Another Word For FUN


Noun : A state of enjoyable exuberance.

Noun : Playful fun.


Adjective : Entertaining.

Adjective : Funny, hilarious.


Noun : (archaic) Entertainment.


Noun : The quality of being playful.


Adjective : (obsolete) Illusive, deceitful.

Adjective : (now rare) Giving entertainment or interest; recreative, diverting, engaging.

Adjective : (now rare) Amusing, humorous.


Noun : (uncountable, formerly countable) Activity for amusement only, especially among the young.

Noun : (uncountable) Similar activity in young animals, as they explore their environment and learn new skills.

Noun : (uncountable) The conduct, or course, of a game.


Noun : (countable) Any activity that uses physical exertion or skills competitively under a set of rules that is not based on aesthetics.

Noun : (countable) A person who exhibits either good or bad sportsmanship.

Noun : (countable) Somebody who behaves or reacts in an admirably good-natured manner, e.g. to being teased or to losing a game; a good sport.


Adjective : (dated) Amusing, distracting.


Noun : An expression of mirth particular to the human species; the sound heard in laughing; laughter.

Noun : Something that provokes mirth or scorn.

Noun : (Britain, New Zealand) A fun person.


Noun : (uncountable) The condition of enjoying anything.

Noun : (uncountable) An enjoyable state of mind.

Noun : (countable) An activity that gives pleasure.


Noun : A trembling or quivering, especially one caused by emotion.

Noun : A cause of sudden excitement; a kick.

Noun : (medicine) A slight quivering of the heart that accompanies a cardiac murmur.

scavenger hunt

Noun : A game in which individuals or teams seek to find a number of specific items, or perform tasks, as given in a list.


Noun : (Ireland) Fun, especially through enjoyable company, a pleasant conversation.


Noun : (uncountable) A feeling of desire for new and exciting things.

Noun : A remarkable occurrence; a striking event.

Noun : A daring feat; a bold undertaking, in which dangers are likely to be encountered, and the issue is staked upon unforeseen events; the encountering of risks.


Noun : Time for play or diversion.

Noun : (UK, Australia) A time when children can play outside during the school day.

Noun : A duration of time when one is not as serious as they could be, especially in a conflict of sorts.

ring toss

Noun : A game in which rings are thrown onto pegs or posts.


Noun : (uncountable) A state of being pleased or contented; gratification.

Noun : (countable) A person, thing or action that causes enjoyment.

Noun : (uncountable) One's preference.


Noun : Gaiety; merriment.

Noun : A playful antic.

Noun : (obsolete, chiefly US) A social gathering.


Noun : An amusing story.

Noun : Something said or done for amusement, not in seriousness.

Noun : (figuratively) The root cause or main issue, especially an unexpected one


Noun : US spelling of humour [(uncountable) The quality of being amusing, comical, funny.]


Noun : (UK, dated, often humorous) A pleasure trip or excursion.

Noun : (slang, dated) A marine in the English navy.

Noun : A female given name


Noun : A young goat.

Noun : Of a female goat, the state of being pregnant: in kid.

Noun : Kidskin.


Noun : A surname.


Noun : (euphemistic) Hell.

Noun : The bolt or latch of a door.

Noun : A rack for cattle to feed at.

ginger up

Verb : (transitive) To make something more interesting, fun, lively etc.


Noun : Close friendship in a group of friends or teammates.

Noun : A spirit of familiarity and closeness.


Noun : A high-pitched, silly laugh.

Noun : (informal) Fun; an amusing episode.


Noun : (obsolete) A fool or clown, especially one whose business on the stage is to imitate foolishly the actions of the principal clown.

sense of humour

Noun : The quality of an individual to find certain things funny.


Noun : (informal) Miscellaneous items or objects; (with possessive) personal effects.

Noun : (obsolete, uncountable) Furniture; goods; domestic vessels or utensils.

Noun : (informal) Unspecified things or matters.


Noun : Alternative form of grown-up [(often childish) An adult.]


Noun : (obsolete, historical) A forager, especially in Sherman's March to the Sea of November to December 1864.

Noun : (US, slang, dated) An idle, worthless fellow, without any visible means of support; a dissipated sponger.

Noun : A lamb (typically the smallest of a multiple birth) which has been abandoned by its mother or orphaned, and as a consequence is raised in part or in whole by humans.


Noun : A pit or hole which has been bored.

Noun : (usually in the plural) Fragment thrown up when something is bored or drilled.

Noun : A surname.


Noun : (uncountable) A deep caring for the existence of another.

Noun : (uncountable) Strong affection.

Noun : A profound and caring affection towards someone.


Adjective : Boring and unoriginal.

Adjective : Hackneyed or excessively sentimental.

Adjective : (African-American Vernacular, slang) Uncool, stupid, lame.


Noun : (slang, often attributive) A child.

Noun : A surname from Scottish Gaelic.


Noun : A day that is not one's birthday but is celebrated as though it were.


Noun : A feeling of extreme happiness or cheerfulness, especially related to the acquisition or expectation of something good.

Noun : Anything that causes such a feeling.

Noun : Luck or success; a positive outcome.

treasure hunt

Noun : A search for sunken or buried treasure.

Noun : A game in which people have to find hidden objects or places, with the help of clues.


Adjective : (colloquial) (A) hell of a; extreme.

Verb : (colloquial); (expletive) (A) hell of a; extremely or very.


Noun : (informal) A grandchild.


Noun : (uncountable) The state of being jocose.

Noun : (countable) A jocose utterance.

make merry

Verb : (intransitive) To enjoy oneself in a jolly and festive manner.


Noun : A derisive cry or shout.

Noun : The cry of an owl.

Noun : (slang) A fun event or person.


