Another Word For FLOATER

muscae volitantes

Noun : spots before the eyes caused by opaque cell fragments in the vitreous humor and len

floating policy

Noun : an insurance policy covering loss of movable property (e.g. jewelry) regardless of its locatio

musca volitans

Noun : floater (threadlike speck in the visual field)


Noun : (military) A battlefield formation composed of two or more divisions.

Noun : An organized group of people united by a common purpose.

Noun : Obsolete spelling of corpse. [A dead body.]


Noun : The act of surveying; a general view.

Noun : A particular view; an examination, especially an official examination, of a particular group of items, in order to ascertain the condition, quantity, or quality.

Noun : The operation of finding the contour, dimensions, position, or other particulars of any part of the Earth's surface.


Noun : The act of investigating; the process of inquiring into or following up; research, especially patient or thorough inquiry or examination


Noun : The act of inquiring; a seeking of information by asking questions; interrogation; a question or questioning.

Noun : Search for truth, information, or knowledge; examination of facts or principles; research; investigation


Noun : Physical frame.

Noun : The physical structure of a human or animal seen as one single organism.

Noun : The fleshly or corporeal nature of a human, as opposed to the spirit or soul.


Noun : An instance of a person or animal drowning.

Noun : An instance of a person or animal being drowned.


Noun : A buoyant device used to support something in water or another liquid.

Noun : A mass of timber or boards fastened together, and conveyed down a stream by the current; a raft.

Noun : A float board.


Noun : Anything that is hollow and cylindrical in shape.

Noun : An approximately cylindrical container, usually with a crimped end and a screw top, used to contain and dispense semiliquid substances.

Noun : (Britain, colloquial, often capitalised as Tube, a trademark) The London Underground railway system, originally referred to the lower level lines that ran in tubular tunnels as opposed to the higher ones which ran in rectangular section tunnels. (Often the tube.)


Noun : The motion of something that floats.

Noun : (in the plural) Material that floats in a liquid.

Noun : The spreading of plaster on the surface of walls.


Adjective : That may be floated.


Noun : A buoyant device used to support something in water or another liquid.

Noun : A mass of timber or boards fastened together, and conveyed down a stream by the current; a raft.

Noun : A float board.


Noun : An instance of fading away, of diminishing in proximity or intensity.

Noun : (basketball) A jump shot made while jumping backwards, away from the basket. The goal is to create space between the shooter and the defender, making it much harder to block.

Noun : (slang) The ending of a personal relationship by stopping any contact with the other party and not providing an explanation.


Noun : a single tear (clear, salty liquid secreted by the eye).

Noun : The shape of a drop of liquid about to fall. (Note that once detached from a surface, a drop changes shape to become spherical).


Noun : One who flops.

Noun : (skittles) The knocking down of all nine pins in one go.

Noun : (US, slang) A person who deliberately falls down on a slippery floor or in front of an automobile etc. so as to claim compensation.


Noun : (pickleball) A pickleball player that excels at dinking.


Noun : One who leaps.

Noun : A kind of hooked instrument for untwisting old cordage.

Noun : (chess) A piece, like the knight, which moves a fixed distance, and ignores pieces in the way.


Noun : (tennis) A soft drop shot.

Noun : (pickleball) A soft drop shot played at or near the non-volley zone.

Noun : (soccer) A light chip; a chipped pass or shot


Noun : Someone who splashes.

Noun : (dated) A guard to keep off splashes from anything; especially, one of the guards over the wheels of a carriage, locomotive, etc.

Noun : (MLE, slang) A knife (for it does wettings).


Noun : A conical cover at the center of some aircraft propellers.

Noun : A device that is spun in games to choose a number or symbol.

Noun : (Australia, New Zealand) The coin thrower in a game of two-up.


Noun : (uncountable) Drool; saliva.

Noun : (countable) A weak, unsteady stream; a trickle.

Noun : (countable) A small amount of a liquid.


Noun : Someone who dies by drowning.

Noun : One who drowns another.


Noun : A device that skims.

Noun : A sieve-like, slotted spoon.

Noun : A device for removing organic matter from an aquarium.


Noun : (nautical) Alternative form of dipsey [(nautical, slang, attributive) Deep sea.]


