Another Word For THEN


Verb : In a direction that passes.


Verb : To the (explicitly stated) extent that.

Verb : To the (implied) extent.

Verb : Very (positive or negative clause).

and so

Verb : subsequently or soon afterward (often used as sentence connectors

and then

Verb : subsequently or soon afterward (often used as sentence connectors


Verb : At the present time.

Verb : (sentential) Used to introduce a point, a qualification of what has previously been said, a remonstration or a rebuke.

Verb : Differently from the immediate past; differently from a more remote past or a possible future; differently from all other times.


Verb : Under this.


Verb : Upon that; thereon.

Verb : In consequence, or by reason, of that; therefore.

Verb : Following that; forthwith; in sequence, but not necessarily in consequence.


Verb : (now chiefly dialectal or a misspelling) At that time; then.


Verb : Behind; later in time; following.

Verb : On the result of. Often used with verbs related to cleaning.


Verb : Afterward in time (used with than when comparing with another time).

Verb : At some unspecified time in the future.

Adjective : Coming afterward in time (used with than when comparing with another time).


Verb : (interrogative) At what time? At which time? Upon which occasion or circumstance? Used to introduce direct or indirect questions about time.

Verb : At an earlier time and under different, usually less favorable, circumstances.

Verb : (relative) At which, on which, during which: often omitted or replaced with that.


Verb : After that, from then on; thenceforth.


Verb : (temporal location) At a later or succeeding time.


Verb : From a specified time in the past.


Verb : (archaic) From here, from this place, away.

Verb : (archaic, figuratively) From the living or from this world.

Verb : (of a length of time) In the future from now.


Verb : In the end; at some later time, especially after a long time, a series of problems, struggles, delays or setbacks.

Verb : (mathematics, of a sequence) For some tail; for all terms beyond some term; with only finitely many exceptions.

Verb : (proscribed, non-native speakers' English) Possibly, potentially, perhaps


Verb : Following, afterwards in either time or place.

Verb : Accordingly, therefore (implying a logical connection or deduction), consequently.


Verb : In addition; besides; further; what's more (i.e. to denote additional information).


Adjective : Following in time; coming or being after something else at any time, indefinitely.

Adjective : Following in order of place; succeeding.

Adjective : (geology, of a stream or faultline) Following a line in the earth that is more easily eroded.


Verb : (location) In, on, or at this place.

Verb : (location) To this place; used in place of the more dated hither.

Verb : (abstract) In this context.


Verb : (conjunctive) Also; in addition.

Verb : (conjunctive) Used to emphasize an additional point, especially an important or stronger reason; moreover; furthermore.

Verb : Otherwise; else.


Verb : (conjunctive, focus) In addition; besides; as well; further; too.

Verb : (obsolete) To the same degree or extent; so, as.


Verb : (conjunctive) In addition to what has been said; furthermore; additionally.


Verb : (formal) By it; by that; by that means, or as a consequence of that.


Verb : (conjunctive) As a result or consequence of something; subsequently.

Verb : (sequence, obsolete) subsequently, following after in time or sequence.


Verb : (sequence) Used to mark the beginning of the last in a list of items or propositions.

Verb : (discourse marker) Used to signal that the speaker is about to yield control of the conversation.


Verb : (location) In a place or location (stated, implied or otherwise indicated) at some distance from the speaker (compare here).

Verb : (figuratively) In that matter, relation, etc.; at that point, stage, etc., regarded as a distinct place.

Verb : (location) To or into that place; thither.


Verb : before


Verb : (conjunctive) Consequently, by or in consequence of that or this cause; referring to something previously stated.

Verb : (conjunctive, archaic) for that; for it (in reference to a previous statement)


Verb : For the reason (that).

Verb : On account (of), for sake (of).

Verb : (by ellipsis) Used alone to refuse to provide a full answer a question begun with "why", usually taken as an anapodoton of the elided full phrase "Because I said so".


Adjective : Coming next, either in sequence or in time.

Adjective : About to be specified.

Adjective : (of a wind) Blowing in the direction of travel.


Adjective : (postpositive, used only with indefinite or interrogative pronouns) Other; in addition to previously mentioned items.

Verb : (usually follows interrogative adverbs) Otherwise, if not.


Noun : An uncertain duration of time, a period of time.

Noun : (US) an uncertain long period of time

Noun : (Philippines) an uncertain short moment


Verb : (archaic) Formerly; in the past.


Verb : (with superlative) After the first; at the second rank.

Verb : After the first occurrence but before the third.


Verb : Indicating the last item.

Verb : Indicating the most important action.

Verb : (linguistics) Used to indicate the etymon at which a given etymological derivation terminates.


