5 Letter Words Ending in TO


Verb : (law) in fact; by the act or fact


Noun : That which was stated before, the aforesaid, the above, the same, likewise.

Noun : (US, informal) A duplicate or copy of a document, particularly one created by a spirit duplicator.

Noun : (by extension) A copy; an imitation.


Noun : (heraldry) A sentence, phrase, or word, forming part of an heraldic achievement.

Noun : A sentence, phrase, or word, prefixed to an essay, discourse, chapter, canto, or the like, suggestive of its subject matter; a short, suggestive expression of a guiding principle; a maxim.

Noun : (obsolete) A paper packet containing a sweetmeat, cracker, etc., together with a scrap of paper bearing a motto.


Noun : (Greek mythology) The goddess of lyric poetry, particularly erotic poetry, eroticism, and mimic imitation, and one of the Muses; the daughters of Zeus & Mnemosyne. Usually depicted with a crown/wreath of myrtle and roses, holding a lyre and a golden arrow and doves. Often accompanies Eros/Cupid.

Noun : (astronomy) 62 Erato, a main belt asteroid.


Noun : (informal) A photograph.

Noun : (informal) A photo finish.

Noun : (informal) A digital picture of any kind.


Noun : Enthusiasm; enjoyment, vigor.

Noun : (rare) An individual's fondness or liking of a particular flavour

Noun : (Of art) The style in which a work is done, artistic style. (occasionally) the prevailing style in matters of taste.


Noun : One of the chief divisions of a long poem; a book.

Noun : (music) The treble or leading melody.

Noun : (music) The designated division of a song.


Noun : The front side of a flat object which is to be examined visually, as for reading, such as a sheet, leaf, coin or medal.

Noun : (printing) The right-hand page of a book of a script which reads from left to right, usually having an odd page number.

Noun : (law) A writ of right.


Adjective : (music) Slow (45–60 bpm).

Noun : (music) A tempo mark directing that a passage is to be played very slowly.

Noun : A surname from Italian.


Adjective : Prototypical; preceding the proper beginning of something.

Noun : A surname.


Noun : A small primate, Perodicticus potto, native to the tropical rainforests of Africa.

Noun : (now rare) The kinkajou.

Noun : A village in North Yorkshire


Noun : A male given name from Ancient Greek.

Noun : The Greek philosopher, 427–347 BC, follower of Socrates.


Adjective : Desired; desirable; of choice.

Adjective : Reliable; likely to perform in difficult circumstances.

Noun : A person or thing that is one’s usual choice.


Noun : (Greek mythology, Roman mythology) Greco-Roman god of the underworld.

Noun : (astronomy) The largest dwarf planet and formerly the ninth planet, represented by the symbol ♇ or ⯓, both now used mostly in astrology.

Verb : (neologism) To demote or devalue something.


Noun : A sauce, especially for pasta, originating from the Genoa region in Italy, made from basil, garlic, pine nuts, olive oil and cheese (usually pecorino).


Noun : a game of chance similar to bingo

Noun : a lottery

due to

up to

Noun : if a and b are related by R, that is,


Noun : (informal) A phytosanitary certificate.


Noun : (Texas) A horse with a patchy coloration that includes white.

Adjective : Pied, mottled.

Noun : A member of a mountain tribe of Native Americans living near Acapulco, Mexico.


Noun : A Japanese takeaway lunch served in a box, often with the food arranged into an elaborate design.

Noun : (graphical user interface) A menu icon of nine squares in a grid.

get to

Verb : (transitive) To reach or arrive at (a physical or abstract destination, or state of doing a certain activity).

Verb : (of someone or something that is or has been missing) To go to or be located at (a particular place).

Verb : (transitive, informal) To be allowed to.

as to


Noun : A hotchpotch, a mixture; especially a piece made up of quotations from other authors, or a poem containing individual lines from other poems.


Noun : (Britain, informal) Clipping of pantomime. [(now rare) A Classical comic actor, especially one who works mainly through gesture and mime.]

Noun : (countable, rail transport, informal) Clipping of pantograph. [A mechanical linkage based on parallelograms causing two objects to move in parallel; notably as a drawing aid.]


Noun : A prefecture of Japan.

Noun : The capital city of Kyoto Prefecture, Japan, and the country's former capital.

Noun : (international law) The Kyoto Protocol.


Noun : A kind of Japanese dagger or knife.

Noun : A knife blade shape/style comprising well-differentiated front and longitudinal edges, somewhat reminiscent of a chisel but with an angled front allowing for an acute-angle point.

Verb : (music) So much; too much.


Noun : (art) A representation, especially in Renaissance or Baroque art, of a small, naked, often winged (usually male) child; a cherub.


Noun : Only used in in petto


Noun : The capital city of Ecuador.

go to

Verb : Used other than figuratively or idiomatically: see go, to.

Verb : To attend an event or a sight.

Verb : (idiomatic) To attend classes at a school as a student.


Noun : (archaic) A group of men assembled for some common purpose; a club, or cabal.


