb : (sequence, idiomatic) Firstly; before anything else.

first off

Verb : (sequence, idiomatic) Firstly; before anything else. Often used to introduce the first in a list of points to be made in conversation.


Verb : (formal) In the first place; before anything else; first.


Adjective : Necessary, essential for life or some process.

Adjective : Elementary, simple, fundamental, merely functional.

Adjective : (chemistry) Of or pertaining to a base; having a pH greater than 7.


Adjective : First in importance, degree, or rank.

Adjective : First in time, order, or sequence.

Adjective : First in excellence, quality, or value.


Adjective : Foremost; first or highest in quality or degree.

Adjective : (heraldry) Most ancient; first to hold a specified status.

Noun : (politics, UK, Westminster system) The head of government in parliament and leader of the cabinet.


Adjective : Introducing; giving a preview or idea of.


Adjective : Serving to initiate; inceptive; initiatory; introductory; preliminary.

Adjective : In which voter initiatives can be brought to the ballot.

Noun : A beginning; a first move.


Adjective : Of or pertaining to a prototype; prototypical


Adjective : Of or pertaining to a prototype


Adjective : Of or pertaining to initiation

Adjective : inceptive, initial, inaugural or introductory

Noun : An introductory act or rite.


Adjective : In the way of an archetype, in the way of an idealized or most representative model.


Adjective : Constituting or representing an original type of something that others are modelled on or derived from.


Adjective : Of inauguration; as in a speech or lecture by the person being inaugurated.

Adjective : Marking the beginning of an operation, venture, etc.

Noun : An inauguration; a formal beginning.


Adjective : Of or pertaining to an archetype.


Adjective : Most; largest.

Adjective : Most superior; most favorable.

Verb : To the most advantage; with the most success, cause, profit, benefit, or propriety.


Noun : The first existence of anything; act or fact of commencing; the beginning.

Noun : The day when degrees are conferred by colleges and universities upon students and others.

Noun : A graduation ceremony, from a school, college or university. Sometimes before the actual graduation.


Noun : Onset; the beginning or initial stage of something.

Verb : (Internet, CSS, transitive) To cause (a design element) to extend around the outside of something else, the opposite of being inset.


Noun : (uncountable) The act of doing that which begins anything; commencement of an action, state, or space of time; entrance into being or upon a course; the first act, effort, or state of a succession of acts or states.

Noun : That which is begun; a rudiment or element.

Noun : That which begins or originates something; the source or first cause.


Noun : The beginning of an activity.

Noun : A sudden involuntary movement.

Noun : The beginning point of a race, a board game, etc.


Adjective : Pertaining to the start or beginning of a series of events.

Adjective : (cricket) describing the first period of play, usually up to the fall of the first wicket; describing a batsman who opens the innings or a bowler who opens the attack

Noun : An act or instance of making or becoming open.


Noun : Anything that acts as counterbalance; a compensating equivalent.

Noun : (international trade) A form of countertrade arrangement, in which the seller agrees to purchase within a set time frame products of a certain value from the buying country. This kind of agreement may be used in large international public sector contracts such as arms sales.

Noun : (c. 1555) A time at which something begins; outset.


Adjective : Positioned in front of (all) others in space, most forward.

Adjective : Coming before (all) others in time.

Adjective : Of the highest rank or position; of the greatest importance; of the highest priority.


Adjective : Situated toward or at the front of something.

Adjective : (of troops, guns etc.) Situated toward or near the enemy lines.

Adjective : Acting in or pertaining to the direction in which someone or something is facing.


Noun : The highest or uppermost part of something.

Noun : (irrespective of present orientation) The part of something that is usually highest or uppermost.

Noun : The uppermost part of a page, picture, viewing screen, etc.


Noun : (US, Canada, Philippines) A person (of either sex) entering the first year of an institution, especially a high school (ninth grade for US and Canada, grade 7 for Philippines), a university, or legislative body.

Noun : (obsolete) A novice; one in the rudiments of knowledge.


Noun : The first child to be born to a parent or family.

Adjective : Born as the first one in a family, flock or the like.

Adjective : Most excellent; most distinguished or exalted.


Noun : The first showing of a film, play or other form of entertainment, often held as a special event with celebrity guests.

Noun : The first episode of a television show or a particular season of that show.

Noun : In a series of narrative works, the installment that is chronologically set first.


Noun : The oldest child in a family, or individual in a group.


Adjective : (mathematics, of a number) Indicating position in a sequence.

Adjective : (taxonomy) Pertaining to a taxon at the rank of order.

Adjective : (nautical) Intercardinal.


Noun : (now chiefly literary) A girl or an unmarried young woman.

Noun : A female virgin.

Noun : (obsolete, dialectal) A man with no experience of sex, especially because of deliberate abstention.