Verb : (conjunctive) Regardless; anyhow.

Verb : Used to indicate that a statement explains or supports a previous statement. See anyhow and at least.

Verb : Used to indicate a change of subject.


Adjective : Previous.

Adjective : First of aforementioned two items. Used with the, often without a noun.

Noun : Someone who forms something; a maker; a creator or founder.


Verb : In the second place.


Verb : (conjunctive) Nevertheless; yet, still; in spite of that.

Verb : (conjunctive) In contrast.

Verb : (degree) To whatever degree or extent.


Verb : To the degree or extent indicated.


Verb : (focus) Likewise.

Verb : (conjunctive) Also; in addition.

Verb : (degree) To an excessive degree; over; more than enough.


Verb : (interrogative) To what degree or extent.

Verb : (interrogative) In what manner:

Verb : By what means.


Verb : In an immediate manner; instantly or without delay.

Verb : Without any intervening time or space.


Verb : (manner) Differently, in another way.

Verb : (conjunctive) In different circumstances; or else.

Verb : (conjunctive) In all other respects.


Adjective : Nearest in place or position, having nothing similar intervening; adjoining.

Adjective : (obsolete) Most direct, or shortest or nearest in distance or time.

Adjective : Nearest in order, succession, or rank; immediately following (or sometimes preceding) in order.


Verb : (manner) In this way or manner.

Verb : (conjunctive) As a result.


Verb : (chiefly formal, literary) Without delay; immediately.


Verb : With lesser importance.

Verb : In a secondary manner or degree.

Verb : (obsolete) Secondly; in the second place.


Verb : In a serial or successive manner; one following another.


Verb : (degree) To a given extent or degree.

Verb : (degree) To a great extent or degree; very, particularly (in negative constructions).

Verb : (informal, Britain, Australia) To such an extent; so. (in positive constructions).


Verb : At an earlier time.

Verb : In advance.

Verb : At the front end.


Verb : (archaic) Exactly, just, fully.

Verb : In reality; implying an extreme example in the case mentioned, as compared to the implied reality.

Verb : Emphasizing a comparative.


Verb : (frequency) One and only one time.

Verb : (temporal location) Formerly; during some period in the past.

Verb : (chiefly obsolete) At any time; ever.


Verb : Thus far; up to the present; up to some unspecified time.

Verb : In negative or interrogative use, often with an expectation or potential of something happening in the future.

Verb : In negative imperative use, asking for an action to be delayed.


Verb : (colloquial) Previously.


Verb : Farther along or away.

Verb : In addition; more.

Verb : (informal) extremely, more than


Verb : At the end or conclusion; ultimately.

Verb : (sequence) To finish (with); lastly (in the present).

Verb : (manner) Definitively, comprehensively.


Verb : Perhaps, possibly.

Verb : (as a pro-sentence) Perhaps that is true (expressing no commitment to a decision or a neutral viewpoint to a statement).

Verb : (UK, meiosis) Certainly.


Adjective : Existing or created in the same period of time.


Verb : (manner) Agreeably; correspondingly; suitably

Verb : (conjunctive) In natural sequence; consequently; so.


Verb : Only, simply, merely.

Verb : Introduces a disappointing or surprising outcome that renders futile something previously mentioned.

Verb : (sentence adverb) Used to reduce the force of an imperative; simply.


Adjective : Predominant; of greatest force.

Adjective : Prevalent, common, widespread.


Verb : To, from or over a great distance in space, time or other extent.

Verb : Very much; by a great amount.


Verb : (US) Alternative form of afterwards [(temporal location) At a later or succeeding time.]


Adjective : (dated) Prolonged; unstopped.

Adjective : Uninterrupted.

Noun : the word continued when placed in the end of the page to show it is to be continued


Verb : (manner) Accurately, competently, satisfactorily.

Verb : (manner) Completely, fully.

Verb : (degree) To a significant degree.


Noun : The act or state of continuing or being continued; uninterrupted extension or succession

Noun : That which extends, increases, supplements, or carries on.

Noun : (programming) A representation of an execution state of a program at a certain point in time, which may be used at a later time to resume the execution of the program from that point.


Verb : Another time; once more.

Verb : Over and above a factor of one.

Verb : Used metalinguistically, with the repetition being in the discussion, or in the linguistic or pragmatic context of the discussion, rather than in the subject of discussion.


Verb : In a way which is certain; with certainty.

Verb : Without doubt, surely.

Verb : An emphatic affirmative answer; of course.


Verb : Always, frequently, forever.

Verb : Continuously, constantly, all the time (for the complete duration).

Verb : At any time.


Noun : A shrine dedicated to some prophetic deity.

