6 Letter Words That Start With CA



Noun : A warning.

Noun : A qualification or exemption.

Noun : (law) A formal objection.


Noun : One's calling in life; a person's occupation; one's profession.

Noun : General course of action or conduct in life, or in a particular part of it.

Noun : (archaic) Speed.


Adjective : Impartial and free from prejudice.

Adjective : Straightforward, open and sincere.

Adjective : Not posed or rehearsed.


Noun : (medicine, oncology, pathology) A disease in which the cells of a tissue undergo uncontrolled (and often rapid) proliferation.

Noun : (figuratively) Something damaging that spreads throughout something else.

Adjective : (slang) Extremely unpleasant and annoying.


Noun : (photography) A device for taking still or moving pictures or photographs.

Noun : (computer graphics, video games) The viewpoint in a three-dimensional game or simulation.

Noun : A vaulted room.


Noun : A usually preliminary meeting of party members to nominate candidates for public office or delegates to be sent a nominating convention, or to confer regarding policy.

Noun : A grouping of all the members of a legislature from the same party.

Noun : A political interest group by members of a legislative body.


Noun : A type of coarse cloth, woven from hemp, useful for making sails and tents or as a surface for paintings.

Noun : (painting)

Noun : A piece of canvas cloth stretched across a frame on which one may paint.


Noun : A false or misleading report or story, especially if deliberately so.

Noun : (aviation) A type of aircraft in which the primary horizontal control and stabilization surfaces are in front of the main wing.

Noun : (aviation, by extension) A horizontal control and stabilization surface located in front of the main wing of an aircraft.


Adjective : Happening by chance.

Adjective : Coming without regularity; occasional or incidental.

Adjective : Employed irregularly.


Noun : A high cover providing shelter, such as a cloth supported above an object, particularly over a bed.

Noun : Any overhanging or projecting roof structure, typically over entrances or doors.

Noun : The zone of the highest foliage and branches of a forest.


Noun : (archaic) A seal, as of a letter.

Noun : (figurative) A special characteristic or quality; prestige, especially via association.

Noun : (philately) A commemorative stamped design or inscription on an envelope, other than a cancellation or pre-printed postage.


Verb : (transitive) To cross out something with lines etc.

Verb : (transitive) To invalidate or annul something.

Verb : (transitive) To mark something (such as a used postage stamp) so that it can't be reused.


Noun : (obsolete) Whiteness; brilliance; purity.

Noun : The state of being sincere and open in speech; honesty in expression.

Noun : Impartiality.


Verb : (transitive, intransitive) To persuade someone to do something which they are reluctant to do, especially by flattery or promises; to coax.

Noun : The act of cajoling


Noun : A hole or hollow depression in a solid object.

Noun : (anatomy) A hollow area within the body.

Noun : (engineering, manufacturing) The female part of a mold: the depression itself or (metonymically) the half of the mold that contains it.


Noun : A large residential building or compound that is fortified and contains many defences; in previous ages often inhabited by a nobleman or king. Also, a house or mansion with some of the architectural features of medieval castles.

Noun : (chess) An instance of castling.

Noun : (chess, informal) A rook; a chess piece shaped like a castle tower.


Adjective : Bald, hairless, bare.

Adjective : Unfledged (of a young bird), featherless.

Adjective : (by extension, life-cycle developmental stage) Newly emerged or hatched, juvenile.



Noun : Domesticated animals of the species Bos taurus (cows, bulls, steers, oxen etc).

Noun : Certain other livestock, such as sheep, pigs or horses.

Noun : (derogatory, figuratively) People who resemble domesticated bovine animals in behavior or destiny.


Noun : A complete assembly, consisting of an artillery tube and a breech mechanism, firing mechanism or base cap, which is a component of a gun, howitzer or mortar. It may include muzzle appendages.

Noun : Any similar device for shooting material out of a tube.

