5 Letter Words Ending in ORD


Noun : (music) A harmonic set of three or more notes that is heard as if sounding simultaneously.

Noun : (geometry) A straight line between two points of a curve.

Noun : (engineering) A horizontal member of a truss.


Noun : (weaponry) A long-bladed weapon device with a grip- a hilt (a pommel and cross guard), which is designed to cut, stab, slash and/or hack.

Noun : (tarot) A suit in the minor arcana in tarot.

Noun : (tarot) A card of this suit.


Noun : A long, narrow, deep inlet between cliffs.


Noun : (now chiefly New Zealand) Alternative spelling of fjord [A long, narrow, deep inlet between cliffs.]


Noun : (obsolete) The act of approaching or arriving; approach.

Noun : (rare) A road, or means of approach.

Verb : Alternative form of aboard


Noun : (programming) A metasyntactic variable, similar to foo and bar.


Noun : A surname.


Noun : the third studio album by the German/Norwegian symphonic metal band Leaves' Eyes, released on 28 August 2009 on Napalm Records.


Noun : (US, military) An execute order: an order to implement a specified plan.

Noun : (literature) A preface or prefatory passage


Noun : (computing) A numerical value of twice the magnitude of a word, thus typically 32 bits.


Noun : A short tidal river in the western Netherlands.

Noun : A town in Aruba.

Noun : A hamlet in North Brabant, the Netherlands.


Noun : a municipality in Vestland county, Norway.

Noun : an island in Vestland county, Norway.

Noun : a supply chain management company based in Atlanta, Georgia.


Noun : Abbreviation of coordinate. [(mathematics, cartography, astronomy) A number representing the position of a point along a line, arc, or similar one-dimensional figure.]



Noun : (obsolete) A dull, stupid fellow; a lout.

Noun : (obsolete) A lazy person; an idler

f word

Noun : Alternative letter-case form of f-word [(euphemistic) The word fuck (or inflected forms like fucking) or fucker.]

n word




a word




Noun : (obsolete) The skin of bacon.

b word

Noun : The "b" word is a euphemism generally used to replace a profane word starting with the letter b.



Noun : Obsolete form of board. [A relatively long, wide and thin piece of any material, usually wood or similar, often for use in construction or furniture-making.]

c word


m word



p word

d word

s word


np or d

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