Noun : In marine mammals such as whales (or other aquatic animals such as sea turtles), a wide flat, limb adapted for swimming.

Noun : A wide, flat, paddle-like rubber covering for the foot, used in swimming.

Noun : A flat lever in a pinball machine, triggered by the player to strike the ball and keep it in play.


Noun : A person or thing (ship, plane, car, etc.) that chases.

Noun : (archaic) A hunter.

Noun : A horse: (originally) a horse used for hunting; (now) a horse trained for steeplechasing, a steeplechaser.


Noun : Someone or something that catches.

Noun : (baseball) The player that squats behind home plate and receives the pitches from the pitcher

Noun : (chiefly US, colloquial) The bottom partner in a homosexual relationship or sexual encounter between two men.


Noun : Someone or something that pushes.

Noun : A person employed to push passengers onto trains at busy times, so they can depart on schedule.

Noun : (military slang) A girl or woman.


Noun : (Ireland, slang, derogatory) a member or supporter of Sinn Féin.


Noun : (informal) A lilo or similar item that floats on water and can be sat on.

Noun : (informal) A particle of food, etc. found floating in liquid.


Noun : A utensil for dispensing a single drop of liquid at a time.

Noun : One who drops something, especially one who drops a specific item to cause mischief.

Noun : (computing) A software component designed to install malware on a target system.


Noun : The condition of being floatable


Noun : One who sinks something.

Noun : (fishing) A weight used in fishing to cause the line or net to sink.

Noun : (baseball) Any of several high speed pitches that have a downward motion near the plate; a two-seam fastball, a split-finger fastball, or a forkball.


Noun : (US, Canada, Philippines, slang) A piece of solid or semisolid mucus in or removed from a nostril.

Noun : (US, slang) Something suggestive of this material.

Noun : (US, slang) A thing; especially a problematic or difficult thing.


Noun : The act or instance of dunking, particularly in basketball.

Noun : A surname.


Noun : A container made of rigid material, often with a handle, used to carry liquids or small items.

Noun : The amount held in this container.

Noun : (informal, chiefly in the plural) A large amount of liquid.


Noun : Alternative spelling of flotation [A state of floating, or being afloat.]


Noun : Someone who dunks.

Noun : (basketball) A person tasked with performing or training others in slam dunks.

Noun : A biscuit that is suitable for dunking in a cup of tea.


Noun : One who flings or hurls something.

Noun : One who jeers.


Noun : (informal, mildly vulgar) A piece of solid animal or human feces.

Noun : (informal, mildly vulgar, derogatory) A worthless person or thing.


Noun : One who rigs or dresses; as:

Noun : One whose occupation is to fit the rigging of a ship or of a counterweight system.

Noun : One whose occupation is to lift and move large and heavy objects (such as industrial machinery) with the help of cables, hoists, and other equipment.


Noun : Someone who dives, especially as a sport.

Noun : Someone who works underwater; a frogman.

Noun : (UK, Ireland) loon (bird)


Noun : A lightweight container, generally round, open at the top, and tapering toward the bottom.

Noun : (by extension) A bed for a cat.

Noun : A wire or plastic container similar in shape to a basket, used for carrying articles for purchase in a shop.


Noun : (physical) Movement; that which moves or is moved.

Noun : Anything driven at random.

Noun : A mass of matter which has been driven or forced onward together in a body, or thrown together in a heap, etc., especially by wind or water.


Noun : One who rebounds.

Noun : (basketball) A player who rebounds.

Noun : A small, round, durable trampoline used in rebound exercise.


Noun : (usually in the plural) Anything that floats.


Verb : (intransitive, of an object or substance) To be supported by a fluid of greater density (than the object).

Verb : To be supported by a liquid of greater density, such that part (of the object or substance) remains above the surface.

Verb : (transitive) To cause something to be suspended in a liquid of greater density.


Noun : One who or that which lags behind; a laggard.

Noun : One who installs lagging.

Noun : (video games, informal) A player who lags (has a poor or slow network connection).


Noun : One who adjusts, especially for the insurance industry's employment title "loss adjuster" (or "claims adjuster" in the United States).