Noun : (military, chiefly aviation) An autocannon.


Noun : A light source consisting of a wick embedded in a solid, flammable substance such as wax, tallow, or paraffin.

Noun : The protruding, removable portion of a filter, particularly a water filter.

Noun : (obsolete) A unit of luminous intensity, now replaced by the SI unit candela.


Verb : (nautical, transitive) To heave a ship down on one side so as to expose the other, in order to clean it of barnacles and weed, or to repair it below the water line.

Verb : (nautical, intransitive) To tilt on one side.

Verb : (intransitive) To lurch or sway violently from side to side.


Adjective : (of a person) Kind, sensitive, or empathetic.

Noun : The act of one who cares.


Noun : A public building or room for gambling.

Noun : (obsolete) A small house; a pleasure house or holiday home, especially in Italy.

Noun : (uncountable) A certain Italian card game for two to four players.


Noun : (economics) A group of businesses or nations that collude to limit competition within an industry or market.

Noun : (historical, politics) A combination of political groups (notably parties) for common action.

Noun : (historical) A written letter of defiance or challenge.


Noun : A hardened area of the skin (especially on the foot or hand) caused by repeated friction, wear or use.

Noun : The material of repair in fractures of bone; a substance exuded at the site of fracture, which is at first soft or cartilaginous in consistency, but is ultimately converted into true bone and unites the fragments into a single piece.

Noun : (botany) The new formation over the end of a cutting, before it puts out rootlets.


Noun : A fabric used as a complete floor covering.

Noun : (figuratively) Any surface or cover resembling a carpet or fulfilling its function.

Noun : Any of a number of moths in the geometrid subfamily Larentiinae


Verb : (originally intransitive, of horses) To prance, frolic, gambol.

Verb : (intransitive) To move about carelessly, playfully or boisterously.

Verb : (informal) To engage in extravagant pursuits, especially of a sexual nature.



Noun : The grounds or property of a school, college, university, business, church, or hospital, often understood to include buildings and other structures.

Noun : An institution of higher education and its ambiance.

Verb : To confine (a student) to campus as a punishment.


Noun : (botany) Any member of the family Cactaceae, a family of flowering New World succulent plants suited to a hot, semi-desert climate.

Noun : Any succulent plant with a thick fleshy stem bearing spines but no leaves, such as euphorbs.

Adjective : (Australia, New Zealand, slang, dated) Non-functional, broken, exhausted, dead.


Noun : The political leader of the Muslim world; the successor of the prophet Muhammad's political authority.

Noun : Alternative letter-case form of caliph. [The political leader of the Muslim world; the successor of the prophet Muhammad's political authority.]


Adjective : Relating to the physical and especially sexual appetites.

Adjective : Worldly or earthly; temporal.

Adjective : Of or relating to the body or flesh.


Adjective : (cricket) Of the method of being out in which the striker hits the ball and a fielder catches it.


Noun : (textiles) A kind of rough cloth made from unbleached and not fully processed cotton, often printed with a bright pattern.

Noun : (uncountable) The plant disease caused by Tobacco mosaic virus.

Adjective : Made of calico or resembling the color of calico cloth, having a pattern of red and contrasting areas; variegated.


Noun : An act of endearment; any act or expression of affection; an embracing, or touching, with tenderness.

Noun : A gentle stroking or rubbing.

Verb : (transitive) To touch or kiss lovingly; to fondle.


Noun : A valley, especially a long, narrow, steep valley, cut in rock by a river.

Noun : An unincorporated community in Algoma district, in north-eastern Ontario, Canada.

Noun : An unincorporated community in Kenora district, in north-western Ontario, Canada.


Adjective : Of, or pertaining to, a dog or dogs.

Adjective : Dog-like.

Adjective : (anatomy) Of or pertaining to mammalian teeth which are cuspids or fangs.


