5 Letter Words That Start With O


Adjective : See other (determiner) below.

Adjective : Second.

Adjective : Alien.

of his

one of

out of

Verb : (often informal) expression of how distant a person or an object is.


Verb : Frequently; many times.

Adjective : (archaic) Frequent.

of all

Verb : Used as an intensifier with superlative forms of adjectives.

Verb : Used as an intensifier with nouns to denote being ultimate.


Noun : (countable) Arrangement, disposition, or sequence.

Noun : (countable) A position in an arrangement, disposition, or sequence.

Noun : (uncountable) The state of being well arranged.

of it

of new

Verb : (obsolete) Once again; anew.


Verb : (intransitive) To happen or take place.

Verb : (intransitive) To present or offer itself.

Verb : (impersonal) To come or be presented to the mind; to suggest itself.

out to

on to

out in

Verb : enter a harbo


Noun : A proposal that has been made.

Noun : Something put forth, bid, proffered or tendered.

Noun : (law) An invitation to enter into a binding contract communicated to another party which contains terms sufficiently definite to create an enforceable contract if the other party accepts the invitation.


Adjective : elderly

Noun : A surname.

on one

on it

Verb : on tha

of you


Verb : (auxiliary) Indicating duty or obligation.

Verb : (auxiliary) Indicating advisability or prudence.

Verb : (auxiliary) Indicating desirability.

out on

of age

or so

Verb : (of quantities) imprecise but fairly close to correc


Noun : (countable) One of the large bodies of water separating the continents.

Noun : (uncountable) Water belonging to an ocean.

Noun : (figuratively) An immense expanse; any vast space or quantity without apparent limits.


Adjective : having an owner; often used in combinatio

on top

Verb : On the highest point or surface.

Verb : (idiomatic) In a dominant position.


Noun : One who owns something.

Noun : (nautical, slang) The captain of a ship.


Adjective : Outside; external.

Adjective : Farther from the centre of the inside.

Noun : An outer part.

of old

or no


Noun : The larger part of an organism, composed of tissues that perform similar functions.

Noun : (by extension) A body of an organization dedicated to the performing of certain functions.

Noun : (music) A musical instrument that has multiple pipes which play when a key is pressed (the pipe organ), or an electronic instrument designed to replicate such.

out at


Noun : (archaic) An attack; an assault especially of an army.

Noun : (medicine) The initial phase of a disease or condition, in which symptoms first become apparent.

Noun : (phonology) The initial portion of a syllable, preceding the syllable nucleus.


Noun : (music) A theatrical work, combining drama, music, song and sometimes dance.

Noun : (music) The score for such a work.

Noun : A building designed for the performance of such works; an opera house.

or are


Adjective : Still to be paid; owed as a debt.


Adjective : (usually not comparable) Not closed.

Adjective : Able to be accessed (physically).

Adjective : Able to have something pass through or along it.


Noun : (chemistry) A binary chemical compound of oxygen with another chemical element.

of use

one on


Noun : The curved path of one object around a point or another body.

Noun : (astronomy) An elliptical movement of an object about a celestial object or Lagrange point, especially a periodic elliptical revolution.

Noun : One complete circuit round an orbited body.


Noun : A tree, Olea europaea, cultivated since ancient times in the Mediterranean for its fruit and the oil obtained from it.

Noun : The small oval fruit of this tree, eaten ripe (usually black) or unripe (usually green).

Noun : The wood of the olive tree.


Adjective : (relational) Of, or relating to the eye or to vision.

Adjective : (optics, relational) Of, or relating to optics or optical instruments.

Noun : (archaic, humorous) An eye.

on at


Adjective : Open and not concealed or secret.

Adjective : (heraldry) Disclosed.

Noun : (Scientology) An action or condition said to be detrimental to one’s own survival and thus unethical; the consciousness of such behaviour.

off of


Noun : A male given name from Irish or Old English.

Noun : A surname from Irish [in turn originating as a patronymic], a rare anglicization of Mac Oscair (“son of Oscar”) (McCusker).

Noun : A locale in the United States.


Noun : (uncountable) A yellow-brown, addictive narcotic drug obtained from the dried juice of unripe pods of the opium poppy, Papaver somniferum, and containing alkaloids such as morphine, codeine, and papaverine.

Noun : (by extension, countable) Anything that numbs or stupefies.


Noun : (inorganic chemistry) An allotrope of oxygen (symbol O₃) having three atoms in the molecule instead of the usual two; it is a toxic gas, generated from oxygen by electrical discharge.

Noun : (Britain, informal) Fresh air, especially that breathed at the seaside and smelling of seaweed.

Verb : (transitive) To treat with ozone.


Noun : A monocotyledonous plant (Allium cepa), allied to garlic, used as vegetable and spice.

Noun : The bulb of such a plant.

Noun : A plant of the genus Allium as a whole.


Noun : (anatomy) A female reproductive organ, often paired, that produces ova and in mammals secretes the hormones estrogen and progesterone.

Noun : (botany) The lower part of a pistil or carpel that bears ovules and ripens into fruit.


Noun : An avoirdupois ounce, weighing ¹⁄₁₆ of an avoirdupois pound, or 28.3495 grams.

Noun : A troy ounce, weighing ¹⁄₁₂ of a troy pound, or 480 grains, or 31.1035 grams.

Noun : A US fluid ounce, with a volume of ¹⁄₁₆ of a US pint, 1.8047 cubic inches or 29.5735 millilitres.


Verb : In a peculiar manner; strangely; unusually.

Verb : In a manner measured by an odd number.



Adjective : Extremely overweight, especially: weighing more than 20% (for men) or 25% (for women) over their conventionally ideal weight determined by height and build; or, having a body mass index over 30 kg/m².

Noun : A person who is obese.


