5 Letter Words That Start With F


Adjective : (slang, African-American Vernacular, chiefly describing eyebrows) Alternative form of on fleek


Noun : Strength or energy of body or mind; active power; vigour; might; capacity of exercising an influence or producing an effect.

Noun : Power exerted against will or consent; compulsory power; violence; coercion.

Noun : (countable) Anything that is able to make a substantial change in a person or thing.


Noun : A sudden bright light.

Noun : A source of brightly burning light or intense heat.

Noun : A type of pyrotechnic that produces a brilliant light without an explosion, used to attract attention in an emergency, to illuminate an area, or as a decoy.


Verb : (transitive) To fit, as for a specific end or purpose; make suitable or comfortable; adapt; adjust.

Verb : (transitive) To construct by fitting together or uniting various parts; fabricate by union of constituent parts.

Verb : (transitive) To bring or put into form or order; adjust the parts or elements of; compose; contrive; plan; devise.


Noun : A land area free of woodland, cities, and towns; an area of open country.

Noun : (usually in the plural) The open country near or belonging to a town or city.

Noun : A wide, open space that is used to grow crops or to hold farm animals, usually enclosed by a fence, hedge or other barrier.


Noun : A higher than normal body temperature of a person (or, generally, a mammal), usually caused by disease.

Noun : (usually in combination with one or more preceding words) Any of various diseases.

Noun : A state of excitement or anxiety.


Noun : (countable, optics) A point at which reflected or refracted rays of light converge.

Noun : (countable, geometry) A point of a conic at which rays reflected from a curve or surface converge.

Noun : (uncountable, photography, cinematography) The fact of the convergence of light on the photographic medium.


Noun : An act of throwing, often violently.

Noun : An act of moving the limbs or body with violent movements, especially in a dance.

Noun : An act or period of unrestrained indulgence.


Noun : A trust or confidence in the intentions or abilities of a person, object, or ideal from prior empirical evidence.

Noun : A conviction about abstractions, ideas, or beliefs, without empirical evidence, experience, or observation.

Noun : A religious or spiritual belief system.


Verb : Senses relating to physical conflict:

Verb : (transitive) To engage in combat with; to oppose physically, to contest with.

Verb : (transitive) To conduct or engage in (battle, warfare etc.).


Verb : Forward in time, place or degree.

Verb : Out into view; from a particular place or position.

Verb : (obsolete) Beyond a (certain) boundary; away; abroad; out.


Noun : (often in the plural) In general, a product of plant growth useful to man or animals.

Noun : Specifically, any sweet and/or sour, edible part of a plant that resembles seed-bearing fruit (see next sense), even if it does not develop from a floral ovary; also used in a technically imprecise sense for some sweet or sweetish vegetables, such as the petioles of rhubarb, that resemble a true fruit or are used in cookery as if they were a fruit.

Noun : (botany) A product of fertilization in a plant, specifically:


Noun : The imagination.

Noun : An image or representation of anything formed in the mind.

Noun : An opinion or notion formed without much reflection.


Noun : The foremost side of something or the end that faces the direction it normally moves.

Noun : The side of a building with the main entrance.

Noun : A field of activity.


Noun : A furnace or hearth where metals are heated prior to hammering them into shape.

Noun : A workshop in which metals are shaped by heating and hammering them.

Noun : The act of beating or working iron or steel.


Noun : A group of birds that have suddenly started up from undergrowth, trees, etc.

Verb : (transitive) To cause to take flight from concealment.

Verb : (intransitive) To take suddenly to flight, especially from cover.


Verb : (intransitive, of an object or substance) To be supported by a fluid of greater density (than the object).

Verb : To be supported by a liquid of greater density, such that part (of the object or substance) remains above the surface.

Verb : (transitive) To cause something to be suspended in a liquid of greater density.


Verb : (transitive) To cause to shine briefly or intermittently.

Verb : (intransitive) To blink; to shine or illuminate intermittently.

Verb : (intransitive) To be visible briefly.


Adjective : Preceding all others of a series or kind; the ordinal of one; earliest.

Adjective : Most eminent or exalted; most excellent; chief; highest.

Adjective : Of or belonging to a first family.


Verb : To let pass, to leave alone, to let go.

Verb : To do without, to abandon, to renounce.

Verb : To refrain from, to abstain from, to pass up, to withgo.