Noun : (uncountable) The chemical element (symbol C) with an atomic number of 6. It can be found in pure form for example as graphite, a black, shiny and very soft material, or diamond, a colourless, transparent, crystalline solid and the hardest known material.

Noun : (countable) An atom of this element, in reference to a molecule containing it.

Noun : (countable, informal) A sheet of carbon paper.


Noun : A cabin or hut for relaxing.

Noun : (Canada, US) A shelter on a beach or at a swimming pool.

Noun : A surname.


Noun : An ancient Roman family name, notably that of Julius Caesar.

Noun : (figuratively) The government; society; earthly powers.

Noun : A title of Roman emperors.


Verb : Can not (be unable to).

Verb : Be forbidden or not permitted to

Noun : Something that cannot be done.


Noun : A small, usually yellow, finch (genus Serinus), a songbird native to the Canary Islands.

Noun : Any of various small birds of different countries, most of which are largely yellow in colour.

Noun : (informal) A female singer, soprano, a coloratura singer.


Noun : A vegetable with a nutritious, juicy, sweet root that is often orange in colour, Daucus carota, especially the subspecies sativus in the family Apiaceae.

Noun : (color) A shade of orange similar to the flesh of most carrots (also called carrot orange).

Noun : (figurative) Any motivational tool; an incentive to do something.


Noun : Any of the about 250 species of flowering plant of the genus Nepeta, family Lamiaceae, certain of which are said to have medicinal qualities.

Noun : Nepeta cataria and Nepeta grandiflora (and perhaps other species), which are well-known for causing an apparently harmless pheromone-based intoxication among certain cats.

Noun : (figurative) Something that causes excitement or interest.


Noun : A gait of a horse between a trot and a gallop, consisting of three beats and a "suspension" phase, where there are no feet on the ground. Also describing this gait on other four-legged animals.

Noun : A ride on a horse at such speed.

Verb : (intransitive) To move at such pace.


Noun : Roe of the sturgeon or of certain other large fish, considered a delicacy.

Noun : (figurative) Something whose flavour is too fine for the vulgar taste.


Noun : A surname originating as an occupation for someone who was a carter.

Noun : A male given name transferred from the surname.

Noun : A number of places in the United States:


Noun : A slight convexity, arching or curvature of a surface of a road, beam, roof, ship's deck etc., so that liquids will flow off the sides.

Noun : The slope of a curved road created to minimize the effect of centrifugal force.

Noun : (architecture) An upward concavity in the underside of a beam, girder, or lintel; also, a slight upward concavity in a straight arch.


Noun : A division of a political unit.

Noun : One of the states comprising the Swiss Confederation.

Noun : A subdivision of an arrondissement of France.


Noun : A hat made from the fur of the beaver.

Noun : A heavy quality of broadcloth for overcoats.

Noun : Castoreum (bitter exudate of mature beavers).


Noun : The progressive destruction of bone or tooth by decay


Noun : Someone or something that casts.

Noun : A wheeled assembly attached to a larger object at its base to facilitate rolling. A caster usually consists of a wheel (which may be plastic, a hard elastomer, or metal), an axle, a mounting provision (usually a stem, flange, or plate), and sometimes a swivel (which allows the caster to rotate for steering).

Noun : A shaker with a perforated top for sprinkling condiments such as sugar, salt, pepper, etc.


Noun : The cry of a hen or goose, especially when laying an egg.

Noun : A laugh resembling the cry of a hen or goose.

Noun : Futile or excessively noisy talk.


Noun : (phytopathology) A plant disease marked by gradual decay.

Noun : A region of dead plant tissue caused by such a disease.

Noun : A worm or grub that destroys plant buds or leaves; cankerworm.



Noun : A little box, e.g. for jewellery.

Noun : (Britain) An urn.

Noun : (Canada, US) A coffin.


Noun : A country in North America.

Noun : (historical) Lower Canada 1791-1840 (also Canada East 1840-1867, now province of Quebec) or respectively Upper Canada (Canada West, now province of Ontario), often “the Canadas” (or politically, “United Canada” 1840-1867).

