3 Letter Words That Start With EX


Noun : (file format) A Windows executable file.

Noun : A river in Somerset and Devon, England, rising in Exmoor and flowing into the English Channel near Exmouth.

Noun : (after a qualification) University of Exeter, used especially following post-nominal letters indicating status as a graduate.


Noun : Exo, officially known as Réseau de transport métropolitain, is a public transport system in Greater Montreal, including the Island of Montreal, Laval (Île Jésus), and communities along both the North Shore of the Mille Îles River and the South Shore of the St. Lawrence River.

Noun : a South Korean–Chinese boy band.

Noun : (stylized in all caps) a South Korean-Chinese boy band based in Seoul that was formed by SM Entertainment in 2011 and debuted in 2012.


Noun : exterior (describing the location of a shot in a film script, etc.)

Noun : (telecommunications) extension



Noun : (roleplaying games) Initialism of experience point.

Noun : Initialism of expiry date. [(UK) The date on which something runs out or expires and becomes out of date, in many cases needing renewal.]



Noun : (rail transport) The station code of Exhibition Centre in Hong Kong.


Noun : (Tyneside, slang) Clipping of Exhibition Park in Newcastle upon Tyne.


Noun : Abbreviation of exhibit. [An instance of exhibiting.]

Noun : Abbreviation of exhibition. [An instance of exhibiting, or something exhibited.]


Noun : Abbreviation of executrix. [(chiefly law, dated) A female executor; a woman appointed to execute a will.]



Noun : The name of the Latin-script letter X.

Verb : To delete; to cross out

Verb : (slang) To extinguish the life of.




Noun : (Incoterm) Abbreviation of Ex Works. [(Incoterm) Meaning the buyer pays for all insurance and transportation from the seller's premises, and the seller's only responsibility is making the goods available at the seller's premises.]



Adjective : (Australia, colloquial, slang) Expensive.


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