Another Word For VIDEO


Noun : (colloquial, countable, uncountable) Abbreviation of television. [(uncountable) An electronic communication medium that allows the transmission of real-time visual images, and often sound.]

Noun : (countable) Abbreviation of transvestite. [A person who sometimes wears clothes traditionally worn by and associated with the opposite sex; typically a male who cross-dresses occasionally by habit or personal choice.]

Noun : (physiology) Initialism of tidal volume. [The amount of air breathed in or out during normal respiration.]


Noun : (uncountable) An electronic communication medium that allows the transmission of real-time visual images, and often sound.

Noun : (countable) An electronic home entertainment device equipped with a screen and a speaker for receiving television signals and displaying them in audio-visual form.

Noun : (uncountable) Collectively, the programs broadcast via the medium of television.


Noun : A representation of anything (as a person, a landscape, a building) upon canvas, paper, or other surface, by drawing, painting, printing, photography, etc.

Noun : An image; a representation as in the imagination.

Noun : A painting.


Noun : broadcasting visual images of stationary or moving object


Adjective : Broadcast by television.


Noun : A recording onto videotape.


Adjective : Having been recorded on videotape.


Noun : The act of something being recorded on tape.

Noun : The act of something being stuck with adhesive tape.


Noun : A relatively wide magnetic tape used for recording visual images and sounds (as of a television production) for subsequent playback or broadcasting.


Noun : The act of storing sound, video, etc., in a permanent medium.

Noun : A reproduction of sound, video, etc., stored in a permanent medium.

Noun : The act of registering for something; registration.


Noun : A cassette containing a blank or prerecorded videotape on which visual images and sounds are recorded for use with a VCR.


Noun : A small flat case containing magnetic tape on two reels, used to record and play back audio and video material.

Noun : Any similar small cartridge, such as for a computer disk or cassette air conditioner

Noun : (photography) A lightproof container for photographic film.


Adjective : Alternative form of audiovisual [Containing both aural and visual elements.]


Noun : Alternative form of video conference. [(telecommunications) A conference held by video link; an arranged video phone call between more than two parties.]


Adjective : Containing both aural and visual elements.


Noun : (initialism) digital video disc or digital versatile disc; an optical disc on which video is recorded in digital format, such as commercially-released movies and other video media.

Noun : (medicine) Initialism of dissociated vertical deviation.


Noun : (usually uncountable) An amount of film or tape that has been used to record something.

Noun : A measurement in feet.


Noun : The combined use of sound, video, and text to present an idea.


Noun : (chiefly Canada, US, Australia) A recorded sequence of images displayed on a screen at a rate sufficiently fast to create the appearance of motion; a film.

Noun : (usually in the plural, chiefly Canada, US, Australia) A cinema; a movie theatre.

Noun : (informal, figuratively) Any event, especially one that is unpleasant or tiresome.


Noun : Abbreviation of videocassette recorder. [An electronic device for recording and playing back television programs and movies (featuring visual images and sound) on a videocassette that can be attached to a television set.]

Noun : Abbreviation of virtual credit (card).

Noun : (physics) Initialism of Vavilov–Cherenkov radiation.


Noun : Somebody who operates a movie camera or television camera.


Noun : The action of the verb to film.


Noun : (now rare, chiefly historical) A person employed to perform computations; one who computes.

Noun : (by restriction, chiefly historical) A male computer, where the female computer is called a computress.

Noun : A programmable electronic device that performs mathematical calculations and logical operations, especially one that can process, store and retrieve large amounts of data very quickly; now especially, a small one for personal or home use employed for manipulating text or graphics, accessing the Internet, or playing games or media.


Noun : (by extension) The cinema


Noun : (photography) A device for taking still or moving pictures or photographs.

Noun : (computer graphics, video games) The viewpoint in a three-dimensional game or simulation.

Noun : A vaulted room.


Noun : Initialism of videotape recorder.


Noun : Initialism of video CD. [A CD containing digital video data according to the White Book standard.]

Noun : Initialism of visual communication and design.

Noun : Initialism of vocal cord dysfunction.


Noun : (UK, Ireland) cinema, movie theatre


Noun : One who takes photographs, typically as an occupation.


Noun : (graphical user interface) Initialism of single-document interface.

Noun : Initialism of Strategic Defense Initiative. [(historical) A system proposed by U.S. President Ronald Reagan on March 23, 1983, to use ground-based and space-based systems to protect the United States from attack by strategic nuclear ballistic missiles.]

