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Noun : A tumultuous disturbance of the public peace by a large group of people, often involving violence or damage to property.

Noun : (figurative) A wide and unconstrained variety.

Noun : (colloquial, uncountable) A humorous or entertaining event or person.


Noun : A loud, emphatic, exclamation of extreme emotion, especially horror, fear, excitement, or anger; it may comprise a word or a sustained, high-pitched vowel sound.

Noun : A loud vocalisation of many animals, especially in response to pain or fear.

Noun : (music) A form of singing associated with the metal and screamo styles of music. It is a loud, rough, distorted version of the voice; rather than the normal voice of the singer.


Noun : (idiomatic) A joke, especially one which strikes the listener or reader as particularly humorous.

belly laugh

Noun : A deep, hearty laugh

Verb : To laugh a belly laugh.


Noun : That which howls, especially an animal such as a wolf or a howler monkey.

Noun : (historical) A person hired to howl in mourning at a funeral.

Noun : (slang) A painfully obvious mistake.


Noun : An exceptionally funny joke, remark, or happening.


Adjective : (dated) Causing awe or terror; inspiring wonder or excitement.

Adjective : (colloquial, Canada, US, Australia) Excellent, exciting, remarkable.

Noun : (countable, informal) A person who is awesome.


Noun : A feeling of fear and reverence.

Noun : A feeling of amazement.

Noun : (archaic) Power to inspire awe.


Adjective : (now rare) Terrifying, causing terror; terrible; sublime, awe-inspiring.

Adjective : Very strong or intense; excessive, tremendous.

Adjective : Extremely good; excellent, amazing.


Adjective : Causing wonder and amazement; very surprising.

Adjective : (informal) Possessing uniquely wonderful qualities; very good.


Noun : A nervous action; a tic.

Noun : (chiefly in the plural, often with "the") A state of nervousness.

Noun : (telecommunications) An abrupt and unwanted variation of one or more signal characteristics.


Noun : An exclamation of ooh.

Verb : To exclaim ooh.

Adjective : (advertising) Initialism of out of home denoting forms of advertising, such as billboards, that reach consumers outside of their homes.


Verb : Elongated form of ooh.


Verb : To make an aww sound.


Verb : (transitive) To attempt to slow (an animal) by crying "whoa".


Adjective : (derogatory) Damned by God.

Adjective : (vulgar, sometimes offensive) Used as an intensifier.

Noun : Alternative form of goddam (“an English person, from French perspective”) [(Gallicism, chiefly in the plural) An English person, from the perspective of a French person or in the context of French history,originating during the Hundred Years' War.]


Verb : (colloquial) To shout out or greet casually.

Verb : Alternative form of hollo [To cry "hollo"]


Verb : (UK, Scotland, dialect) To whistle with a shrill pipe, like a plover.

Verb : (intransitive, UK, dialect) To bustle about.


Verb : (theology, transitive, intransitive) To condemn to hell.

Verb : To condemn; to declare guilty; to doom; to adjudge to punishment.

Verb : To put out of favor; to ruin; to label negatively.


Noun : The action of the verb to bark.

Noun : A town in the borough of Barking and Dagenham, in eastern Greater London, England (OS grid ref TQ4484).

Noun : A village and civil parish in Mid Suffolk district, Suffolk, England (OS grid ref TM0753).


Verb : To make a whoo sound, of delight, whistling, or of an owl etc.


Adjective : Having much size; large.

Adjective : (of an abstract noun) Much, more than usual.

Adjective : (informal, Britain) Intensifying a word or expression, used in mild oaths.


Adjective : (literal) Too implausible to be credible; beyond belief; unbelievable.

Adjective : (figurative) Amazing; astonishing; awe-inspiring.

Adjective : (figurative) Marvellous; profoundly affecting; wonderful.


Adjective : Clean, tidy; free from dirt or impurities.

Adjective : Free from contaminants; unadulterated, undiluted. Particularly of liquor and cocktails; see usage below.

Adjective : (chemistry) Conditions with a liquid reagent or gas performed with no standard solvent or cosolvent.


Adjective : Of excellent quality, superfine.

Adjective : better than average, better than usual; wonderful.

Verb : (informal) Very; extremely (used like the prefix super-).


Adjective : (chiefly informal) Pleasant, satisfactory.

Adjective : (chiefly informal) Of a person: friendly, attractive.

Adjective : Respectable; virtuous.


Adjective : (literally) Not to be believed.

Adjective : (figuratively) Amazing, incredible; so surprising that one is almost unable to believe.

Adjective : Implausible or improbable.


Noun : A breathy sound like that of an object passing at high speed.

Noun : (MLE, slang) A homicide by shooting.

Noun : (MLE, slang) A gun.


Adjective : Existing in or constructed from fantasy; of or relating to fantasy; fanciful.

Adjective : Not believable; implausible; seemingly only possible in fantasy.

Adjective : Resembling fantasies in irregularity, caprice, or eccentricity; irregular; grotesque.


Adjective : Subject to irregular changes in quantity or quality.

Noun : A fluctuation.


