5 Letter Words That Start With IN


Noun : An alphabetical listing of items and their location.

Noun : The index finger; the forefinger.

Noun : A movable finger on a gauge, scale, etc.


Noun : The act or process of putting in; infusion.

Noun : That which is put in, as in an amount.

Noun : Contribution of work or information, as an opinion or advice.


Verb : (transitive) To introduce (something) as a reasoned conclusion; to conclude by reasoning or deduction, as from premises or evidence.

Verb : (transitive, often proscribed) To lead to (something) as a consequence; to imply.

Verb : (obsolete) To cause, inflict (something) upon or to someone.


Verb : (transitive) to bring upon oneself or expose oneself to, especially something inconvenient, harmful, or onerous; to become liable or subject to

Verb : (chiefly law, accounting) to render somebody liable or subject to

Verb : (obsolete, transitive) to enter or pass into


Verb : (transitive) To cause someone to become accustomed to something that requires prolonged or repeated tolerance of one or more unpleasantries.

Verb : (intransitive, chiefly law) To take effect, to be operative.

Verb : (transitive, obsolete) To commit.


Adjective : Lacking sense or meaning (often to the point of boredom or annoyance)

Adjective : Purposeless; pointless

Noun : That which is void or empty.


Adjective : Not able to do something; not proficient; displaying incompetence.

Adjective : Unfit; unsuitable.


Verb : (also figuratively) To place (pieces of a foreign material) within another material to form a decorative design.

Verb : (dentistry) To place an inlay in a tooth.

Noun : The material placed within a different material in the form of a decoration.


Adjective : Unable to move or act; inanimate.

Adjective : Sluggish or lethargic.

Adjective : (chemistry) Not readily reacting with other elements or compounds.


Verb : To bury in a grave.

Verb : To confine, as in a prison.

Noun : The Inter Milan football team


Noun : (especially espionage and military) intelligence (secret information)

Noun : Intel Corporation, a US-based multinational corporation that is best known for designing and manufacturing microprocessors and specialized integrated circuits.


Adjective : Being or occurring (farther) inside, situated farther in, located (situated) or happening on the inside of something, situated within or farther within contained within something.

Adjective : Close to the centre, located near or closer to center.

Adjective : Inside or closer to the inside of the body.


Adjective : Independent; from outside the mainstream.

Noun : (countable) An independent publisher.

Noun : (countable) A work released by an independent publisher.



Verb : (transitive) To let in; admit.

Verb : (transitive) To insert; inlay.

Verb : (firearms) To carve the wooden stock of a firearm so as to position the metal components in it.


Noun : A country in South Asia. Official name: Republic of India. Capital: New Delhi.

Noun : (chiefly historical, proscribed in modern use) A region of South Asia, traditionally delimited by the Himalayas and the Indus river; the Indian subcontinent.

Noun : (historical, often "British India") A territory of the British Empire, chiefly comprising the modern day countries of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and Burma.


Noun : A member of any of several Aboriginal peoples of coastal Arctic Canada, Alaska, and Greenland.

Noun : Inuktitut, the Inuit language.

Adjective : Of or pertaining to Inuit people, language, or culture.


Noun : (obsolete or Scotland) An open fireplace.

Noun : A catamite; a male lover

Verb : (obsolete) To cajole or coax; to wheedle.


Verb : (law) Discussed later.

Noun : (civil engineering, computing, informal) Clipping of infrastructure. [(systems theory) An underlying base or foundation especially for an organization or system.]


Adjective : Not apt.


Noun : A solid block of more or less pure metal, often but not necessarily bricklike in shape and trapezoidal in cross-section, the result of pouring out and cooling molten metal, often immediately after smelting from raw ore or alloying from constituents.

Verb : (transitive) To form (scraps of metal) into ingots.


Noun : One of the largest living lemurs (Indri indri), native to Madagascar.


Verb : (transitive) To set in; infix or implant.

Verb : (transitive) To insert something.

Verb : (transitive) To add an inset to something.


Noun : (Hinduism, Vedic religion) The god of war and weather; also the King of the Gods or Devas and Lord of Heaven or Svargaloka in Hinduism.


Noun : A major river in China, India and Pakistan, rising in Tibet and flowing into the Arabian Sea.

Noun : (astronomy) A constellation of the southern sky between Grus and Pavo.

Noun : A hamlet in Alberta, Canada


Noun : A container in which papers to be dealt with are put.

Noun : (computing) An electronic folder serving the same purpose, but for electronic files, especially email.

Noun : (figuratively) The aggregate of items that demand one's attention or effort.


Noun : (anatomy) A small anvil-shaped bone in the middle ear.

Noun : (meteorology) an accessory cloud, in the shape of an anvil which forms by spreading at the top of a cumulonimbus.



Noun : (informal) An introduction.

Noun : (informal) The opening sequence at beginning of a film, television program, etc.

Noun : (demoscene) A small demo produced to promote one's demogroup or for a competition.


Verb : (transitive, rare) To hint at; disclose.

Verb : (transitive, rare) To have a hint or inkling of; divine.

Noun : Narrow linen tape, used for trimmings or to make shoelaces


Noun : (anatomy) A small protuberance on the external surface of the back of the skull near the neck; the external occipital protuberance.


