Another Word For PURPLE


Verb : To make purple.

Verb : To enrage or anger, referring to making the face purple or red with blood.

Verb : Of writing, to make overly flowery or showy; to embellish unduly.


Adjective : Somewhat purple in colour/color.


Adjective : Of a purple colour.

Noun : (chemistry) A salt of purpuric acid.


Noun : The state or condition of being purple in colour.


Adjective : made purple, especially having a purple complexion because of rage etc.

Adjective : (of a text) over-embellished or flowery


Noun : A plant or flower of the genus Viola, especially the fragrant Viola odorata; (inexact) similar-looking plants and flowers.

Noun : (figurative) A person thought to resemble V. odorata, especially in its beauty and delicacy.

Noun : A bluish-purple colour resembling that of most V. odorata.


Adjective : (American spelling) Having a color.

Adjective : Having a particular color or kind of color.

Adjective : Having prominent colors; colorful.


Adjective : Possessing prominent and varied colors.

Adjective : Interesting, multifaceted, energetic, distinctive.

Adjective : (euphemistic) Profane, obscene, offensive (usually in the phrase colourful language).


Adjective : (British spelling) Alternative form of colored [(American spelling) Having a color.]

Noun : (British spelling) Alternative form of colored [(American spelling, US, now dated and offensive) A colored (nonwhite) person.]

Adjective : Alternative letter-case form of coloured (“nonwhite, or mixed-race”)


Adjective : Uses relating to colour

Adjective : (not comparable) Characterized or caused by, or relating to, colour or hue.

Adjective : (comparable) Brightly coloured; colourful, vivid.


Adjective : Having been made more attractive, compelling or interesting.


Adjective : Having qualities of splendor or royalty.


Adjective : Of or relating to royalty.

Adjective : Befitting a king, queen, emperor, or empress.

Adjective : Befitting a king, or emperor.


Adjective : Related to an empire, emperor, or empress.

Adjective : Relating to the British imperial system of measurement.

Adjective : Very grand or fine.


Noun : An aristocrat; one of aristocratic blood.

Noun : (historical) A medieval gold coin of England in the 14th and 15th centuries, usually valued at 6s 8d.

Adjective : Having honorable qualities; having moral eminence and freedom from anything petty, mean or dubious in conduct and character.


Adjective : Of or relating to a monarch or his (or her) family.

Adjective : Having the air or demeanour of a monarch; illustrious; magnanimous; of more than common size or excellence.

Adjective : (nautical) In large sailing ships, of a mast right above the topgallant mast and its sails.


Adjective : Part of or similar to rhetoric, the use of language as a means to persuade.

Adjective : Not earnest, or presented only for the purpose of an argument.

Noun : (education, dated) A study or exercise in rhetoric.

in color


Adjective : excessively elaborate or showily expresse


Adjective : (literary, poetic) Of a purple colour.


Noun : A brilliant red colour tinged with orange.

Noun : Cloth of a scarlet color.

Adjective : Of a bright red colour.


Noun : (historical) A bright purple synthetic dye.

Noun : The colour of this dye; a pale purple or violet colour.

Adjective : Having a pale purple colour.


Noun : A deep, slightly bluish red.

Adjective : Having a deep red colour.

Adjective : Immodest.


Adjective : Having red as its color.

Adjective : (of hair) Having an orange-brown or orange-blond colour; ginger.

Adjective : (of the skin) With a red hue due to embarrassment or sunburn.


Noun : (countable, botany, also figuratively) A plant with flowers which turn to face and follow the sun, such as (archaic) marigolds and sunflowers.

Noun : (specifically) A plant of the genus Heliotropium, especially the common heliotrope (Heliotropium arborescens) which has clusters of purple flowers with a strong fragrance.

Noun : With a qualifying word: any of various plants resembling those of the genus Heliotropium.


Noun : Any of a group of European plants, genus, Lavandula, of the mint family.

Noun : (color) A pale bluish purple colour, like that of the lavender flower.

Noun : (film, historical, uncountable) A kind of film stock for creating positive prints from negatives as part of the process of duplicating the negatives.


Noun : A plant of the genus Trifolium with leaves usually divided into three (rarely four) leaflets and with white or red flowers.

Noun : (cartomancy) The second Lenormand card, representing hope, optimism and short-term luck.

Noun : A surname.


Noun : A female given name from Latin, ultimately from Hebrew.