Noun : A person such as a priest through whom the deity is supposed to respond with prophecy or advice.

Noun : A prophetic response, often enigmatic or allegorical, so given.


Verb : (comparative form of far) To, at or over a greater distance in space, time or other extent.

Verb : (comparative form of far) To a greater extent or degree.

Verb : Beyond what is already stated or is already the case.


Verb : (not comparable) To or in a previous condition or place.

Verb : In a direction opposite to that in which someone or something is facing or normally pointing.

Verb : In a direction opposite to the usual or desired direction of movement or progress, physically or figuratively.


Verb : (intransitive) To come or go back (to a place or person).

Verb : (intransitive) To go back in thought, narration, or argument.

Verb : (intransitive) To recur; to come again.


Verb : (transitive) To allow to, not to prevent (+ infinitive, but usually without to).

Verb : (transitive) To allow to be or do without interference; to not disturb or meddle with; to leave (someone or something) alone.

Verb : (transitive) To allow the release of (a fluid).


Verb : (chiefly literary or poetic) Merely, only, just, no more than

Verb : (Australia, Tyneside, conjunctive) Though, however.


Verb : After a deadline has passed, past a designated time.

Verb : Formerly, especially in the context of service in a military unit.

Verb : Not long ago; just now, recently.


Noun : One who longs or yearns for something.


Verb : Without others or anything further; exclusively.

Verb : No more than; just.

Verb : As recently as.


Noun : The distance from the base of something to the top of said thing.

Noun : The distance of something above the ground or some other chosen level.

Noun : (phonetics) A quality of vowels, indicating the vertical position of the tongue relative to the roof of the mouth; in practice, the first formant, associated with the height of the tongue.


Noun : (informal) A small amount; a little bit.

Noun : (US, slang, dated) A street boy; an urchin.

Noun : A diminutive of the male given name Thaddeus or Thaddaeus.


Verb : Happening quickly and with little or no warning; in a sudden manner.


Verb : Possibly.

Verb : (dated) By chance.


Noun : (informal) An uncertainty, possibility, condition, doubt etc.

Noun : Initialism of interactive fiction. [(literature, uncountable) Text adventures and their descendants.]

Noun : Initialism of impact factor. [A measure reflecting the average number of citations to recent articles published in an academic journal, used as an approximation of the relative importance of a journal within its field.]



Verb : Without motion.

Verb : (aspect) Up to a time, as in the preceding time.

Verb : (degree) To an even greater degree. Used to modify comparative adjectives or adverbs.


Noun : A group or train of attendants, servants etc.; a retinue.

Noun : A connected series or succession of objects; a number of things used or classed together.

Noun : A group of connected rooms, usually separable from other rooms by means of access.


Verb : In or to a lower place.

Verb : On or to a lower storey.

Verb : (nautical) On or to a lower deck, especially as relative to the main deck.


Noun : (obsolete) A title of honour or respect similar to "master" or "Sir", used of historical and legendary figures of the past.

Noun : (mining) A small truck or sledge used in coal mines.

Noun : A rank of black belt in martial arts.


Noun : (obsolete) Disdain, contemptuous feelings, hatred.

Noun : (archaic) Action or behaviour displaying such feelings; an outrage, insult.

Noun : Evil feeling; malice, spite, annoyance.


Adjective : (slang) Crazy.

Adjective : (slang) Uninhibited.

Adjective : Wiglike.


Verb : To make a whirring or hissing sound, similar to that of an object speeding through the air.

Verb : To rush or move swiftly with such a sound.

Verb : To throw or spin rapidly.


Noun : (music, often informal) In rhythm, the second half of a divided beat.

Noun : (UK dialectal) Breath.

Noun : (UK dialectal) Sea smoke; steam fog.


Noun : A private bathroom connected to a bedroom, as in an apartment or hotel room.

Adjective : Alternative form of en suite:

Adjective : (of a bathroom etc.) Connected to a bedroom.


Noun : A device that produces pressure, such as a gas compressor that produces pressurized gas.

Noun : A device that squeezes (compresses).

Noun : An instrument for compressing an artery (especially the femoral artery) or other part.


Noun : (country dancing) A choreographic figure in which three or more dancers weave between one another, passing by left and right shoulder alternately.

Noun : A surname.

Noun : Alternative spelling of he (“Hebrew letter”) [(uncountable) The game of tag, or it, in which the player attempting to catch the others is called "he".]


Verb : Alternative spelling of OK [Satisfactorily, sufficiently well.]


Noun : A male given name from Italian.

Noun : A city in Missouri.

Noun : An unincorporated community in Texas.


Noun : A surname.

Noun : (rail transport) The station code of Hung Hom in Hong Kong.

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