Noun : An alloy of iron containing 35.5% nickel, and having a very low coefficient of expansion.


Verb : (transitive) To place (the remains of a person who has died) in an urn or other container.

Verb : (transitive) To hold or contain (the remains of a person who has died).


Noun : (informal) Clipping of Instagram. [(Internet) An online photo- and video-sharing social networking service, originally designed to mimic old-fashioned instant cameras.]

Verb : (informal) Clipping of Instagram. [(intransitive) To use the social networking service Instagram.]


Verb : Alternative form of endue [(obsolete) To pass food into the stomach; to digest; also figuratively, to take on, absorb.]


Verb : (transitive, archaic) To set; to fasten or fix by piercing or thrusting in.

Verb : (transitive) To instill.

Verb : (transitive, linguistics) To insert a morpheme inside an existing word.



Verb : Archaic form of ensue. [(obsolete, transitive) To follow (a leader, inclination etc.).]


Adjective : Incognito.

Verb : Incognito.

Noun : Incognito.


Adjective : Of or pertaining to the Inca people and culture

in re

Noun : In re, Latin for "in the matter [of]", is a term with several different, but related meanings.


Noun : (linguistics) A branch of the Indo-European family of languages comprising Sanskrit and its modern descendants such as Bengali, Hindi, Urdu, and Punjabi.

Adjective : Relating to or denoting the group of Indo-European languages comprising Sanskrit and the modern Indian languages which are its descendants.

Adjective : Relating to the Brahmic scripts.


Noun : A male given name


Verb : (UK, law, historical, transitive) To clear of outlawry or attainder; to place under the protection of the law

Noun : One who is within the domain or protection of the law.

Noun : Alternative spelling of in-law [(often in the plural) A relative by marriage (or through affinity).]


Noun : (Japanese mythology, Shinto) The god of harvests, fertility, rice, agriculture, foxes, industry, and worldly success.

Noun : A lake in Lapland, Finland.

Noun : A municipality of Lapland, Finland, and its central village.


Noun : A person or device that applies ink.

Noun : In comic book production, a person who outlines and otherwise embellishes the artwork of a penciler in preparation for publishing.

Noun : A tattoo artist.


Noun : (US, slang, often offensive) A Native American.

Noun : Alternative form of injun [(US, slang, often offensive) A Native American.]


Noun : A member of one of various indigenous peoples in the Americas and East Asia formerly subject to Spain or Portugal, specifically a Native American in Mexico or Brazil, or an indigenous inhabitant of the Philippines.

Noun : A city in Riverside County, California, United States.

in rem

Adjective : (law) Against a thing (such as property) rather than a person.


Noun : a member of western finnish people formerly living in the baltic province where saint petersburg was buil


Noun : Any of several plants of the genus Inula, such as elecampane.

Noun : The dried root of such a plant used as a stimulant.


Adjective : (slang) Having a tattoo or tattoos.


Adjective : (botany) Without spines or thorns; inermous.


Noun : (slang) A navel that is formed of a hollow in the abdomen (as opposed to one that protrudes from the abdomen).

Noun : (slang) A vagina with inner labia minora.

Noun : (childish or euphemistic) A vagina seen as an inverted version of a penis.


Noun : (archaic) Inward knowledge or understanding.

Noun : (obsolete) Conscience; inward sense of morality.


Noun : Alternative form of indole used for derivatives starting with a vowel


Noun : One of the departments in Centre-Val de Loire, France. Capital: Châteauroux (INSEE code 36).

in tow


Noun : (computing) A data structure representing an object such as a file or a directory in a Unix (or similar) file system.



Noun : Alternative form of inkle [Narrow linen tape, used for trimmings or to make shoelaces]

in all

Verb : with everything included or counte

in sum


Verb : Obsolete form of endue. [(obsolete) To pass food into the stomach; to digest; also figuratively, to take on, absorb.]


Noun : A member of the group of Quechuan peoples of highland Peru who established an empire from northern Ecuador to central Chile before the Spanish conquest.

Noun : Any of several species of hummingbirds in the genus Coeligena





Verb : Obsolete spelling of endow [(transitive) To give property to (someone) as a gift; specifically, to provide (a person or institution) with support in the form of a permanent fund of money or other benefits.]



Noun : A surname.


Adjective : (obsolete) burnt in



Adjective : (anatomy) Relating to the inion.


in on

Verb : participating in or knowledgeable ou


in for

in use

Adjective : currently being use



Noun : (skiing) In ski jumping, a steep portion of the ramp, where skiers gain speed before taking off.



Noun : A surname.

Noun : A locality in New Brunswick, Canada.

Noun : An unincorporated community in Fayette County, Georgia.





Noun : A member of an online subculture of people (mostly men) who define themselves as unable to find a romantic or sexual partner despite desiring one.

Noun : (rare) Anyone who is not sexually active despite desiring to be.

Noun : (uncountable, seduction community, informal) "Involuntary celibacy": the state of not being sexually active despite wishing to be.




Verb : (transitive, obsolete) To innoculate or bud; ingraft or propagate (as a tree or plant) by the insertion of a bud.


Verb : To see into; to observe acutely.

Verb : To have or gain insight into; to empathise with or come to fully understand one's point of view.

Verb : To inspect.

in law

in box




Noun : A surname from Japanese.


Noun : French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation.




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