Noun : Alternative spelling of kick-off. [(soccer, American football) The opening kick of each half of a game of football.]


Adjective : Abbreviation of first. [Preceding all others of a series or kind; the ordinal of one; earliest.]


Adjective : Situated close to, or even below, the ground or another normal reference plane; not high or lofty.

Adjective : Pertaining to (or, especially of a language: spoken in) in an area which is at a lesser elevation, closer to sea level (especially near the sea), than other regions.

Adjective : (baseball, of a ball) Below the batter's knees.

low gear

Noun : The lowest gear available from a gearbox, typically in a motor vehicle or cycle.

Noun : One of the lower gears available from a gearbox, typically in a motor vehicle or cycle.

first gear

Noun : The first gear of an transmission, which provides the lowest output speed and greatest mechanical advantage.


Adjective : (card games) (of a player) Receiving cards from the dealer first, before any other players.

Adjective : (card games) (of a hand) Having higher, or superior cards.

Noun : The eldest child in a family, or individual in a group.

first base

Noun : (singular only, baseball) The base after home plate in a counter-clockwise path around a baseball infield.

Noun : (singular only, by extension) Completion of the first phase of an activity.

Noun : (singular only, US, colloquial) Kissing, regarded as the first phase of a sexual relationship.

first-class honours degree

Noun : an honours degree of the highest clas


Noun : Alternative form of first year. [A first-year student.]

for the first time

Verb : the initial tim

number 1

Noun : the first element in a countable serie

starting time

Noun : the time at which something is supposed to begi


Adjective : First or earliest in a group or series.

Adjective : Main; principal; chief; placed ahead of others.

Adjective : (geology) Earliest formed; fundamental.


Verb : (focus) Of a primary or central nature, first and foremost


Noun : The state of preceding in importance or priority.

Noun : Precedent.


Noun : An item's relative importance.

Noun : A goal of a person or an organisation.

Noun : The quality of being earlier or coming first compared to another thing; the state of being prior.


Adjective : Primary; most important; first level in importance.

Adjective : (obsolete, Latinism) Of or relating to a prince; princely.

Adjective : (mathematics) Chosen or assumed among a branch of possible values of a multi-valued function so that the function is single-valued.


Verb : (not comparable) As it was in the beginning.

Verb : In an original manner.


Adjective : Having relevant and crucial value; having import.

Adjective : (obsolete) Pompous; self-important.


Adjective : Of chief or leading importance; prime, principal.

Adjective : Chief, most important, or principal in extent, size, or strength; consisting of the largest part.

Adjective : (archaic, of force, strength, etc.) Full, sheer, undivided.


Adjective : Of first resort.

Adjective : Of prime quality or importance.

Adjective : At the lowermost supervisory level.


Adjective : most important


Noun : A fundamental assumption or guiding belief.

Noun : A rule used to choose among solutions to a problem.

Noun : (sometimes pluralized) Moral rule or aspect.


Adjective : Occurring before or in front of something else, in time, place, rank or sequence.


Verb : Chiefly; for the most part.

Verb : (obsolete) Forcefully, vigorously.

Verb : (obsolete) Of the production of a sound: loudly, powerfully.


Adjective : (not comparable) Prior; occurring before something else, either in time or order.

Adjective : (informal) Premature; acting or occurring too soon.

Noun : (informal, UK) An existing criminal record (short for "previous convictions")


Adjective : Recently made, or created.

Adjective : Of recent origin; having taken place recently.

Adjective : Additional; recently discovered.


Adjective : (archaic or dialectal) Gone; gone by; gone away; passed; passed away.

Adjective : (archaic or dialectal) Nearly gone; dead (used in Devonshire at the turn of the 19th century)

Verb : before


Noun : An actual event, situation, or fact.

Noun : (now rare) A given condition or state.

Noun : A piece of work, specifically defined within a profession; the set of tasks involved in addressing the situation of a specific person or event.


Adjective : At a time in advance of the usual or expected event.

Adjective : Arriving a time before expected; sooner than on time.

Adjective : Near the start or beginning.


Verb : (now archaic, with present-tense constructions) First; beforehand, in advance.

Verb : (with past-tense constructions) At an earlier time.

Verb : (television) Recapitulating the preceding episodes of a series.


Verb : at some time in the past

Verb : previously; once


Adjective : Previous.

Adjective : First of aforementioned two items. Used with the, often without a noun.

Noun : Someone who forms something; a maker; a creator or founder.


Adjective : First according to historical or scientific records; original; indigenous; primitive.

Adjective : Living in a land before colonization by the Europeans.

Noun : An animal or plant native to a region.


Adjective : Advance; previous; coming before.

Adjective : Former, previous.

Verb : (colloquial) Previously.


Verb : At an earlier or preceding time.

Adjective : (obsolete) In comfortable circumstances as regards property; forehanded.