Noun : A solid or hollow sphere, or roughly spherical mass.

Noun : A quantity of string, thread, etc., wound into a spherical shape.

Noun : (mathematics) Homologue or analogue of a disk in the Euclidean plane.


Noun : A single drop of water.


Noun : Something that, or someone who, smashes.

Noun : (mining, historical) A person employed to break up waste rock.

Noun : (slang) An attractive person (see also smashing).


Noun : (nautical) A device, stabilized with vanes, towed alongside a vessel such that the cable attaching it cuts the moorings of submerged mines.

Noun : (nautical) A towed underwater object with hydrofoils, of diverse uses.


Noun : (nautical) A vessel equipped for the removal of sand or sediment from the seabed.

Noun : One who fishes with a dredge.

Noun : A dredging machine.


Noun : (uncountable, sports) Backspin.

Noun : (countable, sports) A shot using backspin.


Noun : A nickname for someone who is the third person in the family sharing his father's name.

Noun : A male given name from English of modern usage, derived from the nickname.

Noun : (card games, occasionally dice games) A playing card or die with the rank of three.


Noun : The action of the verb to dive in any sense.

Noun : The sport of jumping into water, often acrobatically.

Noun : Descending below the surface of the water to interact with the environment.


Noun : A person who dribbles (salivates excessively).

Noun : (sports) A person who performs dribbling.

Noun : (slang, derogatory) A stupid person.


Noun : (countable) A cold-blooded vertebrate animal that lives in water, moving with the help of fins and breathing with gills.

Noun : (archaic or loosely) Any animal (or any vertebrate) that lives exclusively in water.

Noun : (Newfoundland) Cod; codfish.


Noun : A spherically contained volume of air or other gas, especially one made from soapy liquid.

Noun : A small spherical cavity in a solid material.

Noun : (by extension) Anything resembling a hollow sphere.


Noun : One who swims.

Noun : A protuberance on the leg of a horse.

Noun : A webfooted aquatic bird.


Noun : Something that emits bubbles.

Noun : An airstone for an aquarium.

Noun : (Wisconsin, New England, Australia) A drinking fountain.


Noun : Someone who converts cast iron into wrought iron by the process of puddling.


Noun : The act of colliding or crashing.

Noun : Total destruction or elimination.

Noun : (surfing) The act of falling off one's surfboard.


Noun : One who, or that which, squirts.

Noun : (slang, vulgar) A woman who can ejaculate.

Noun : (military slang) A person, presumed to be hostile, who absconds upon the approach of (Western) soldiers.


Noun : One who tosses or throws something.

Noun : (UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, slang, derogatory, vulgar) A male who masturbates.

Noun : (UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, derogatory, offensive, slang) An objectionable male, often somewhat obnoxious in demeanour.


Noun : (countable) Someone who dodges (avoids something by quickly moving).

Noun : (countable) A person full of tricks or street smarts.

Noun : (countable, nautical) A frame-supported canvas over the companionway (entrance) of a sailboat providing the on-deck crew partial cover from the splashes of the seas that break against the hull of the boat.


Noun : A flake.

Noun : A lock, as of wool.

Noun : A small spot or streak; a speckle.


Noun : A large flat-bottomed towed or self-propelled boat used mainly for river and canal transport of heavy goods or bulk cargo.

Noun : A richly decorated ceremonial state vessel propelled by rowers for river processions.

Noun : A large flat-bottomed coastal trading vessel having a large spritsail and jib-headed topsail, a fore staysail and a very small mizen, and having leeboards instead of a keel.


Noun : A surname.


Noun : (nautical) A strong rope or chain rigging running from the end of the bowsprit to the ship's stem or cutwater.


Noun : A surname.


Noun : One who bails or lades.

Noun : A utensil, as a bucket or cup, used in bailing; a machine for bailing water out of a pit.

Noun : (cricket, dated) A delivery that heads towards the bails after pitching.


Noun : Someone who defends people or property.

Noun : (sports) One of the players whose primary task is to prevent the opposition from scoring.

Noun : A fighter who seeks to repel an attack.


Noun : Someone or something that beats.

Noun : A kitchen implement for mixing.