Adjective : Newly produced or obtained; recent.

Adjective : (of food) Not dried, frozen, or spoiled.

Adjective : (of plant material) Still green and not dried.


Noun : A defect; something that detracts from perfection.

Noun : A mistake or error.

Noun : A weakness of character; a failing.


Noun : A kind or helpful deed; an instance of voluntarily assisting (someone).

Noun : Goodwill; benevolent regard.

Noun : A small gift; a party favor.


Noun : The interior bottom or surface of a house or building; the supporting surface of a room.

Noun : (geology, biology, chiefly with a modifier) The bottom surface of a natural structure, entity, or space (e.g. cave, forest, ocean, desert, etc.); the ground (surface of the Earth).

Noun : (UK, dialectal, colloquial) The ground.


Noun : (law) The crime of stealing or otherwise illegally obtaining money by use of deception tactics.

Noun : Any act of deception carried out for the purpose of unfair, undeserved or unlawful gain.

Noun : The assumption of a false identity to such deceptive end.


Noun : A thin artificial barrier that separates two pieces of land or forms a perimeter enclosing the lands of a house, building, etc.

Noun : (informal) Someone who hides or buys and sells stolen goods, a criminal middleman for transactions of stolen goods.

Noun : (by extension) The place whence such a middleman operates.


Noun : Any substance which can flow with relative ease, tends to assume the shape of its container, and obeys Bernoulli's principle; a liquid, gas or plasma.

Noun : A liquid (as opposed to a solid or gas).

Noun : (specifically, medicine, colloquial, typically in the plural) Intravenous fluids.


Noun : A strength or talent.

Noun : The strong part of a sword blade, close to the hilt.

Adjective : (music) Loud. Used as a dynamic directive in sheet music in its abbreviated form, "f.", to indicate raising the volume of the music. (Abbreviated in musical notation with an f, the Unicode character 1D191.)


Noun : A number of birds together in a group, such as those gathered together for the purpose of migration.

Noun : A large number of animals associated together in a group; commonly used of sheep, but (dated) also used for goats, farmed animals, and a wide variety of animals.

Noun : Those served by a particular pastor or shepherd.herd/flock


Noun : A group of vessels or vehicles.

Noun : Any group of associated items.

Noun : A large, coordinated group of people.


Verb : (law) in fact; by the act or fact


Noun : A place for discussion.

Noun : A gathering for the purpose of discussion; a symposium.

Noun : A form of discussion involving a panel of presenters and often participation by members of the audience.


Noun : (dated) Someone or something that is markedly unusual or unpredictable.

Noun : A hippie.

Noun : A drug addict.


Verb : To make a false show or pretence of; to counterfeit or simulate.

Verb : To imagine; to invent; to pretend to do something.

Verb : To make an action as if doing one thing, but actually doing another, for example to trick an opponent; to feint.


Noun : A sudden or irregular incursion in border warfare; hence, any irregular incursion for war or spoils; a raid.

Noun : A brief excursion or attempt, especially outside one's accustomed sphere.

Verb : To participate in a foray.


Noun : Any one of the flat surfaces cut into a gem.

Noun : One among many similar or related, yet still distinct things.

Noun : One of a series of things, such as steps in a project.


Noun : A lucky or improbable occurrence, with the implication that the occurrence could not be repeated.

Verb : To obtain a successful outcome by pure chance.

Verb : (snooker) To fortuitously pot a ball in an unintended way.


Noun : A natural or innate talent or aptitude.

Noun : Distinctive style or elegance.

Noun : (obsolete) Smell; odor.


Noun : Food and lodging; board.

Verb : To start (an institution or organization).

Verb : To begin building.


Adjective : (of a being) Lacking strength; weak; languid; inclined to lose consciousness

Adjective : Lacking courage, spirit, or energy; cowardly; dejected

Adjective : Barely perceptible; not bright, or loud, or sharp


Noun : An overflow (usually disastrous) of water from a lake or other body of water due to excessive rainfall or other input of water.

Noun : (figuratively) A large number or quantity of anything appearing more rapidly than can easily be dealt with.

Noun : The flowing in of the tide, opposed to the ebb.


Noun : Plants considered as a group, especially those of a particular country, region, time, etc.

Noun : A book describing the plants of a country, region, time, etc.