Noun : A surname from Swedish.

on end


Verb : (intransitive) To choose; select.

Noun : (linguistics) Abbreviation of Old Portuguese. [Synonym of Old Galician-Portuguese]

Noun : Alternative form of oPt

of of

oil of


Noun : A member of a tribe of Native Americans currently residing in northeastern Nebraska and western Iowa.

Noun : The largest city in Nebraska, United States, and the county seat of Douglas County.

Noun : The language spoken by the Omaha tribe.


Noun : A surname transferred from the given name.


Noun : A solemn pledge or promise that invokes a deity, a ruler, or another entity (not necessarily present) to attest the truth of a statement or sincerity of one's desire to fulfill a contract or promise.

Noun : A statement or promise which is strengthened (affirmed) by such a pledge.

Noun : A light, irreverent or insulting appeal to a deity or other entity.


Noun : Any smell, whether fragrant or offensive.

Noun : (figuratively) A strong, pervasive quality.

Noun : (figuratively, uncountable) Esteem.


Noun : The twenty-fourth letter of the Classical and the Modern Greek alphabet, and the twenty-eighth letter of the Old and the Ancient Greek alphabet, i.e. the last letter of every Greek alphabet. Uppercase version: Ω; lowercase: ω.

Noun : (often capitalized) The end; the final, last or ultimate in a sequence.

Noun : (physics) Angular velocity; symbol: ω.


Noun : A spring of fresh water, surrounded by a fertile region of vegetation, in a desert.

Noun : (figuratively) A quiet, peaceful place or situation separated from surrounding noise or bustle.

Noun : A census-designated place in Riverside County, California, United States.


Noun : The capital city of Osaka Prefecture, Japan.

Noun : A prefecture on the island of Honshū, Japan.

on air

Verb : very happil


Noun : A habitational surname from Old English.

Noun : A male given name transferred from the surname, of occasional usage.

Noun : A hamlet in Calderdale borough, West Yorkshire, England (OS grid ref SE0630).


Noun : A surname.


Noun : (British spelling) Alternative form of odor [Any smell, whether fragrant or offensive.]

on ice


Noun : An aquatic or marine carnivorous mammal in the subfamily Lutrinae of the family Mustelidae, which also includes weasels, polecats, badgers, and others.

Noun : (gay slang) A hairy man with a slender physique, in contrast with a bear, who is more thickset.

Noun : (obsolete) annatto (dye)


Noun : A chamber used for baking or heating.

Noun : (colloquial) A very hot place.

Verb : (transitive, colloquial, informal) To cook in an oven


Verb : (transitive) To leave out or exclude.

Verb : (intransitive) To fail to perform.

Verb : (transitive, law, of text) To delete or remove; to strike.


Noun : (Greek mythology) A giant-hunter, pursuer of the Pleiades and lover of Eos, and killed by Artemis.

Noun : (astronomy) A constellation on the celestial equator close to Gemini and Taurus, containing the stars Betelgeuse and Rigel.

Noun : A surname.


Noun : A surname from Spanish.



Verb : (transitive) To do as ordered by (a person, institution etc), to act according to the bidding of.

Verb : (intransitive) To do as one is told.

Verb : (obsolete, intransitive) To be obedient, compliant (to a given law, restriction etc.).

one up

Verb : (idiomatic) To outdo, to perform something slightly better than a competitor's prior effort.

Noun : (especially in phrases like "get one up on someone") An advantage over someone.

Noun : (video games) Alternative spelling of 1-up (“extra life”) [(video games) An item that grants the player an extra life in the game, staving off game over by one more try.]



Adjective : Covered in, or supplied with, oil.

Adjective : (slang) Drunk. Usually in conjunction with well.

on key


Adjective : From or relating to a previous era.

Adjective : (archaic) Old; ancient.

Verb : (intransitive, old-fashioned or rare) To grow old; age; assume an older appearance or character; become affected by age.


Noun : Something which portends or is perceived to portend either a good or evil event or circumstance in the future, or which causes a foreboding; a portent or augury.

Noun : A thing of prophetic significance.

Verb : (transitive) To be an omen of.

owe it



Noun : A clay earth pigment containing silica, aluminum and ferric oxide

Noun : A somewhat dark yellowish orange colour

Noun : (molecular biology, colloquial) The stop codon sequence "UAA."

on net


Noun : (countable, chemistry) An isomer of a benzene derivative having two substituents adjacent on the ring.

Noun : (countable, astronomy) A certain type of flat eyepiece.

Noun : (countable, photography, dated) An orthochromatic plate.


Adjective : Shaped like an oval.

Adjective : Egg-shaped; shaped like an oval, but more tapered at one end; ovate.

Noun : Something that is oval in shape.



Noun : A surname.

Noun : A male given name transferred from the surname.


Noun : An orangutan.


Noun : A surname.


Noun : A spring of fresh water, surrounded by a fertile region of vegetation, in a desert.

Noun : (figuratively) A quiet, peaceful place or situation separated from surrounding noise or bustle.

Noun : A census-designated place in Riverside County, California, United States.


Noun : Obsolete form of order. [(countable) Arrangement, disposition, or sequence.]

Verb : Obsolete form of order. [(transitive) To set in some sort of order.]


Noun : Of, from, or pertaining to the Osage nation or tribe.

Noun : Of, from, or pertaining to the Osage language.

Noun : A village in Saskatchewan, Canada.

on cue


Noun : (skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding) An aerial maneuver in which one catches air by leaping off the ground with the skateboard and into the air.

Verb : (intransitive) To perform an ollie.

Noun : A diminutive of the male given name Oliver.


Noun : A suburban area of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England (OS grid ref SE112341).

Noun : A city in Dickey County, North Dakota, United States.

Noun : A surname.

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