Noun : A subspecies of baboon, Papio cynocephalus kindae, primarily found in Angola, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zambia, and possibly western Tanzania.


Noun : (rare) camaraderie


Noun : A team sport whose main objective is to dodge or catch balls thrown by the opposition.

Noun : The ball thrown in this sport.


Noun : Alternative spelling of bath time [The time of day when a person has, or is given, a bath.]


Noun : (uncountable) the state of being excited (emotionally aroused).

Noun : (countable) something that excites.

catch phrase

Noun : Alternative spelling of catchphrase [A repeated expression, often originating in popular culture.]

leisure time

Noun : Free time.



Adjective : Short and blue.

Adjective : Unusually cheery, like the smurfs.


Adjective : (archaic, formal) sportive, playful, frolicsome

mess about

Verb : (intransitive) To misbehave

Verb : (intransitive) To be in a casual non-committal relationship

Verb : (transitive) To play with; to toy with; to waste the time of (a person).


Noun : Clownish behaviour.


Noun : (New Zealand) Honeycomb toffee.

Noun : (New Zealand) A kind of ice cream with pieces of honeycomb toffee.

Noun : Alternative form of Hokey Pokey [(US, Canada, Australia, preceded by definite article) A group dance performed in a circle, in which people move a variety of their body parts in and out of the middle, and shake them about.]


Noun : An informal social gathering, usually in a natural outdoor setting, to which the participants bring their own food and drink.

Noun : The meal eaten at such a gathering.

Noun : (figurative) An easy or pleasant task.


Noun : (archaic, literary) Merry-making, celebration, festivity.


Adjective : Uncommon spelling of Christmassy. [Resembling or having feelings of Christmas; festive.]



Noun : The quality or state of being enjoyable.


Noun : (uncountable) The state of being crazy; madness; derangement

Noun : (archaic, uncountable) The state of being broken down or weakened

Noun : (countable) The result or product of being crazy.


Adjective : Playful; playfully affectionate; amorous.


Adjective : Like a scar, or rocky eminence.

Adjective : Bearing scars, or marks of wounds.


Noun : Dated spelling of cookie.


Noun : Droll behaviour characteristic of a wag.

Noun : (countable) A droll remark or jest.


Adjective : (rare) Marked by or arousing laughter; also, addicted to laughter; merry


Noun : (uncountable) That which is perceived as silly or frivolous.

Noun : (countable) An act that is silly; a result of being silly.

express joy

Verb : produce laughte


Noun : Any of various small, singing passerine birds of the family Alaudidae.

Noun : Any of various similar-appearing birds, but usually ground-living, such as the meadowlark and titlark.

Noun : (by extension) One who wakes early; one who is up with the larks.


Noun : a 1943 Laurel and Hardy feature film produced by Sol M. Wurtzel and directed by Mal St.Clair.


Noun : A quiet laugh.


Noun : Flair, vitality, or zest; energy; vigor.

piss about

Verb : (vulgar, idiomatic) To joke or play.

Verb : (vulgar, idiomatic) To misbehave; to act foolishly.


Adjective : Alternative spelling of kick-ass [(slang, vulgar) Rough, aggressive; powerful and successful.]


Adjective : (US, colloquial) Phony, as if a hoax; noticeably contrived; of obviously flimsy credibility or quality.

Adjective : (US, colloquial) Corny; overly or unbelievably sentimental.


Noun : (informal) Improvisation.

Noun : (acting) A form of live entertainment characterized by improvisation and interaction with the audience.


Noun : Sharp, good-humoured, playful, typically spontaneous conversation.

toy chest

Noun : chest for storage of toy

social activity

Noun : activity considered appropriate on social occasion


Noun : frivolous act

Noun : state of being frivolous


Verb : In a toying manner; so as to toy with someone or something.


dart board

Noun : a circular board of wood or cork used as the target in the game of dart


Noun : Insignificant trifles of little importance, especially items of unimportant information.

Noun : A quiz game that involves obscure facts.

Noun : (Roman mythology) An aspect of the Roman goddess Diana, pertaining to her role as guardian of trivia (crossroads or forks where three roads meet); used as an epithet.

mess around

Verb : (informal) To fiddle idly.

Verb : (informal) To joke, kid, or play.

Verb : (informal) To have a sexual relationship, especially one which is non-commital.


Noun : Alternative spelling of socializer [One who socializes.]


Noun : Alternative spelling of s'mores


Noun : An activity that one enjoys doing in one's spare time.

Noun : (equestrianism) An extinct breed of horse native to the British Isles, also known as the Irish Hobby

Noun : Any of four species of small falcons in the genus Falco, especially Falco subbuteo.


Noun : A short comic performance.

Noun : A jeer or sally; a brief satire.

Noun : (obsolete) A wanton girl; a wench.


Noun : A fitness program that combines Latin and international music with dance.


Noun : (colloquial) Used to address a group of people regardless of gender.

Noun : A town in Tennessee.


Noun : (US, Australia) A close friend; especially used as a form of address.

Noun : (US, Australia) A child.


Noun : A festival showcasing beers and similar beverages.


Adjective : Alternative spelling of wacky [Zany; eccentric.]


Noun : The channel or spout through which molten metal runs into a mould in casting.

Noun : (history) A member of a North Germanic tribe formerly occupying what is now Götaland in Sweden.


Adjective : Of or relating to cheese.

Adjective : Resembling or containing cheese.

Adjective : (informal) Overdramatic, excessively emotional or clichéd, trite, contrived.


Noun : (informal) Anything exceptionally surprising, unbelievable, outstanding, etc.

Noun : (audio) A relatively slow form of flutter (pitch variation) which can affect both gramophone records and tape recorders.

Noun : (video games) Initialism of World of Warcraft.


Noun : The state or qualities of being young or youthful; youth.

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