Noun : The microorganisms that inhabit some part of the body.


Noun : The visible part of fire; a stream of burning vapour or gas, emitting light and heat.

Noun : A romantic partner or lover in a usually short-lived but passionate affair.

Noun : (Internet, somewhat dated) An aggressively insulting criticism or remark.


Noun : Foolishness that results from a lack of foresight or lack of practicality.

Noun : Thoughtless action resulting in tragic consequence.

Noun : (architecture) A fanciful building built for purely ornamental reasons.


Adjective : Wild; untamed.

Adjective : (of an animal) Wild but descended from domestic or captive ancestors.

Adjective : (of a person) Contemptible; unruly; misbehaved.


Noun : A short, quick movement, especially a brush, sweep, or flip.

Noun : (informal) A motion picture, movie, film; (in plural, usually preceded by "the") movie theater, cinema.

Noun : (fencing) A cut that lands with the point, often involving a whip of the foible of the blade to strike at a concealed target.


Noun : (countable) A single elongated piece of a given material, roughly round in cross-section, often twisted with other fibers to form thread.

Noun : (uncountable) A material in the form of fibers.

Noun : (textiles) A material whose length is at least 1000 times its width.


Noun : (uncountable) A style of humor marked by broad improbabilities with little regard to regularity or method.

Noun : (countable) A motion picture or play featuring this style of humor.

Noun : (uncountable) A situation abounding with ludicrous incidents.


Noun : A cover of minute ice crystals on objects that are exposed to the air. Frost is formed by the same process as dew, except that the temperature of the frosted object is below freezing.

Noun : The cold weather that causes these ice crystals to form.

Noun : (figurative) Coldness or insensibility; severity or rigidity of character.


Noun : That which flies, as a bird or insect.

Noun : A machine that flies.

Noun : (dated) An airplane pilot.


Adjective : Of or relating to fire.

Adjective : Burning or glowing.

Adjective : Inflammable or easily ignited.


Noun : A leaf of a book or manuscript.

Noun : A page of a book, that is, one side of a leaf of a book.

Noun : (by extension, printing)



Verb : (transitive, ditransitive) To retrieve; to bear towards; to go and get.

Verb : (transitive) To obtain as price or equivalent; to sell for.

Verb : (nautical) To bring or get within reach by going; to reach; to arrive at; to attain; to reach by sailing.


Noun : A very large meal, often of a ceremonial nature.

Noun : Something delightful

Noun : A festival; a holy day or holiday; a solemn, or more commonly, a joyous, anniversary.


Adjective : Amusing; humorous; comical.

Adjective : Strange or unusual, often implying unpleasant.

Adjective : (UK, informal) Showing unexpected resentment.


Verb : (transitive) To express contempt for (laws, rules, etc.) by word or action.

Verb : (transitive, archaic) To scorn.

Noun : The act by which something is flouted; violation of a law.


Verb : (transitive) To attack the flank(s) of.

Verb : (transitive) To defend the flank(s) of.

Verb : (transitive) To place to the side(s) of.


Noun : A waterfall.

Noun : A surname.

Noun : A placename


Noun : The soft tissue of the body, especially muscle and fat.

Noun : The skin of a human or animal.

Noun : (by extension) Bare arms, bare legs, bare torso.


Noun : A wrinkling of the forehead with the eyebrows brought together, typically indicating displeasure, severity, or concentration.

Noun : (Canada, US) A downturn of the corners of the mouth, typically expressing sadness.

Verb : (intransitive) To have a frown on one's face.


Adjective : honest, especially in a manner that seems slightly blunt; candid; not reserved or disguised.

Adjective : (medicine) unmistakable, clinically obvious, self-evident

Adjective : (obsolete) Unbounded by restrictions, limitations, etc.; free.


Noun : (anatomy) A pit, groove, cavity, or depression.

Noun : (astronomy) A long, narrow, shallow depression on the body of an extraterrestrial body, such as a planet or moon.

Noun : A large nocturnal reddish-brown catlike mammal (Cryptoprocta ferox) of the civet family, endemic to the rainforests of Madagascar. It is slender, long-tailed and has retractile claws and anal scent glands.


Adjective : Anxious or particular about petty details; hard to please.

Adjective : Having a tendency to fuss, cry, or be bad-tempered/ill-tempered (especially of babies).

Adjective : Having much unnecessary detail or decoration.