Noun : (space flight) Initialism of extravehicular activity. [Any activity done by an astronaut outside of a spacecraft etc; a spacewalk or moonwalk.]

Noun : (organic chemistry) Acronym of ethylene-vinyl acetate. [The copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate]


Noun : Written text, especially when printed.


Noun : The twenty-second letter of the Classical and Modern Greek alphabets.

Noun : (philosophy) A life force in traditional Chinese philosophy, culture, medicine, etc, related (but not limited) to breath and circulation.

Noun : The Chinese foot, a traditional Chinese unit of length based on the human forearm.


Adjective : Preceding all others of a series or kind; the ordinal of one; earliest.

Adjective : Most eminent or exalted; most excellent; chief; highest.

Adjective : Of or belonging to a first family.


Noun : A thing or quality that has value, especially one that generates cash flows.

Noun : (accounting) Any item recorded on the left-hand side of a balance sheet.

Noun : (software) Any component, model, process or framework of value that can be leveraged or reused.


Noun : A surname from French.





Noun : (countable and uncountable) The colour of the clear sky or the deep sea, between green and purple in the visible spectrum, and one of the primary additive colours for transmitted light; the colour obtained by subtracting red and green from white light using magenta and cyan filters; or any colour resembling this.

Noun : Anything coloured blue, especially to distinguish it from similar objects differing only in color.

Noun : A blue dye or pigment.


Noun : (color) A colour between red and white; pale red.

Noun : Any of various flowers of that colour in the genus Dianthus, sometimes called carnations.

Noun : (dated) A perfect example; excellence, perfection; the embodiment of some quality.


Noun : The colour of gold, cheese, or a lemon; the colour obtained by mixing green and red light, or by subtracting blue from white light.

Noun : (US) The intermediate light in a set of three traffic lights, the illumination of which indicates that drivers should stop short of the intersection if it is safe to do so.

Noun : (snooker) One of the colour balls used in snooker, with a value of 2 points.


Noun : (countable) An evergreen tree of the genus Citrus such as Citrus sinensis which yields oranges (the fruit).

Noun : (countable) Any round citrus fruit with a yellow-red colour when ripe and a sour-sweet taste; the fruit of the orange tree.

Noun : (countable) Specifically, a sweet orange or Citrus sinensis.


Noun : The colour of growing foliage, as well as other plant cells containing chlorophyll; the colour between yellow and blue in the visible spectrum; one of the primary additive colour for transmitted light; the colour obtained by subtracting red and blue from white light using cyan and yellow filters.

Noun : (politics, sometimes capitalised) A member of a green party; an environmentalist.

Noun : (politics, sometimes capitalised) Islamist.


Noun : (color) A dark red colour tinged with purple, like that of Burgundy (red) wine.

Noun : A region and former administrative region of France; since 2016, part of the administrative region of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté.

Noun : An early-medieval kingdom and later former duchy in France and the Netherlands.


Noun : Misspelling of fuchsia. [A popular garden plant, of the genus Fuchsia, of the Onagraceae family, shrubs with red, pink or purple flowers.]


Noun : (countable) A sky-blue, greenish-blue, or greenish-gray semi-precious gemstone.

Noun : (countable and uncountable) A pale greenish-blue colour, like that of the gemstone.


Adjective : Somewhat pink.


Noun : A popular garden plant, of the genus Fuchsia, of the Onagraceae family, shrubs with red, pink or purple flowers.

Noun : A purplish-red colour, the color of fuchsin, an aniline dye.

Noun : A female given name


Noun : An escaped negro of the Caribbean and the Americas or a descendant of such a person.

Noun : A castaway; a person who has been marooned.

Noun : A rich dark red, somewhat brownish, color.


Noun : A large shrub of the genus Syringa, especially Syringa vulgaris, bearing white, pale-pink, or purple flowers.

Noun : A flower of the lilac shrub.

Noun : (color) A pale purple color, the color of some lilac flowers.


Adjective : Having a tint or hue similar to the colour blue.

Adjective : (figuratively) Somewhat depressed; sad.

Adjective : Alternative form of Blewish [(informal) Of black and Jewish descent.]


Noun : UK and Commonwealth standard spelling of gray.

Noun : A surname transferred from the nickname, alternative spelling of Gray

Noun : A placename


Noun : Any of several evergreen plants of the genus Vinca with blue or white flowers.

