5 Letter Words Ending in ET


Noun : A thin bed cloth used as a covering for a mattress or as a layer over the sleeper.

Noun : A piece of paper, usually rectangular, that has been prepared for writing, artwork, drafting, wrapping, manufacture of packaging (boxes, envelopes, etc.), and for other uses. The word does not include scraps and irregular small pieces destined to be recycled, used for stuffing or cushioning or paper mache, etc. In modern books, each sheet of paper is typically folded in half, to produce two leaves and four pages. In the absence of folding, "leaf" and "sheet" are equivalent.

Noun : A flat metal pan, often without raised edge, used for baking.



Noun : Archaic form of divot. [(especially golf) A torn-up piece of turf, especially by a golf club in making a stroke or by a horse's hoof.]


Adjective : (of a person) Angry, distressed, or unhappy.

Adjective : (of a stomach or gastrointestinal tract, referred to as stomach) Feeling unwell, nauseated, or ready to vomit.

Noun : (uncountable) Disturbance or disruption.


Noun : A thing or quality that has value, especially one that generates cash flows.

Noun : (accounting) Any item recorded on the left-hand side of a balance sheet.

Noun : (software) Any component, model, process or framework of value that can be leveraged or reused.


Noun : An opinion, belief, or principle that is held as absolute truth by someone or especially an organization.


Adjective : Having a pleasant taste, especially one relating to the basic taste sensation induced by sugar.

Adjective : Having a taste of sugar.

Adjective : (wine) Retaining a portion of sugar.


Adjective : With little or no sound; free of disturbing noise.

Adjective : Having little motion or activity; calm.

Adjective : Not busy, of low quantity.


Noun : A group of vessels or vehicles.

Noun : Any group of associated items.

Noun : A large, coordinated group of people.


Verb : (transitive) To wish for with eagerness; to desire possession of, often enviously.

Verb : (transitive) To long for inordinately or unlawfully; to hanker after (something forbidden).

Verb : (intransitive) To yearn; to have or indulge an inordinate desire, especially for another's possession.


Verb : (transitive) To surround or hem in.

Verb : (transitive, sometimes figurative) To attack or assail, especially from all sides.

Verb : (transitive) To decorate something with jewels etc.



Noun : Any one of the flat surfaces cut into a gem.

Noun : One among many similar or related, yet still distinct things.

Noun : One of a series of things, such as steps in a project.


Verb : To father; to sire; to produce (a child).

Verb : To cause; to produce.

Verb : To bring forth.


Noun : (chiefly US) Pellets of ice made of mostly frozen raindrops or refrozen melted snowflakes.

Noun : (chiefly UK, Ireland, New England) Precipitation in the form of a mixture of rain and snow.

Noun : (rare) A smooth coating of ice formed on ground or other objects by freezing rain.


Verb : To set back to the initial state.

Verb : To set to zero.

Verb : (transitive) To adjust; to set or position differently.


Noun : (archaic) An attack; an assault especially of an army.

Noun : (medicine) The initial phase of a disease or condition, in which symptoms first become apparent.

Noun : (phonology) The initial portion of a syllable, preceding the syllable nucleus.


Noun : A man's personal male attendant, responsible for his clothes and appearance.

Noun : A hotel employee performing such duties for guests.

Noun : (professional wrestling) A female performer in professional wrestling, acting as either a manager or personal chaperone; often used to attract and titillate male members of the audience.


Noun : A cylindrical mechanical fastener that attaches multiple parts together by fitting through a hole and deforming the head(s) at either end.

Noun : (figuratively) Any fixed point or certain basis.

Noun : (obsolete) A light kind of footman's plate armour; an almain rivet.


Noun : (Britain, New Zealand, Canada) A quilt or usually flat cloth bag with a filling (traditionally down) and usually an additional washable cover, used instead of blankets; often called a comforter or quilt, especially in US English.

Noun : (US) Short for duvet cover.


Verb : (transitive) To welcome in a friendly manner, either in person or through another means such as writing.

Verb : (transitive) To arrive at or reach, or meet.

Verb : (transitive) To accost; to address.


Noun : A composition adapted to sacred words in the elaborate polyphonic church style; an anthem.


Noun : A mark ⟨ ‸ ⟩ used by writers and proofreaders to indicate that something is to be inserted at that point.

Noun : An exponentiation symbol or operator ⟨^⟩.

Noun : (graphical user interface) An indicator, often a blinking line or bar and usually called a cursor, indicating where the next insertion or other edit will take place.


Noun : (dialectal or archaic) An ant.

Noun : (Cornwall, derogatory) A tourist.

Noun : A surname.


Noun : (astronomy) A small Solar System body consisting mainly of volatile ice, dust and particles of rock whose very eccentric solar orbit periodically brings it close enough to the Sun that the ice vaporises to form an atmosphere, or coma, which may be blown by the solar wind to produce a visible tail.

Noun : A celestial phenomenon with the appearance of such a body.

Noun : Any of several species of hummingbird found in the Andes.


Verb : (transitive) To let in; admit.

Verb : (transitive) To insert; inlay.

Verb : (firearms) To carve the wooden stock of a firearm so as to position the metal components in it.