Adjective : Making, or tending to make, a positive impression; having power to impress

Adjective : Capable of being impressed.

Adjective : Appealing.


Verb : (transitive) To affect (someone) strongly and often favourably.

Verb : (intransitive) To make an impression, to be impressive.

Verb : (transitive) To produce a vivid impression of (something).


Verb : (intransitive) To become bigger, especially due to being engorged.

Verb : (transitive) To cause to become bigger.

Verb : (intransitive) To grow gradually in force or loudness.


Adjective : (especially of a woman) Having sex appeal; attractive.

Adjective : (of a thing or concept) Intriguing, appealing, likely to excite interest.

Adjective : (rare) Sexual; relating to or involving sex.


Verb : To express sexual desire upon seeing a person that one finds sexually attractive.


Verb : (transitive) To endeavor to gain someone's support.

Verb : (transitive) (often of a man) To try to persuade (someone) to be in an amorous relationship with

Verb : (transitive) To court solicitously; to invite with importunity.


Verb : (manner) Accurately, competently, satisfactorily.

Verb : (manner) Completely, fully.

Verb : (degree) To a significant degree.


Noun : Pronunciation spelling of year. [A period of time akin to the time taken for the Earth to undergo a full cycle of seasons.]


Adjective : Shining brightly.

Adjective : (of a colour) Both bright and saturated.

Adjective : (of a voice or sound) Having a sharp, clear tone.


Verb : (literal) In a way or manner that is real, not unreal.

Verb : (modal) Actually; in fact; in reality.

Verb : (informal, as an intensifier) Very (modifying an adjective); very much (modifying a verb).


Noun : A motion like that of waves; a moving in this and that direction; an irregular rising and falling.

Noun : A wavering; unsteadiness.

Noun : In medicine, a wave-like motion or undulation of a fluid in a natural or abnormal cavity (e.g. pus in an abscess), which is felt during palpation or percussion.


Noun : A young male human.

Noun : (particularly) A male child or adolescent, as distinguished from an infant or adult.

Noun : (diminutive) A son of any age.


Noun : An adult male human.

Noun : (collective) All human males collectively: mankind.

Noun : A human, a person regardless of gender or sex, usually an adult. (See usage notes.)


Noun : (plural "bravi") A hired soldier; an assassin; a desperado.

Noun : A shout of "bravo!"

Verb : To cheer or applaud, especially by saying bravo!


Noun : An affirmative expression; an answer that shows agreement or acceptance.

Noun : A vote of support or in favor/favour of something.

Verb : (colloquial, transitive) To agree with, affirm, approve.


Noun : (obsolete) A prayer; a petition.

Verb : (Scotland, Northern England) Inside.

Adjective : Inner, interior.


Adjective : Of a mildly low temperature.

Adjective : Allowing or suggesting heat relief.

Adjective : Of a color, in the range of violet to green.


Verb : (transitive) To greet informally, especially by saying "howdy"

Noun : (Scotland) A wife.

Noun : (Scotland) A midwife.


Noun : An animal, especially a large or dangerous land vertebrate.

Noun : (chiefly in Commonwealth English, more specifically) A domestic animal, especially a bovine farm animal.

Noun : (often collective) All non-human animals seen as a group.


Noun : Digamma (Ϝ/ϝ).

Noun : A town in Papua New Guinea.

Noun : A city in South Sudan.


Adjective : Dedicated to a religious purpose or a god.

Adjective : Revered in a religion.

Adjective : Morally perfect or flawless, or nearly so.


Noun : A deity or supreme being; a supernatural, typically immortal, being with superior powers, to which personhood is attributed.

Noun : An idol.

Noun : A representation of a deity, especially a statue or statuette.


Noun : An English and Scottish status surname from Middle English for someone who was in charge of the horses of a royal household, or an occupational surname for someone who looked after horses, or was responsible for the custody of prisoners.

Noun : A unisex given name transferred from the surname, of 19th century and later usage.

Noun : A number of places in the United States:


Noun : A weapon made of a curved piece of wood or other flexible material whose ends are connected by a string, used for shooting arrows.

Noun : A curved bend in a rod or planar surface, or in a linear formation such as a river (see oxbow).

Noun : A rod with horsehair (or an artificial substitute) stretched between the ends, used for playing various stringed musical instruments.


Noun : A circular frill or ruffle on a garment, especially a starched, fluted frill at the neck in Elizabethan and Jacobean England (1560s–1620s).

Noun : Anything formed with plaits or flutings like a frill.

Noun : Senses relating to animals.


Noun : A covering for the head, often in the approximate form of a cone, dome or cylinder closed at its top end, and sometimes having a brim and other decoration.

Noun : (figuratively) A particular role or capacity that a person might fill.

Noun : (figuratively) Any receptacle from which numbers/names are pulled out in a lottery.


Verb : (intransitive) Of a horse, pack animal, etc.: to move forward; go faster; or turn in a direction away from the driver, typically to the right.

Verb : (transitive) To cause an animal to move in this way.

Verb : (UK, dialect, obsolete) To agree; to harmonize.