Noun : an active volcano in southeastern colombia in the ande


Verb : muc


Noun : (art) A wooden or ivory statue of a saint, angel or other religious figure, found in Spain and former Spanish colonies.

Noun : A surname from the Romance languages

set to

Verb : (intransitive) To begin something with determination; to commence a long and difficult task or project.



Noun : An apéritif made from port.

Noun : Synonym of port.

Noun : A city and municipality, the district capital of Porto district, Portugal


Noun : (fencing) A hit or point.

Noun : (historical) A traditional small Spanish unit of length, equivalent to about 0.16 mm.


Noun : (slang) Synonym of idiot: someone who is foolish or stupid.

Adjective : (slang, possibly offensive) Synonym of crazy.

Noun : a traditional Ugandan fermented beverage made from bananas


Noun : A surname.

Verb : Ellipsis of sotto voce. [(of speech, of a voice, etc) Quietly.]

Adjective : Ellipsis of sotto voce. [(of speech, of a voice, etc) In soft tones; quiet.]



Noun : (historical) Initialism of Southeast Asia Treaty Organization, in existence from 1955 to 1977.


Noun : A traditional Japanese food product made from fermented soybeans.



Noun : A surname.


Noun : A village in the Scottish Borders council area, Scotland, where the seat of the Earl of Minto is located.

Noun : A habitational surname.

Noun : Any of various places named after an Earl of Minto, including:



Noun : A surname from Italian.


Noun : A town in Arkansas

Noun : A local headman in many parts of central Malaysia and the southern Philippines.


Noun : A corn chip of the Fritos brand.


Noun : (medicine, informal) Clipping of Histoplasma.

Noun : (medicine, informal) Clipping of histoplasmosis. [(pathology) A lung disease caused by a fungus, Histoplasma capsulatum, often asymptomatic otherwise with symptoms similar to those of flu.]

Noun : (informal) Clipping of history. [The aggregate of past events.]


Noun : (rare) A somersault.

Noun : A surname from Spanish.


Noun : A province of Tuscany, Italy.

Noun : The capital city of the province of Prato, Tuscany, Italy.


Noun : finnish architect and designer of furniture (1898-1976

on to



Noun : (now historical) In Portugal and Brazil, a million reis.


Noun : (obsolete) A vista; a prospect.


Noun : A surname from Italian.


Noun : a folk music genre of Jamaica, featuring acoustic instruments and voices.

Noun : an individual mento song.

Noun : A surname from Italian.




Noun : british chemist who with robert curl and richard smalley discovered fullerenes and opened a new branch of chemistry (bron in 1939


Noun : A surname

see to

Verb : To take care of; to effect; to make happen.

Verb : To serve, attend to, or care for.

Verb : (slang, euphemistic) To have sex with.


Noun : a popular and well-known brand of gravy and other food products in the United Kingdom and Ireland, currently owned by Premier Foods.



Noun : (historical, measure) A traditional short Portuguese unit of length usually about equal to 0.2 mm.


Noun : A man who is large and muscular in top-heavy proportions, often combined with a comically brutish and aggressive personality.






Noun : Obsolete form of manteau. [A cloak or gown, especially of a kind popular with women in the 17th and 18th centuries.]


Noun : a popular genre of Turkish music.

Noun : a supervillain and extraterrestrial assassin published by DC Comics.

Noun : Choi Kwang-ryul (born May 23, 1994), known by the stage name Kanto, is a South Korean rapper and composer.


Noun : A surname.


Noun : A member (especially male) of a Romani people found in Germany and surrounding areas.

Noun : Dated form of Shinto. [Formerly the state religion of Japan, a type of animism involving the worship of ancestors and nature spirits.]


Noun : (informal, pathology) Abbreviation of leptospirosis. [An acute, infectious, febrile disease of both humans and animals, caused by spirochetes of the genus Leptospira.]

Noun : (informal, biology) Abbreviation of leptospira. [Any bacterium of the genus Leptospira.]


Noun : A Dravidian language of India.

Noun : An ethnic group of India.




Noun : A Mexican outcry characterized by ululation, used as an expression before a battle cry or ranchera.


add to

Verb : have an increased effec


Noun : A book consisting of sheets each of which is folded into six leaves.


Noun : (1919 – March 14, 1933) a Siberian Husky and sled dog belonging to musher and breeder Leonhard Seppala.

Noun : a 1995 American live-action/animated adventure film directed by Simon Wells, produced by Amblin Entertainment and distributed by Universal Pictures.

Noun : an American alternative rock band from Los Angeles, California composed of singer-songwriter Daniel Sheron, Adam Ditt, and Tristan Leabu.


Noun : (or ; ) a dialogue that was written by the ancient Greek philosopher Plato.


Noun : A surname from Italian.


Noun : an ancient city in Thrace.


Noun : A surname from Italian.



lie to

Verb : (nautical, of a ship) To have the sails arranged so as to counteract each other.




Noun : A surname.


Noun : Initialism of United States Patent and Trademark Office.


Noun : an English rock band, formed in London in 1970.

Noun : the first studio album by the rock band Patto.


Noun : A surname.

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