Noun : Initialism of Steel Deck Institute.


Noun : An optical or other representation of a real object; a graphic; a picture.

Noun : A mental picture of something not real or not present.

Noun : A statue or idol.


Noun : The technique or practice of creating images of otherwise invisible aspects of an object, especially of body parts.

Noun : The use of mental images to alter a person's perceptions or behaviors.


Noun : The work of one who makes images or visible representation of objects.

Noun : Imitation work.

Noun : Images in general, or en masse.


Noun : An original or official paper used as the basis, proof, or support of anything else, including any writing, book, or other instrument conveying information pertinent to such proof or support.

Noun : Any material substance on which the information is represented by writing.

Noun : (computing) A file that contains text.


Noun : A sheet material typically used for writing on or printing on (or as a non-waterproof container), usually made by draining cellulose fibres from a suspension in water.

Noun : A newspaper or anything used as such (such as a newsletter or listing magazine).

Noun : (uncountable) Wallpaper.


Noun : An account of real or fictional events.

Noun : A lie, fiction.

Noun : (US, colloquial, usually pluralized) A soap opera.


Noun : (informal, usually with definite article) Electricity; the electricity supply.

Noun : (informal) An electric powered version of something that was originally or is more commonly not electric.

Noun : (rare, countable) An electric car.


Noun : A show or spectacle.

Noun : A piece of work to be presented visually.

Noun : A device, furniture or marketing-oriented bulk packaging for visual presentation for sales promotion.


Noun : (grammar) Initialism of verb transitive animate.

Noun : (neuroanatomy) Initialism of ventral tegmental area. [The ventral tegmentum]


Noun : Close observation of an individual or group; person or persons under suspicion.

Noun : Continuous monitoring of disease occurrence for example.

Noun : (military, espionage) Systematic observation of places and people by visual, aural, electronic, photographic or other means.


Noun : A thin layer of some substance; a pellicle; a membranous covering, causing opacity.

Noun : (photography) A medium used to capture images in a camera.

Noun : (uncountable) A visual art form that consists of a sequence of still images preserved on a recording medium to give the illusion of motion; movies generally.


Noun : Any element of something that depends on sight.

Noun : An image; a picture; a graphic.

Noun : (in the plural) All the visual elements of a multimedia presentation or entertainment, usually in contrast with normal text or audio.


Noun : Someone who views a spectacle; an onlooker or spectator.

Noun : Someone who watches television.

Noun : Any optical device used to view photographic slides.


Noun : Flexible material in a roll with a sticky surface on one or both sides; adhesive tape.

Noun : Thin and flat paper, plastic or similar flexible material, usually produced in the form of a roll.

Noun : Finishing tape, stretched across a track to mark the end of a race.


Noun : Alternative spelling of paper clip [A small, folded, wire or plastic device used to hold sheets of paper together.]


Noun : Something which clips or grasps; a device for attaching one object to another.

Noun : An unspecified, but normally understood as rapid, speed or pace.

Noun : (obsolete) An embrace.


Noun : (Canada, US) A large, usually metal trash receptacle designed to be hoisted up by a garbage truck in order to be emptied.


Noun : (mostly Commonwealth) Alternative form of analog [(countable) Something that bears an analogy to something else.]


Noun : A shaky or unsteady gait.

Noun : (dance) A lively dance originating in Scotland.

Noun : (music) The music of this dance; often called a Scottish (or Scotch) reel.


Noun : (uncountable) Food given to (especially herbivorous) non-human animals.

Noun : Something supplied continuously.

Noun : The part of a machine that supplies the material to be operated upon.


Noun : (physiology) A membranous envelope.

Noun : (botany) A type of simple, dehiscent, dry fruit (seed-case) produced by many species of flowering plants, such as poppy, lily, orchid, willow and cotton.

Noun : (botany) A sporangium, especially in bryophytes.



Noun : The act of consulting together formally; serious conversation or discussion; interchange of views.

Noun : (politics) A multilateral diplomatic negotiation.

Noun : (sciences) A formal event where scientists present their research results in speeches, workshops, posters or by other means.


Noun : artifacts that depict visual perception, such as photographs or other two-dimensional pictures.

Noun : a 1972 psychological horror film written and directed by Robert Altman and starring Susannah York and René Auberjonois.

Noun : the tenth studio album by country singer Ronnie Milsap, released in 1979 by RCA Records.