Noun : (chiefly uncountable) A type of very sweet candy or confection, usually made from sugar, butter, and milk or cream.

Noun : (US) Chocolate fudge.

Noun : (uncountable) Light or frothy nonsense.


Noun : A devil or demon; a malignant or diabolical being; an evil spirit.

Noun : A very evil person.

Noun : (obsolete) An enemy; a foe.


Adjective : Easily broken physically; not firm or durable; liable to fail and perish.

Adjective : Weak; infirm.

Adjective : (medicine) In an infirm state leading one to be easily subject to disease or other health problems, especially regarding the elderly.


Noun : A loose filmy mass or a thin chiplike layer of anything

Noun : A scale of a fish or similar animal

Noun : (archaeology) A prehistoric tool chipped out of stone.


Noun : A fictitious narrative intended to enforce some useful truth or precept, usually with animals, etc. as characters; an apologue. Prototypically, Aesop's Fables.

Noun : Any story told to excite wonder; common talk; the theme of talk.

Noun : Fiction; untruth; falsehood.


Noun : (music) A contrapuntal piece of music wherein a particular melody is played in a number of voices, each voice introduced in turn by playing the melody.

Noun : Anything in literature, poetry, film, painting, etc., that resembles a fugue in structure or in its elaborate complexity and formality.

Noun : (psychiatry) A fugue state.


Noun : (uncountable, obsolete) The realm of faerie; enchantment, illusion.

Noun : A mythical being with magical powers, known in many sizes and descriptions, although often depicted in modern illustrations only as a small sprite with gauze-like wings, and revered in some modern forms of paganism.

Noun : An enchantress, or creature of overpowering charm.


Adjective : Untrue, not factual, factually incorrect.

Adjective : Based on factually incorrect premises.

Adjective : Spurious, artificial.


Noun : (often military) A movement made to confuse an opponent; a dummy.

Noun : (boxing, fencing) A blow, thrust, or other offensive movement resembling an attack on some part of the body, intended to distract from a real attack on another part.

Noun : (figuratively) Something feigned; a false or pretend appearance; a pretence or stratagem.


Noun : Powder obtained by grinding or milling cereal grains, especially wheat, or other foodstuffs such as soybeans and potatoes, and used to bake bread, cakes, and pastry.

Noun : (US standards of identity) The food made by grinding and bolting cleaned wheat (not durum or red durum) until it meets specified levels of fineness, dryness, and freedom from bran and germ, also containing any of certain enzymes, ascorbic acid, and certain bleaching agents.

Noun : Powder of other material.


Noun : A sudden jerk; a quick throw or cast; a darting motion

Noun : Someone who flirts a lot or enjoys flirting; a flirtatious person.

Noun : An act of flirting.


Adjective : Covered with fuzz or a large number of tiny loose fibres like a carpet or many stuffed animals

Adjective : Vague or imprecise.

Adjective : Not clear; unfocused.


Noun : Alternative form of flyer (more common in US, except in the sense of "leaflet") [That which flies, as a bird or insect.]

Verb : Alternative form of flyer [(intransitive) To distribute flyers (leaflets).]


Noun : The open area above a stage where scenery and equipment may be hung.


Adjective : (US, slang) Offbeat, unconventional or eccentric.

Adjective : (US, slang) Not quite right; of questionable quality; not appropriate to the context.

Adjective : (slang, UK, US) Cool; great; excellent.


Noun : A tool used for threshing, consisting of a long handle (handstock) with a shorter stick (swipple or swingle) attached with a short piece of chain, thong or similar material.

Noun : A weapon which has the (usually spherical) striking part attached to the handle with a flexible joint such as a chain.

Verb : (transitive) To beat using a flail or similar implement.


Noun : A lobby, corridor, or waiting room, used in a hotel, theater, etc.

Noun : The crucible or basin in a furnace which receives the molten metal.

Noun : (UK) A hostel offering accommodation and work opportunities to homeless young people.


Noun : A woodwind instrument consisting of a tube with a row of holes that produce sound through vibrations caused by air blown across the edge of the holes, often tuned by plugging one or more holes with a finger; the Western concert flute, a transverse side-blown flute of European origin.

Noun : (colloquial) A recorder, also a woodwind instrument.

Noun : A glass with a long, narrow bowl and a long stem, used for drinking wine, especially champagne.