Noun : (weaving)

Noun : The set of yarns carried by the shuttle of a loom which are placed crosswise at right angles to and interlaced with the warp; the weft.

Noun : (by extension) A woven fabric; also, the texture of a fabric.


Noun : (country dancing) A choreographic figure in which three or more dancers weave between one another, passing by left and right shoulder alternately.

Noun : A surname.

Noun : Alternative spelling of he (“Hebrew letter”) [(uncountable) The game of tag, or it, in which the player attempting to catch the others is called "he".]


Noun : The cry of a cat.

Noun : (UK, slang, uncountable) The drug mephedrone.

Verb : (intransitive) Of a cat, to make its cry.


Noun : Jesus of Nazareth, a first-century Jewish religious preacher and craftsman (commonly understood to have been a carpenter, see Ancient Greek τέκτων (téktōn, “builder”)) from Galilee held to be a prophet, teacher, the son of God, and the Messiah, or Christ, in Christianity; also called "Jesus Christ" by Christians. Held to be a prophet by Muslims and Baháʼís.

Noun : (historical, religion) One of a variety of persons or entities in western Manichaeism, of whom some correspond closely to the Christian conception of Jesus of Nazareth.

Noun : A male given name from Spanish in Spanish culture; an anglicized spelling of Jesús.


Noun : A type of depression which occurs in Yakutia, formed by the subsidence of permafrost.


Noun : (informal) Something that causes discomfort or pain.

Verb : (intransitive) To exclaim "ouch!" in discomfort or pain.

Noun : A surname.


Adjective : Having a pleasant taste, especially one relating to the basic taste sensation induced by sugar.

Adjective : Having a taste of sugar.

Adjective : (wine) Retaining a portion of sugar.


Noun : (US, slang) Cocaine (powder or crack).

Noun : A branch of the Tai language family, spoken by the Bouyei and Giáy people.

Verb : Alternative spelling of yea [(dated) Yes, indeed.]


Noun : Alternative spelling of OK [Endorsement; approval; acceptance; acquiescence.]

Verb : Alternative spelling of OK [(transitive) To approve; to accept; to acquiesce to.]

Adjective : Alternative spelling of OK [All right, acceptable, permitted.]


Noun : (archaic) The red panda.

Noun : (music) wah-wah.

Noun : A surname.


Noun : The sound of a violent impact.

Noun : The sound of an explosion.

Noun : A surname.


Noun : (historical units of measure) Various former units of volume

Noun : A Hebrew unit of liquid volume, about equal to 230 L or 60 gallons.

Noun : Synonym of homer: approximately the same volume as a dry measure.


Noun : (Australia) Any of a number of marine fish in the family Odacidae


Noun : Acanthocybium solandri, a tropical and subtropical game fish.

Noun : (Southern US) The winged elm, Ulmus alata.

Noun : Euonymus atropurpureus, an eastern burning bush.


Noun : A state of the United States.

Noun : Lake Michigan.

Noun : University of Michigan.


Noun : A county of Ireland.

Noun : A town in County Cavan, Ireland.

Noun : A district municipality in Digby County, Nova Scotia, Canada, named after County Clare.


Noun : An unincorporated community in Elliott County, Kentucky, United States.

Noun : A surname from Spanish.


Noun : Initialism of Great Ormond Street Hospital.


Noun : "Hello!" or an equivalent greeting.

Verb : (transitive) To greet with "hello".




Noun : (underwater diving) Acronym of Open Water.



Noun : Initialism of Russo-European Laika. [(zoology) A breed of hunting dog that originated in the forested region of Northern Europe and Russia.]



Noun : An expression of gratitude.

Noun : Grateful feelings or thoughts.



Noun : (channel 9) a television station in Wausau, Wisconsin, United States, affiliated with ABC and owned by Allen Media Broadcasting.





Noun : A light of dazzling brilliancy.

Noun : (figurative) Showy brilliance that may stop a person from thinking clearly.

Noun : (uncommon) A herd of zebra.


Noun : Expression of amazement, surprise, enthusiasm, or fear.

Noun : Expression of joy and/or pleasure.

Noun : The exclamation aah.


Adjective : Prone to brag.



Noun : A surname from Norman.


Noun : (US, Commonwealth, Ireland) Loyal Orange Lodge, a prefix given to all branches of the Loyal Orange Order. For example, LOL 1 is Portadown branch.

Noun : (informal, sometimes derogatory) Little old lady.

Noun : A diminutive of the female given name Laura.



Noun : Type of boundary to a garden, pleasure-ground, or park, designed not to interrupt the view and to be invisible until closely approached.

Noun : A large leafy Hawaiian plant, Gunnera petaloidea.


Verb : To flop down wearily.

Verb : To faint.

Verb : To fall down dead.


Noun : (euphemistic) Hell.

Noun : The bolt or latch of a door.

Noun : A rack for cattle to feed at.


Noun : A city in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany.

Noun : A female given name Popularized by American actress Halle Berry


Noun : A surname from German.

Noun : A census-designated place in Lassen County, California, United States.

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