Noun : Any of various wading birds of the genera Egretta or Ardea that includes herons, many of which are white or buff, and several of which develop fine plumes during the breeding season.

Noun : A plume or tuft of feathers worn as a part of a headdress, or anything imitating such an ornament.

Noun : (botany) The flying feathery or hairy crown of seeds or achenes, such as the down of the thistle.


Noun : The sound of a bird; any short high-pitched sound or whistle.

Noun : (social media) An entry posted on the microblogging service Twitter.

Verb : (intransitive) To make a short high-pitched sound, like that of certain birds.


Verb : (transitive) To wet again.

Noun : A gunlock.


Noun : (uncountable) A form of trapshooting using clay targets to simulate birds in flight.

Noun : (countable, poker) A hand consisting of a 9, a 5, a 2, and two other cards lower than 9.

Noun : (uncountable, slang, African-American Vernacular) The ejaculation of semen.


Noun : A student at a military school who is training to be an officer.

Noun : (chiefly history) A younger or youngest son, who would not inherit as a firstborn son would.

Noun : (in compounds, chiefly in genealogy) Junior. (See also the heraldic term cadency.)


Noun : A type of round, brimless cap with a soft top and a headband to secure it to the head; usually culturally associated with France.


Noun : (music) A composition for nine instruments or nine voices.

Noun : (physics) A group of nine nuclear or subatomic particles.

Noun : (computing) A byte of nine bits.


Noun : A low-mounted plumbing fixture or type of sink intended for washing the external genitalia and the anus.

Noun : (obsolete) A small horse formerly allowed to each trooper or dragoon for carrying his baggage.


Verb : (transitive) To set in; infix or implant.

Verb : (transitive) To insert something.

Verb : (transitive) To add an inset to something.


Noun : (countable) A carnivorous catlike animal, Civettictis civetta, that produces a musky secretion. It is two to three feet (30–90 cm) long, with black bands and spots on the body and tail.

Noun : (uncountable) The musky perfume produced by the animal.

Noun : Any animal in the family Viverridae or the similar family Nandiniidae


Noun : Alternative form of fillet [(now rare) A headband; a ribbon or other band used to tie the hair up, or keep a headdress in place, or for decoration.]

Verb : Alternative form of fillet [(transitive) To slice, bone or make into fillets.]


Noun : A group or set of eight of something.

Noun : (music) A group of eight musicians performing together.

Noun : (music) A composition for such a group of musicians.


Noun : The cover at the tip of a shoelace, to prevent it from fraying.

Noun : A catkin.

Noun : Alternative spelling of aiglet. [A tip, originally of metal and often decorative, on a ribbon or cord that makes lacing two parts of a garment or garments together easier, as in corset lacings, "points" (lacing hose or trousers to jacket or doublet) or sleeves to a bodice.]


Noun : A small island.

Noun : (biology) An isolated piece of tissue that has a specific function.


Noun : Any of several Old World nocturnal, carnivorous mammals, of the genus Genetta in the family Viverridae, most of which have a spotted coat and a long, ringed tail.

Noun : The fur of this mammal, or any skin dressed in imitation of it.

Noun : (biology) A group of genetically identical individuals (plants, fungi, bacteria etc.) that have grown in a given location, all originating from asexual reproduction of a single ancestor; a group of ramets.


Verb : (music) An instruction indicating silence on the part of the performers of a piece.


Noun : A small bottle or container used to hold a condiment, such as salt, pepper, oil, or vinegar, for use at a dining table.

Noun : (Britain) A stand for these containers.

Noun : (Christianity) A small vessel used to hold wine or water for the Eucharist.


Noun : A young owl; owling.

Noun : One of a species of small owls, such as Athene noctua.

Noun : An owlet moth.


Noun : A type of mediaeval helmet which fully enclosed the head and face, first found in the 1420s in Milan.


Noun : (historical)

Noun : A waistcoat worn by a man.

Noun : A bodice worn by a woman similar to a man's waistcoat; also, a decorative panel at the front of such a bodice, or worn separately.


Noun : A surname.


Noun : Claude Monet, French painter.


Noun : A large, shallow, oval dish used for serving food.


Noun : The Tibetan Plateau, a plateau region in Central Asia, where the Tibetan people traditionally live, encompassing what is now Tibet Autonomous Region (also called Xizang), most of Qinghai, the western half of Sichuan, a small part of Yunnan and a small part of Gansu in the People's Republic of China, and also the country of Bhutan, and the Indian regions of Sikkim and Ladakh.

Noun : A mountainous country in Central Asia annexed by China.

Noun : An autonomous region of China. Official name: Tibet Autonomous Region. Capital: Lhasa.


Noun : A river in Ukraine and Romania; a tributary of the Danube.


Noun : (heraldry) Alternative form of pallet (“diminutive pale”) [A portable platform, usually designed to be easily moved by a forklift, on which goods can be stacked, for transport or storage.]


Noun : (obsolete) A drinking cup.

Noun : (sewing) A piece of fabric inserted into a garment along a seam or cut to lengthen the free edge, and to make a garment roomier and to add a wavy edge cf. gusset.

