5 Letter Words Ending in OCK


Noun : A store or supply.

Noun : (operations) A store of goods ready for sale; inventory.

Noun : A supply of anything ready for use.


Noun : A substantial, often approximately cuboid, piece of any substance.

Noun : A chopping block: a cuboid base for cutting or beheading.

Noun : A wig block: a simplified head model upon which wigs are worn.


Noun : A sudden, heavy impact.

Noun : (figuratively) Something so surprising that it is stunning.

Noun : (psychology) A sudden or violent mental or emotional disturbance.


Noun : A chronometer, an instrument that measures time, particularly the time of day.

Noun : (attributive) A common noun relating to an instrument that measures or keeps track of time.

Noun : (Britain) The odometer of a motor vehicle.


Noun : An abrupt rapping sound, as from an impact of a hard object against wood.

Noun : A sharp impact.

Noun : (figuratively) A criticism.


Noun : A number of birds together in a group, such as those gathered together for the purpose of migration.

Noun : A large number of animals associated together in a group; commonly used of sheep, but (dated) also used for goats, farmed animals, and a wide variety of animals.

Noun : Those served by a particular pastor or shepherd.herd/flock


Noun : An English and Scottish surname from Middle English, a variant of Brook, or originally a nickname for someone thought to resemble a badger (Middle English broc(k)).

Noun : A male given name transferred from the surname.

Noun : A small village in Fylde borough, Lancashire, England (OS grid ref SD5140).


Noun : A dress, a piece of clothing, which consists of a skirt and a cover for the upper body.

Noun : An outer garment worn by priests and other clericals; a habit.

Noun : A sailor's jersey.


Noun : An American surname from Dutch.

Noun : (science fiction) In Star Trek, a Starfleet commander and science officer of the USS Enterprise, especially known for his Vulcan logic, reason, and stoicism and his distinctive pointed ears.

Noun : (pop psychology) A person or character like a Star Trek Vulcan; someone resembling Star Trek's character Spock.


Noun : A type of undergarment worn by women; a shift or slip.

Noun : A blouse; a smock frock.

Noun : A loose garment worn as protection by a painter, etc.


Noun : A stoneware or earthenware jar or storage container.

Noun : A piece of broken pottery, a shard.

Noun : (UK) A person who is physically limited by age, illness or injury.


Noun : Any object used as a wedge or filler, especially when placed behind a wheel to prevent it from rolling.

Noun : (nautical) Any fitting or fixture used to restrict movement, especially movement of a line; traditionally was a fixture near a bulwark with two horns pointing towards each other, with a gap between where the line can be inserted.

Verb : (transitive) To stop or fasten, as with a wedge, or block; to scotch.


Noun : A surname from German.

Noun : A handgun made by the Glock company.


Noun : A surname from German.


Noun : (Scotland, Northern England) A draught; a gulp.

Verb : (Scotland, Northern England) To swallow, gulp.

Verb : (transitive, West Country, slang, obsolete) To poach (a servant) from another household.


Noun : A surname.



Verb : In a cocked or turned-up fashion.

Verb : defiantly

Noun : A surname.



Noun : (fandom slang) A genre of music produced by fans of the British science-fiction television series Doctor Who, characterized by lyrics about its characters, settings, and plot elements.





Noun : A surname.


Verb : Alternative spelling of grok [(transitive, slang) To understand (something) intuitively, to know (something) without having to think intellectually.]





Verb : Rare spelling of amok. [Out of control, especially when armed and dangerous.]


Noun : A surname.




Noun : (UK, dialect) A watercourse.


Noun : A surname from German.

u lock


d lock

Noun : A lock shaped like an elongated letter D, used to secure an unattended bicycle to railings etc.


Noun : (fandom slang) A genre of music produced by fans of the Harry Potter series, characterized by costumed performances and humorous lyrics about characters, settings, and plot elements from the series.

j rock



Noun : (fantasy) A humanoid demon with the head, claws, and wings of a giant vulture.


k rock


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