Noun : Similar plants of genus Catharanthus.

Noun : A color with bluish and purplish hues, somewhat light.


Adjective : Somewhat red.


Noun : (countable and uncountable) A colour like that of chocolate or coffee.

Noun : (snooker, countable) One of the colour balls used in snooker, with a value of 4 points.

Noun : (uncountable) Black tar heroin.


Noun : An achromatic colour intermediate between black and white.

Noun : An animal or thing of grey colour, such as a horse, badger, or salmon.

Noun : A gray whale, Eschrichtius robustus.


Adjective : Alternative spelling of bluish [Having a tint or hue similar to the colour blue.]


Noun : The color/colour of snow or milk; the colour of light containing equal amounts of all visible wavelengths.

Noun : A person of European descent with light-coloured skin.

Noun : Any butterfly of the subfamily Pierinae in the family Pieridae.


Noun : (countable and uncountable) The colour/color perceived in the absence of light, but also when no light is reflected, but rather absorbed.

Noun : (countable and uncountable) A black dye or pigment.

Noun : (countable) A pen, pencil, crayon, etc., made of black pigment.


Adjective : Of or having somewhat of a purple color or hue.


Adjective : Somewhat green in color.


Noun : (countable) Any of various small freshwater ducks of the genus Anas that are brightly coloured and have short necks.

Noun : (countable, uncountable, color) A dark, somewhat bluish-green colour; a dark cyan.

Noun : (countable, Australia, politics, chiefly attributive) A teal independent.


Noun : A vibrant light purple, purplish-red, reddish-purple, or pinkish purple colour obtained by mixing red and blue light (thus a secondary colour), but primary in the CMYK colour system used in printing.

Noun : A town in Northern Italy, site of the Battle of Magenta after which the color magenta was named.


Noun : A slightly yellowish gray colour, as that of unbleached wool.

Noun : Debeige; a kind of woollen or mixed dress goods.


Noun : (informal) A bluish-purple colour that is more blue than violet.

violet red

Noun : A deep purplish pink colour, like that of some violets.

Adjective : Of a deep purplish pink colour, like that of some violets.

royal purple

Noun : A deep vibrant reddish purple colour.

Adjective : Of a deep vibrant reddish purple colour.


Noun : The fruit and its tree.

Noun : An edible, fleshy stone fruit of Prunus domestica (European plum), often of a dark red or purple colour.

Noun : A stone-fruit tree which bears this fruit, Prunus domestica.


Noun : In full ultramarine blue: a brilliant blue pigment traditionally made from ground-up lapis lazuli, and now usually either extracted from mineral deposits or made synthetically.

Noun : A brilliant dark blue or slightly purplish colour like that of the pigment.

tyrian purple

Noun : A deep purple dyestuff obtained from the bodies of mollusks of certain species of the family Muricidae, originally certain of those of the eastern Mediterranean, now also other species from elsewhere.

Noun : A deep purple colour, tinted with red, like that of the dye.

Adjective : Of a deep purple colour, tinted with red, like that of the dye.


Noun : A herbaceous plant, Rubia tinctorum, native to Asia, cultivated for a red-purple dye (alizarin) obtained from the root.

Noun : The root of the plant, used as a medicine or a dye.

Noun : A dye made from the plant.

blood red

Noun : A dark red colour.

Adjective : Of a deep vivid red colour.

blue violet

Noun : (uncountable) A bluish violet colour.

Noun : (countable) Viola sororia

Adjective : Of a bluish violet colour.

baby blue

Noun : A pale blue color.

Adjective : Of a pale blue color.


Noun : A brownish-purple color, sometimes more or less deep red or grayish.

dark blue

Noun : A deep, dim blue colour: navy or similar.

Noun : (UK, rowing) A member of the Oxford rowing team.


Noun : The sweet, usually red, edible fruit of certain plants of the genus Fragaria.

Noun : Any plant of the genus Fragaria (that bears such fruit).

Noun : A dark pinkish red colour, like that of the fruit; strawberry red.


Noun : A purplish-red pigment, made from dye obtained from the cochineal beetle; carminic acid or any of its derivatives.

Noun : A purplish-red colour, resembling that pigment.

Noun : A male given name from Italian.

cherry red

Noun : A deep bright red color, like that of a cherry.

Adjective : Of a deep bright red colour, like that of a cherry.

hot pink

Noun : A bright vibrant pink colour.

