5 Letter Words Ending in UTCH


Adjective : Of or pertaining to the Netherlands, the Dutch people or the Dutch language.

Adjective : (archaic, fossil word) Pertaining to Germanic-speaking peoples on the European continent, chiefly the Germans (especially established German-speaking communities in parts of the USA), or the Dutch; Teutonic; Germanic.

Adjective : (obsolete, fossil word, derogatory) Substitute, inferior, ersatz.


Noun : A box, chest, crate, case or cabinet.

Noun : A coop or cage for keeping small animals (rabbits, guinea pigs, dogs, etc).

Noun : A piece of furniture in which items may be displayed.


Adjective : (slang, originally Polari) Very masculine, with a masculine appearance or attitude.

Noun : (slang, LGBT, countable) A lesbian who appears masculine or acts in a masculine manner.

Verb : (nonstandard, intransitive) To work as a butcher.


Noun : (now rare, Scotland) A nightcap (hat worn to bed).

Noun : A linen or muslin hat, especially one of a type once commonly worn by elderly women and young children.

Noun : A surname.


Noun : A packet of vellum leaves in which gold is beaten into thin sheets.

Noun : A district of Gujarat, India.


Noun : (nautical) a preservative, made from catechu gum boiled in water, used to prolong the life of a sail or net

Noun : Alternative form of cultch [Empty oyster shells and other substances laid down on oyster grounds to furnish points for the attachment of the spawn of the oyster.]

Noun : Alternative form of catechu [A gummy extract of any of several species of Acacieae, but especially Senegalia catechu, produced by boiling the wood of the tree in water and evaporating the resulting liquid.]



Adjective : Exhibiting qualities of both femme and butch identities.

Noun : A person who exhibits traits of both a femme and a butch.

Noun : A surname.

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