Noun : (historical) (1608-1763) The most active province of New France. Nowadays corresponds to the territory of much of Quebec, Ontario, and several US states (aligning with the Saint Lawrence River and Ottawa River plains and Great Lakes plains, and Laurentian Mountains)


Noun : (botany) A type of inflorescence, consisting of an axis with many unisexual apetalous flowers along its sides, as in the willow and poplar.


Adjective : Cardiovascular; pertaining to the health of the circulatory and respiratory systems.

Noun : (exercise) Exercise with the goal of raising the heart rate.


Adjective : Preserved in cans.

Adjective : (by extension) Previously prepared; not fresh or new; standardized, mass-produced, or lacking originality or customization.

Adjective : (slang) Drunk.


Noun : An inexpensive, disposable box-like container fashioned from either paper, paper with wax-covering (wax paper), or other lightweight material.

Noun : A pack of cigarettes, usually ten, wrapped in cellophane or packed in a light cardboard box.

Noun : (Australia) A cardboard box that holds (usually 24) beer bottles or cans.


Adjective : of, relating to, or being a cause of something; causing

Noun : (grammar) a word (such as because) that expresses a reason or a cause


Noun : A large cave.

Noun : An underground chamber.

Noun : A large, dark place or space.


Noun : A bottle, usually glass and with a flared lip, used for serving water, wine, or other beverages.

Noun : A glass pot with a spout for pouring, used for both serving coffee and as a receptacle during the brewing process.


Adjective : Having the name of.


Noun : A longitudinal ridge or projection like the keel of a boat.

Noun : (botany) Part of a papilionaceous flower consisting of two petals, commonly united, which encloses the organs of fructification.

Noun : (zoology) The keel of the breastbone of birds.


Noun : (nautical) A small wooden trading vessel, brightly painted and rigged for sail, traditionally used for fishing and trawling.

Noun : Any of four (previously two) species of parrot in the genus Pionites.


Noun : (architecture) A small closet or enclosure built against a window on the inner side, to sit in for study.

Noun : Hence, a partially partitioned space for studying or reading, often in a library.

Noun : A square-headed arrow; a quarrel.


Noun : That which encloses or encases.

Noun : (architecture) The decorative trim around a door or window.

Noun : (oil industry) A metal pipe used to line the borehole of a well.


Noun : person


Noun : A tree, Anacardium occidentale, native to northeastern Brazil, now widely grown in tropical climates for its cashew nuts and cashew apples.

Noun : A cashew nut.


Adjective : (of a tune or phrase) Instantly appealing and memorable.

Adjective : (dated, chiefly figurative) Tending to catch or ensnare; entangling.

Adjective : (dated) Consisting of, or occurring in, disconnected parts or snatches; changeable.


Noun : (physical chemistry) a positively charged ion, i.e. one that would be attracted to the cathode in electrolysis


Noun : (uncountable) The spice made from the bark of members of the genus Cinnamomum other than true cinnamon (C. verum), when they are distinguished from cinnamon.

Noun : (countable) Such trees themselves, particularly the Chinese cinnamon, Cinnamomum cassia.

Noun : (countable) Any of several tropical leguminous plants, of the genus Cassia.


Noun : A large, rigid bottle, originally made of glass and mainly used for fermentation, and now commonly made of plastic and used to store liquids.

Verb : (transitive) To bottle in a carboy.


Noun : (biochemistry) A protein present in both milk and in the seeds of leguminous plants


Noun : Alternative spelling of Kabballah [(Judaism) A body of mystical Jewish teachings based on an esoteric reading of the Hebrew scriptures.]


Adjective : (zoology) Pertaining to the tail or posterior or hind part of a body.

Adjective : (anatomical terms of location and direction) Toward the tail end (hind end) of the body; in bipeds such as humans, this direction corresponds to inferior.

