5 Letter Words That Start With ANO


Noun : (electricity) An electrode, of a cell or other electrically polarized device, through which a positive current of electricity flows inwards (and thus, electrons flow outwards). It can have either a negative or a positive voltage.

Noun : (chemistry, by extension) The electrode at which chemical oxidation of anions takes place, usually resulting in the erosion of metal from the electrode.

Noun : (electronics) The electrode which collects electrons emitted by the cathode in a vacuum tube or gas-filled tube.


Noun : Any of the Anolis genus of arboreal American lizards (such as the American chameleon) from the iguana family which feature a brightly colored dewlap and color-changing ability.


Noun : (statistics) Acronym of analysis of variance. [(statistics) A collection of statistical models, and their associated procedures, in which the observed variance is partitioned into components due to different explanatory variables.]


Noun : Alternative spelling of anomie [Alienation or social instability caused by erosion of standards and values.]


Noun : custard apple (Annona)

Noun : A female given name


Verb : (obsolete) To adorn.


Noun : Either of two related species of small Indonesian water buffalo similar in appearance to deer; Bubalus quarlesi or Bubalus depressicornis.


Verb : (obsolete) To anoint with oil.



Noun : Extreme mental deficiency.

Noun : (literally) Mindlessness.

Noun : A comarca in central Catalonia


Noun : An unincorporated community in Cass County, Indiana, United States.

Noun : A city, the county seat of Anoka County, Minnesota, United States.

Noun : A tiny village in Boyd County, Nebraska, United States.










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