Noun : (textiles) A roller for guiding synthetic filaments during drawing.


Noun : A surname.

Noun : Alternative form of curette [(medicine, dentistry) A hand-held surgical instrument, often with a scoop or hook at its tip, used for cleaning or debriding biological tissue.]



Verb : (theater) Used in stage directions; literally, he, she or it remains. Compare exit, exeunt.

Noun : Édouard Manet, French painter.


Noun : Abbreviation of synchronous optical networking.


Noun : Alternative form of pipette [(sciences) A small tube, often with an enlargement or bulb in the middle, and usually graduated, used for transferring or delivering measured quantities of a liquid.]

Verb : Alternative form of pipette [To transfer or measure the volume of a liquid using a pipette.]


Noun : Alternative form of arrêt [(now historical) A formal sentence of the King or Parliament of France; hence, a decree, a ruling.]


Noun : (obsolete, except Scots) Stomach mucus, especially of a hawk.

Noun : (obsolete, except Scots) Any slimy, viscous substance.

Noun : (vulgar, slang) A urethral discharge, especially as a symptom of gonorrhea.


Noun : A female given name.

Noun : A hamlet in Alberta, Canada.

Noun : (US, military slang) A highly classified fleet of passenger aircraft used to transport the military and contractors.


Noun : Any of several different plants, from several genera, having bluish flowers.

Noun : Centaurea, a plant genus in the family Asteraceae

Noun : Several plant genera in the family Rubiaceae, notably Houstonia and Oldenlandiopsis.


Noun : A surname.

Verb : (nonstandard) To use a thesaurus; to look for synonyms; to suggest synonyms.

Verb : (nonstandard) To use or to mention synonyms; (often) to replace words in a text with synonyms in order to disguise plagiarism.


Verb : (transitive) To face (an embankment, etc.) with masonry, wood, or other material.


Adjective : Not met; unfulfilled; not achieved


Adjective : Not set; not fixed or appointed.

Adjective : Not mounted or placed in a setting.

Adjective : Not set (broken bone)


Verb : (transitive) To catch in a net; ensnare.

Verb : (transitive) To surround as by a net.

Noun : An exorcist, the third of the four lesser orders in the Roman Catholic church.


Noun : (obsolete) A little moon or satellite.


Noun : The upper faceted portion of a brilliant-cut diamond, which projects from the setting and occupies the zone between the girdle and the table.

Noun : A Bizet sheep.


Noun : (algebra, group theory) The set that results from applying a group's binary operation with a given fixed element of the group on each element of a given subgroup.


Noun : (botany) A clone (individual member of a genet).


Noun : A surname.


Noun : king of france elected in 987 and founding the capetian dynasty (940-996


Noun : (historical) A component of armor, consisting of overlapping plates designed to protect the buttocks.

Noun : A small, flat face often cut at the base of a brilliant-cut gemstone.



Noun : A surname from French.


Noun : Alternative spelling of burette [(chemistry) A glass tube with fine gradations and a stopcock at the bottom, used in laboratory procedures for accurate fluid dispensing and titration.]


Noun : A type of concentrated food stock that is added to sauces to enhance their flavour. Variations are fish fumet and mushroom fumet.

Noun : A ragout of partridge and rabbit braised in wine.

Noun : The excretions of deer, or any Cervidae.


Verb : To get again.


Noun : A small fresh-water fish (Alburnus alburnus); the bleak.


Noun : (geography) The sun-facing side of a mountain.


Noun : a 2005 Malaysian teen romantic comedy-drama film set in Ipoh, Malaysia.


Noun : Alternative form of Tevet [(Judaism) The fourth month of the civil year and the tenth month of the ecclesiastical year in the Jewish calendar, after Kislev and before Shevat.]


Noun : (uncountable) A red colour used by painters.

Noun : (Scotland) Synonym of rosin

Noun : (countable) Archaic form of rosette. [An imitation of a rose by means of ribbon or other material, used especially as an ornament or a badge.]


Noun : Alternative spelling of oillet [(medieval architecture) A round hole or circle with which an opening for an arrowslit terminates.]

as yet

Verb : (idiomatic) Up to the present.


Noun : (Judaism) The fourth month of the civil year and the tenth month of the ecclesiastical year in the Jewish calendar, after Kislev and before Shevat.



Noun : (obsolete) A trumpet call for rousing soldiers; a reveille.


Noun : A surname from French.

Noun : A commune of the Vaucluse department, France.

Noun : An unincorporated community in Thurston County, Washington, United States.


Noun : (archaic) The large Indian civet (Viverra zibetha).


Noun : (set theory, order theory) A partially ordered set.


Noun : A surname.


Verb : To let a property again

Noun : A property that has been let again


Noun : (obsolete) A cauldron of boiling water into which an accused person plunged his forearm. It was a form of trial in Medieval England.



Noun : (Armour Star Treet) a canned meat product similar to Spam first introduced in 1939 by Armour and Company in the United States.


Noun : A surname.

Noun : Paget Parish, one of the nine parishes in Bermuda.


Noun : the second highest mountain in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand, India, after Nanda Devi.


Noun : A surname.

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