Noun : A stick used to play a percussion instrument.


Noun : A shapeless or amorphous mass; a vague shape or amount, especially of a liquid or semisolid substance; a clump, group or collection that lacks definite shape.

Noun : (astronomy) A large cloud of gas.

Noun : (dialect) A bubble; a bleb.


Noun : One who takes part in apple bobbing.

Noun : (fishing) A buoyant device (frequently made of cork) attached to a line so as to suspend the end of the line with the hook (and bait or lure) above the bottom.

Noun : A style of custom motorcycle with stripped-down bodywork and a shortened (or "bobbed") rear fender.


Noun : The act or process of briefly submerging or immersing an object or person in a liquid, as in dunking a cookie in milk, or dunking a playmate in the swimming pool.

Noun : (basketball) Forcefully thrusting the ball through the basket from above.


Noun : (surfing) A rapid turn performed by shifting one's weight to the rear of the surfboard.

Noun : (basketball) A pass to another offensive player who immediately shoots for the basket.

Noun : (soccer) A kick made by the goalkeeper from the goal area.


Noun : A circular band of metal used to bind a barrel.

Noun : Any circular band or ring

Noun : A circular band of metal, wood, or similar material used for forming part of a framework such as an awning or tent.


Noun : A person who reaches.

Noun : A device used to reach something.

Noun : (nautical) A sail, a kind of asymmetrical spinnaker.


Noun : A low soft shoe that can be slipped on and off easily.

Noun : Such a shoe intended for indoor use; a bedroom or house slipper.

Noun : (US, Hawaii, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore) A flip-flop (type of rubber sandal).


Noun : Someone who contains; something that contains.

Noun : An item in which objects, materials or data can be stored or transported.

Noun : (transport) A very large, typically metal, box used for transporting goods.


Adjective : Capable of being dropped (especially by an aircraft).


Noun : A dessert made by boiling gelatin in water.

Noun : (Canada, US) A dessert made by boiling flavoured gelatin in water


Noun : (countable) An evergreen tree of the genus Citrus such as Citrus sinensis which yields oranges (the fruit).

Noun : (countable) Any round citrus fruit with a yellow-red colour when ripe and a sour-sweet taste; the fruit of the orange tree.

Noun : (countable) Specifically, a sweet orange or Citrus sinensis.


Noun : Any aquatic plant of genus Ceratophyllum.

Noun : A western diamondback rattlesnake or Texas diamond-back (Crotalus atrox).

Noun : American perch (Perca flavescens).


Noun : An amount of liquid that is dribbled.


Noun : Alternative spelling of water bug [Any member of the infraorder Nepomorpha, the true water bugs]


Noun : One who, or that which, dips (immerses something, or itself, into a liquid).

Noun : Any of various small passerine birds of the genus Cinclus that live near fast-flowing streams and feed along the bottom.

Noun : A cup-shaped vessel with a long handle, for dipping into and ladling out liquids; a ladle or scoop.


Noun : A temporary replacement for another, especially at a job.

Noun : A substitution.

Noun : (mathematics) An intermediate result that must be stored temporarily during the course of a sparse matrix computation.


Noun : An employee paid on an irregular basis; a casual worker.


Noun : (agriculture) A channel or device for carrying and controlling water used in flood irrigation.

Noun : (Internet slang) A person who floods message boards, chat rooms etc. with unwanted or repetitive comments.

Noun : (informal) Something that tends to flood.

guest worker

Noun : A person with temporary permission to work in another country.


Noun : One who works on the shop floor of a retail establishment.

Noun : A casino employee who oversees the gambling activity, settling disputes and so on.

Noun : A bookmaker's assistant.


Noun : The person who works the floor (deals with customers), a floor manager.

Noun : A floorman or floorwoman in a casino.


Noun : (sometimes derogatory) A person who moves from place to place or job to job.

Noun : (nautical) A type of lightweight sail used in light winds like a spinnaker.

Noun : (automotive) A driver who uses driving techniques to modify vehicle traction to cause a vehicle to slide or power slide rather than drive in line with the tires.


Adjective : Happening by chance.

Adjective : Coming without regularity; occasional or incidental.

Adjective : Employed irregularly.

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