Adjective : (archaic, often followed by with) In a state of anticipation or preoccupation.


Noun : (less common) Alternative spelling of premiere. [The first showing of a film, play or other form of entertainment, often held as a special event with celebrity guests.]

Verb : (less common) Alternative spelling of premiere [(intransitive) Of a film or play, to play for the first time.]


Verb : Forms the superlative of many adjectives.

Verb : To a great extent or degree; highly; very.

Adjective : (slang, dated) The greatest; the best.


Adjective : occurring previously

Verb : previously; before now; sooner


Verb : At an earlier time.

Verb : In advance.

Verb : At the front end.


Adjective : In preparation for the main matter; initial, introductory, preparatory.

Noun : A preparation for a main matter; an introduction.

Noun : Any of a series of sports events that determine the finalists


Noun : Something extra that is good; an added benefit.

Noun : An extra sum given as a premium, e.g. to an employee or to a shareholder.

Noun : (video games) An addition to the player's score based on performance, e.g. for time remaining.


Adjective : (often postpositive) Highest, supreme; also, chief, leading, pre-eminent.

Adjective : Of the highest importance.

Adjective : (obsolete) Of a law, right, etc.: having precedence over or superior to another.


Verb : (manner) In a special manner; specially.

Verb : (focus) Particularly; to a greater extent than is normal.

Verb : (focus) Used to place greater emphasis upon someone or something.


Verb : rather.

Noun : (informal) A native or resident of the American state of Oklahoma

Noun : (collegiate sports) A competitor representing the University of Oklahoma.


Adjective : Involving accomplishments or activities that have not been done before, or developing or using new methods or techniques.

Noun : The activity of the verb pioneer.

Noun : A scoutcraft skill that involves building structures using staves and knots.


Adjective : Nearest in place or position, having nothing similar intervening; adjoining.

Adjective : (obsolete) Most direct, or shortest or nearest in distance or time.

Adjective : Nearest in order, succession, or rank; immediately following (or sometimes preceding) in order.


Adjective : (literary) True, real, actual.

Adjective : The same; identical.

Adjective : With limiting effect: mere.


Verb : To even the slightest extent, at all.


Adjective : Number-two; following after the first one with nothing between them. The ordinal number corresponding to the cardinal number two.

Adjective : Next to the first in value, power, excellence, dignity, or rank; secondary; subordinate; inferior.

Adjective : Being of the same kind as one that has preceded; another.


Adjective : (obsolete) Pertaining only to a part of something; partial.

Adjective : Specific; discrete; concrete.

Adjective : Specialised; characteristic of a specific person or thing.


Verb : In the second place.


Verb : At the beginning.


Verb : (conjunctive) Regardless; anyhow.

Verb : Used to indicate that a statement explains or supports a previous statement. See anyhow and at least.

Verb : Used to indicate a change of subject.


Adjective : Short in length of time from the present.

Adjective : (US, dialect) Early.

Adjective : Used as an alternative to express 'to be going to' in the form 'to be soon to'.


Noun : The act of initiating, or the process of being initiated or introduced.

Noun : The form or ceremony by which a person is introduced into any society; mode of entrance into an organized body; especially, the rite of admission into a secret society or order.

Noun : (chemistry) The first step of transcription or of transduction.


Adjective : Required as a prior condition of something else; necessary or indispensable.

Noun : Something that is required as necessary or indispensable, or as a prior condition of something else.

Noun : In education, a course or topic that must be completed before another course or topic can be started. May be colloquially referred to as a prereq.


Adjective : Of or pertaining to the formation and subsequent growth of something.

Adjective : Capable of forming something.

Adjective : (biology) Capable of producing new tissue.


Adjective : Final, ultimate, coming after all others of its kind.

Adjective : Most recent, latest, last so far.

Adjective : Farthest of all from a given quality, character, or condition; most unlikely, or least preferable.


Verb : (informal) At the very most; as a maximum.

Adjective : (slang, dated) Great; excellent.

Noun : (darts) The uppermost field of a dartboard; the double-20 field


Verb : (frequency) One and only one time.

Verb : (temporal location) Formerly; during some period in the past.

Verb : (chiefly obsolete) At any time; ever.


Noun : The creation or beginning of something; the establishment.

Noun : A layering, nesting, or recursion of something.


Noun : Something that is representative of all such things in a group.

Noun : Something that serves to illustrate or explain a rule.

Noun : Something that serves as a pattern of behaviour to be imitated (a good example) or not to be imitated (a bad example).


Adjective : Of or pertaining to a difference.

Adjective : Dependent on, or making a difference; distinctive.

Adjective : Having differences in speed or direction of motion.


Adjective : Happening right away, instantly, with no delay.

Adjective : Very close; direct or adjacent.

Adjective : Manifestly true; requiring no argument.


Adjective : Happening for the first time; doing something for the first time.

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