Adjective : Proceeding from, or appointed by, fate or destiny.

Adjective : Foreboding death or great disaster.

Adjective : Causing death or destruction.


Noun : (pathology) Spongy, abnormal growth, as granulation tissue formed in a wound.

Noun : (by extension, music) A style of folk and popular music from the Virgin Islands, traditionally performed by bands consisting of banjo, guitar, ukulele, and washboard with various percussion instruments on rhythm.

Noun : Alternative spelling of fungee (“a cornmeal dish from the Caribbean, usually made with okra and served with salt fish, shellfish, or chicken”) [A cornmeal dish from the Caribbean, usually made with okra and served with salt fish, shellfish, or chicken; variant recipes are also known as coo-coo (coocoo) or cou-cou (coucou).]


Noun : Anything light, soft or fuzzy, especially fur, hair, feathers.

Noun : Anything inconsequential or superficial.

Noun : (informal) A lapse or mistake, especially a mistake in an actor's lines.


Noun : (US, Canada) A final examination; a test or examination given at the end of a term or class; the test that concludes a class.

Noun : (Oxbridge slang) A final examination taken at the end of the final year of an undergraduate course, which contributes towards a student's degree classification.

Noun : (sports) The last round, game or match in a contest, after which the winner is determined.


Adjective : Foul-smelling, stinking.

Noun : (rare) The foul-smelling asafoetida plant, or its extracts.


Noun : (uncountable) Animals considered as a group; especially those of a particular country, region, time.

Noun : (countable) A book, cataloguing the animals of a country.

Noun : (Roman mythology) The goddess of animals, nature, spring and fertility; she is also the consort of Faunus.


Noun : (slang) A bottle of beer containing forty fluid ounces.

Adjective : Resembling or characteristic of a fort.


Verb : (transitive) To introduce or insert surreptitiously or without warrant.

Verb : (transitive) To force another to accept especially by stealth or deceit.

Verb : (transitive) To pass off as genuine or worthy.


Noun : A flake.

Noun : A lock, as of wool.

Noun : A small spot or streak; a speckle.


Noun : Foam.

Noun : (figuratively) Unimportant or insubstantial talk, events, or actions; drivel.

Noun : The idle rich.


Noun : A narrow-necked vessel of metal or glass, used for various purposes; as of sheet metal, to carry gunpowder in; or of wrought iron, to contain quicksilver; or of glass, to heat water in, etc.

Noun : A container used to discreetly carry a small amount of a hard alcoholic beverage; a pocket flask.

Noun : (sciences) Laboratory glassware used to hold larger volumes than test tubes, normally having a narrow mouth of a standard size which widens to a flat or spherical base.


Adjective : Obsolete spelling of fair [(original sense, archaic or literary) Beautiful, of a pleasing appearance, with a pure and fresh quality.]

Noun : Obsolete spelling of fair [Something which is fair (in various senses of the adjective).]


Adjective : Consisting of flakes or of small, loose masses; lying, or cleaving off, in flakes or layers; flakelike.

Adjective : (informal, of a person) Unreliable; likely to make plans with others but then abandon those plans.

Adjective : (informal, of a thing) Unreliable; working only on an intermittent basis; likely due to malfunction.


Adjective : Attached; affixed.

Adjective : Not able to move; unmovable.

Adjective : Not able to change or vary.


Noun : A hard, fine-grained quartz that fractures conchoidally and generates sparks when struck against a material such as steel, because tiny chips of the steel are heated to incandescence and burn in air.

Noun : A piece of flint, such as a gunflint, used to produce a spark by striking it with a firestriker.

Noun : A small cylinder of some other material of the same function in a cigarette lighter, etc.


Noun : Any Eurasian goldfinch (of species Carduelis carduelis, syn. Fringilla carduelis).

Noun : Any bird of the family Fringillidae, seed-eating passerine birds, native chiefly to the Northern Hemisphere and usually having a conical beak.

Noun : Any bird of other families of similar appearance to members of family Fringillidae.


Noun : (botany) The leaf of a fern, especially a compound leaf.

Noun : Any fern-like leaf or other object resembling a fern leaf.


Verb : In a full manner; without lack or defect; completely, entirely.

Verb : Used as an intensifier for a quantity.

Verb : (Followed by as) Exactly, equally.

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