Verb : To reproduce (documents) on such film.




Verb : (transitive, intransitive) To take a photograph (of).

Verb : (transitive, figurative) To fix permanently in the memory etc.

Verb : (intransitive) To appear in a photograph.


Noun : An analog video signal format that encodes luma and chrominance on two separate channels, achieving higher image quality than composite video.



Noun : Alternative form of video conferencing. [The act of holding of a video conference.]


Noun : A video-sharing website.

Noun : (neologism) Any website that allows users to upload content, particularly YouTube itself.

Noun : (neologism, informal) A small video that can be viewed online, particularly one hosted on YouTube.


Noun : A sound, or a sound signal.


Noun : (slang) Clipping of video. [Television, television show, movie.]

Noun : (slang) Clipping of videotape. [A relatively wide magnetic tape used for recording visual images and sounds (as of a television production) for subsequent playback or broadcasting.]


Noun : (Internet) A weblog using video as its primary presentation format.


Noun : A film, TV program, publication etc. which presents a social, political, scientific or historical subject in a factual or informative manner.

Noun : (uncountable) Such works collectively, as a genre.


Noun : A presentation of a series of photographic slides, usually with a spoken or recorded explanation.

Noun : Any sequence of images, shown one after the other (not simultaneously).


Noun : a public domain software tool for building expert systems.


Noun : (informal) A photograph.

Noun : (informal) A photo finish.

Noun : (informal) A digital picture of any kind.


Noun : A video recording.


Noun : (informal) A demonstration or visual explanation.

Noun : (informal) A recording of a song meant to demonstrate its overall sound for the purpose of getting it published or recorded more fully.

Noun : (informal) An example of a product used for demonstration and then sold at a discount.


Verb : Abbreviation of vide. (= see (singular imperative)) [(US, African-American Vernacular) divide (separate into parts, cleave asunder)]

Verb : Abbreviation of videte. [See; consult; refer to. A remark directing the readers to look to the specified place for epexegesis.]

Noun : (law) Abbreviation of vidua (Latin for “widow”).


Noun : A small part of something, such as a song or fabric; sample.

Noun : (computing) A text file containing a relatively small amount of code, useless by itself, along with instructions for inserting that code into a larger codebase.


Noun : (computing) An image of computer or smartphone screen output at a given moment in time.


Noun : A self-paced learning exercise; a lesson prepared so that a student can learn at their own speed, at their convenience.

Noun : An interactive class taught by a tutor to students at university or college, individually or in small groups.

Noun : (computing) A video or text guide or instruction about a specific topic (generally a how-to)

motion picture

Noun : A sequence of images depicting people or objects in motion, preserved on a recording medium and capable of being projected for viewing.

Noun : A movie.

Noun : a sequence of images that cause the illusion of motion


Noun : Synonym of telefilm

tv movie

Noun : A movie made for and initially broadcast by a television channel.


Noun : A film made for television.


Noun : (countable) A play, dance, or other entertainment.

Noun : (countable) An exhibition of items.

Noun : (countable) A broadcast program, especially a light entertainment program.

television show

Noun : A live or recorded broadcast or program, or series of broadcasts or programs, meant to be viewed on television.

Noun : The taping of a television broadcast before a studio audience.

television episode


Noun : A screen for the display of video material.


Noun : The production of video material.


Noun : A television comedy show.

Noun : Television comedy.


Noun : The production of movies

picture show

Noun : (dated) Synonym of movie

video clip

Noun : A short video.


Noun : A news report recorded or presented on film.

big screen

Noun : The large viewing surface upon which films are projected in a cinema.

Noun : (idiomatic, by extension) movies, or that which is related to movies or cinema.

moving picture

Noun : (dated) A film or movie.


Noun : The production of video recordings.


Noun : (countable) A movie theatre, a movie house

Noun : (film, uncountable) Films collectively.

Noun : (film, uncountable) The film and movie industry.

video dvd

Noun : A DVD containing video in DVD-Video format


Noun : The world of movies and movie production

television program

Noun : The content of an individual television broadcast.


Noun : A short audio or video presentation on an Internet site.

Noun : An episode of an Internet-based movie etc.

Noun : An episode of a television show that is only aired online.

television series

Noun : A television program which consists of several episodes that are broadcast at regular intervals.

Noun : A group of episodes of such a program.


Noun : (chiefly science fiction) videotape


Noun : telefilm

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