Adjective : Of a bright vibrant pink colour.

light blue

Noun : A pale blue colour: sky blue or similar.

Noun : (UK, rowing) A member of the Cambridge rowing team.


Noun : A dark blue-gray colour.

Noun : A cloth of this colour.

Noun : (Greek mythology) An Oceanid, (one of the three thousand daughters of the Titans' Oceanus and Tethys), and the wife of the sun god, Helios, with who she is the mother of Aeetes, Perses, Pasiphae and Circe. One of her many sisters is Amphitrite, (the wife of Poseidon). Perse is also closely identified with Hecate.

royal blue

Noun : A deep, bright blue colour.

Adjective : Of a deep, bright blue colour.


Noun : Bittersweet nightshade, Solanum dulcamara.

Noun : Bittersweetness.

Noun : (US) A vine, of the genus Celastrus, having small orange fruit that open to reveal red seeds.


Adjective : Having a dusky color between white and red; gray-violet.

Noun : A dusky color between white and red; gray-violet.

alizarin crimson

Noun : a shade of red that is biased slightly more towards purple than towards orange on the color wheel and has a blue undertone


Noun : A clear, deep, red variety of corundum, valued as a precious stone.

Noun : (obsolete) A red spinel.

Noun : (color) A deep red colour.

electric blue

Noun : A bright, metallic blue colour.


Adjective : Of or pertaining to Byzantium.

Adjective : (history) Belonging to the civilization of the Eastern Roman Empire between 331, when its capital was moved to Constantinople, and 1453, when that capital was conquered by the Turks and ultimately renamed Istanbul.

Adjective : (architecture) Of a style of architecture prevalent in the Eastern Empire down to 1453, marked by the round arch springing from columns or piers, the dome supported upon pendentives, capitals elaborately sculptured, mosaic or other encrustations, etc.


Noun : A dark brown pigment made from the secretions of the cuttlefish.

Noun : A dark, slightly reddish, brown colour.

Noun : (by extension, countable) A sepia-coloured drawing or photograph.

ultra pink

Noun : A very bright pink color, related to shocking pink.


Noun : A bluish-green pigment made from chromium sesquioxide.

Noun : (color) A bluish-green color.


Noun : A tree (Prunus persica), native to China and now widely cultivated throughout temperate regions, having pink flowers and edible fruit.

Noun : The soft juicy stone fruit of the peach tree, having yellow flesh, downy, red-tinted yellow skin, and a deeply sculptured pit or stone containing a single seed.

Noun : (color) A light moderate to strong yellowish pink to light orange color.

pearl grey

Noun : A pale grey colour, tinted with blue, like that of some pearls.

Adjective : Of a pale grey colour, tinted with blue, like that of some pearls.

blue green

Noun : A bluish green colour.

Noun : (politics) An ecocapitalist; a person concerned with ecocapitalism.

Noun : A blue-green alga.


Noun : (color) Any of several subdued tints of colors, usually associated with pink, peach, yellow, green, blue, and lavender

Noun : (art) A drawing made with any of those colors.

Noun : A type of dried paste used to make crayons.

raisin black

Noun : (colour) A faintly purplish or brownish shade of black, like that of raisins.


Noun : Red or pink makeup to add colour to the cheeks; blusher.

Noun : Any reddish pink colour.

Noun : (Canadian football) A single point awarded when a team kicks the ball out of its opponent's end zone, or when a kicked ball becomes dead within the non-kicking team's end zone. Etymology uncertain; it is thought that in the early years of the sport, a red flag indicated that a single had been scored.

ocean blue

Noun : A moderately deep greenish-blue color.


Adjective : (of distance or position; also figurative) Extending far away from a point of reference, especially downwards.

Adjective : Extending far down from the top, or surface, to the bottom, literally or figuratively.

Adjective : Far in extent in another (non-downwards, but generally also non-upwards) direction away from a point of reference.


Noun : An ornate silk fabric originating from Damascus.

Noun : Linen so woven that a pattern is produced by the different directions of the thread, without contrast of colour.

Noun : A heavy woolen or worsted stuff with a pattern woven in the same way as the linen damask; made for furniture covering and hangings.


Adjective : Of, relating to, or characteristic of metal.

Adjective : Made of or containing metal.

Adjective : (of a sound) Harsh, as if coming from two metals striking one another.

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