5 Letter Words Ending in APE


Noun : The status or condition of something

Noun : Condition of personal health, especially muscular health.

Noun : The appearance of something in terms of its arrangement in space, especially its outline; often a basic geometric two-dimensional figure.


Noun : (countable) A small, round, smooth-skinned edible fruit, usually purple, red, or green, that grows in bunches on vines of genus Vitis.

Noun : (countable, uncountable) A woody vine of genus Vitis that bears clusters of grapes; a grapevine.

Noun : (countable) Any of various fruits or plants with varying resemblances to those of genus Vitis but belonging to other genera; their edibility varies.


Adjective : In a state of astonishment, wonder, expectation, or eager attention; as with mouth hanging open.

Adjective : Wide open.

Verb : In a state of astonishment, wonder, expectation, or eager attention.


Noun : A curtain; a drapery.

Noun : (textiles) The way in which fabric falls or hangs.

Noun : (US) A member of a youth subculture distinguished by its sharp dress, especially peg-leg pants (1950s: e.g. Baltimore, MD). Antonym: square.


Noun : (botany) A leafless stalk growing directly out of a root, bulb, or subterranean structure.

Noun : The basal segment of an insect's antenna (i.e. the part closest to the body).

Noun : The basal part, more specifically known as the oviscape, of the ovipositor of an insect.


Noun : Mourning garments, especially an armband or hatband.

Verb : (transitive) To form into ringlets; to curl or crimp.

Verb : (transitive) To clothe in crape.


Noun : A village in Hambleton district, North Yorkshire, England.

Noun : A village and civil parish in East Suffolk district, Suffolk, England, previously in Suffolk Coastal district (OS grid ref TM3958).

Noun : A surname from Old English.


Noun : The lower metallic cap at the end of a sword's scabbard.

Noun : (archaic) The piece by which an object is attached to something, such as the frog of a scabbard or the metal loop at the back of a buckle by which it is fastened to a strap.

Noun : Alternative form of chappe (“rainguard”) (piece fitted to a sword's crossguard). [A piece, typically of leather, fitted to the crossguard of European swords of the later medieval period, attested mainly in art, of uncertain purpose.]


Noun : a warehous


Noun : A surname.


Noun : (obsolete) A messy or untidy woman.

Verb : (intransitive) To drag.

Verb : (intransitive) To run about idly or like a slattern.


Noun : (dialect) A staple


Adjective : (UK, dialect) slippery; smooth

Adjective : (UK, dialect) crafty; hypocritical

Noun : A surname.


Noun : (obsolete, dialectal) A lad.


Noun : (obsolete) A crowd, a rabble.

Noun : (Internet slang) An act of using another person's Facebook account to post derogatory messages.

Verb : (Internet slang) To hijack, and meddle with, someone's Facebook account while it is unattended.



Noun : A bird, the northern flicker.



Noun : A bar or pole used as a lever, swivel handle e.g. on the end of a shaft.

Noun : A steering oar use by Tyne keelmen.

Noun : A kind of mechanical scoop for water.





go ape

Verb : (slang) To become wildly excited or enthusiastic.

Verb : (slang) To become very angry.




emap e







Noun : A public storehouse.

Noun : Supplies issued to troops on the march.

Noun : (by extension) The place where troops on the march halt overnight.

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