Noun : A caudal vertebra.


Noun : singer, especially someone who takes a special role of singing or song leading at a ceremony

Noun : A prayer leader in a Jewish service; a hazzan

Noun : A surname.


Noun : (uncommon) A group of people working together (usually for an illicit purpose)

Noun : (uncommon) An accomplice; a partner.

Noun : (US, uncommon) A company or partnership.


Noun : A Scottish surname, possibly a form of Curzon.

Noun : A male given name transferred from the surname.

Noun : (rare) A female given name transferred from the surname.


Noun : Alternative spelling of kaftan [A long tunic worn in the Eastern Mediterranean.]


Noun : Alternative spelling of canapé [An hors d’oeuvre, a bite-sized open-faced sandwich made of thin bread or toast topped with savory garnish.]

call on

Verb : To visit (a person); to pay a call to.

Verb : To select (a student in a classroom, etc.) to provide an answer.

Verb : (also call upon) To request or ask something of (a person); to select for a task.


Noun : A female given name

Noun : A surname.

Noun : (US) A thorny shrub with fragrant yellow flowers, Vachellia farnesiana; the needle bush.


Noun : (linguistics, translation studies) A word or phrase in a language formed by word-for-word or morpheme-by-morpheme translation of a word in another language.

Verb : (linguistics, translation studies) To adopt (a word or phrase) from one language to another by semantic translation of its parts.


Noun : (Canada, US, informal, sometimes derogatory) A Canadian, sometimes especially a French Canadian.

Noun : The French-Canadian dialect.

Noun : (rare) A thing from Canada.


Noun : Someone who carves; an artist who produces carvings.

Noun : (dated) A carving knife.

Noun : (dated) A butcher.


Noun : A cultivar of the muskmelon (Cucumis melo), with bright yellow, wrinkled skin.

Noun : (usually in the plural, slang) The adult female breast.


Noun : A mountain range in Israel.

Noun : A female given name from Hebrew from the Roman Catholic epithet of Virgin Mary at Mount Carmel.

Noun : A city, valley, and river in Monterey County, California, United States. The full name of the city is Carmel-by-the-Sea.


Noun : A person who camps, especially in a tent etc.

Noun : A motor vehicle with a rear compartment for living and sleeping in.

Noun : (video games) A person who stays in one spot during a first-person shooting game, to guard an item etc.


Noun : (strictly) Any of the relatively small crocodilians of the genus Caiman, within the family Alligatoridae.

Noun : (loosely) A crocodilian of the subfamily Caimaninae, which includes the very large black caiman.

Noun : A semi-aquatic lizard, of the genus Dracaena, found in South America. To differentiate from caimans, they are referred to as caiman lizards.


Noun : (telephony) The person who makes a telephone call.

Noun : A visitor.

Noun : (bingo) The person who stands at the front of the hall and announces the numbers.


Noun : (Scotland)

Noun : (also attributively, obsolete) Synonym of cadet (“a gentleman (often a younger son from a noble family) who joined the military without a commission as a career”)

Noun : (by extension, archaic) A young man; a boy, a lad; specifically (derogatory), one regarded as of low social status; a ragamuffin.


Noun : (botany) A constituent part of a flower pistil - the individual female reproductive organs in a flower. A carpel is composed of an ovary, a style, and a stigma, although some flowers have carpels without a distinct style. In origin, carpels are leaves (megasporophylls) that have evolved to enclose the ovules. A pistil may be composed of a single carpel or of several carpels fused together.


Noun : (anatomy) Any of the eight bones of the wrist (carpus).

Adjective : Of or pertaining to the carpus.


Noun : A ticket book, a collection of tickets in the form of a booklet often sold at a discount to single tickets.

Noun : (law) A customs document that allows the temporary duty-free importation of a particular article

Noun : An admission pass.


Noun : A surname from Italian.

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