5 Letter Words That Start With OU


Verb : (auxiliary) Indicating duty or obligation.

Verb : (auxiliary) Indicating advisability or prudence.

Verb : (auxiliary) Indicating desirability.


Adjective : Alternative spelling of outré [Beyond what is customary or proper; extravagant.]


Noun : An avoirdupois ounce, weighing ¹⁄₁₆ of an avoirdupois pound, or 28.3495 grams.

Noun : A troy ounce, weighing ¹⁄₁₂ of a troy pound, or 480 grains, or 31.1035 grams.

Noun : A US fluid ounce, with a volume of ¹⁄₁₆ of a US pint, 1.8047 cubic inches or 29.5735 millilitres.


Verb : (transitive) To excel; go beyond in performance; surpass.


Noun : Alternative form of ouzel [(now regional) A Eurasian blackbird (Turdus merula).]


Adjective : Outside; external.

Adjective : Farther from the centre of the inside.

Noun : An outer part.


Adjective : (colloquial) Painful, hurtful; that is expressed by the word ouch.

Noun : A lakeside resort near Lausanne, Vaud canton, Switzerland.


Noun : (countable) A board, having letters of the alphabet and the words yes and no; used with a planchette during a seance to "communicate" with spirits.

Noun : (uncountable) The use of such a board to attempt to communicate with spirits.

Noun : Alternative form of Ouija [(countable) A board, having letters of the alphabet and the words yes and no; used with a planchette during a seance to "communicate" with spirits.]


Noun : (now regional) A Eurasian blackbird (Turdus merula).

Noun : (chiefly Canada, US) A water ouzel, an aquatic perching bird (Cinclus mexicanus).

out of

Verb : (often informal) expression of how distant a person or an object is.


Noun : (obsolete) A small, often mischievous sprite; a fairy; a goblin; an elf.


Verb : (transitive)

Verb : (archaic) To go further than (someone or something); to exceed, to go beyond, to surpass.

Verb : (obsolete)


Noun : (music, informal) A portion of music at the end of a song; like an intro, but at the end instead of the beginning.

Noun : (informal) The closing sequence at the end of a film, television program, video game etc.



Verb : Away from the inside, centre or other point of reference.

Verb : Away from home or one's usual place.

Verb : Outside; not indoors.


Noun : (uncountable) An anise-flavoured aperitif, originating in Greece.

Noun : (countable) A serving of this drink.


Noun : (1 January 1839 – 25 January 1908) the pseudonym of the English novelist Maria Louise Ramé (although she preferred to be known as Marie Louise de la Ramée).


Adjective : (heraldry) Alternative form of undé [(heraldry) Waving or wavy; applied to ordinaries, or division lines.]


Verb : (transitive) To expel; to remove.


Noun : (informal) Anything convex.

Noun : (slang) A navel that protrudes from the abdomen.

Noun : (slang) A vagina with external labia minora.


Adjective : Beyond what is customary or proper; extravagant.

Adjective : Very unconventional.


Noun : A city, the capital of the Oriental Region, Morocco.


Adjective : (Scotland) Chill; having the sensation of cold; drooping; shivering.

Adjective : (Scotland) Bleak; melancholy.


Noun : A small city, the county seat of Ouray County, Colorado, United States.

Noun : An unincorporated community in Uintah County, Utah, United States.


Noun : (theology) The essential nature or ‘substance’ of God, often as contrasted to the ‘energies’ (external actions and influences) through which he is manifest.

Noun : (philosophy) Essence, being.


Noun : A surname from Japanese.

out to


Adjective : (chiefly dialectal) Being from without; strange; foreign; peculiar.

Verb : (transitive, chiefly dialectal) To put out; extinguish.

Noun : A surname from Dutch.




Verb : Alternative form of outbye [(mining) In the direction away from the coal face.]



out in

Verb : enter a harbo


Noun : (pronounced "Oh You Ate One Too") the eighth studio album by American rock band Van Halen.





out at



Noun : Various rivers in England.

Noun : River Ouse, Yorkshire: A river in North Yorkshire and East Riding of Yorkshire.

Noun : River Ouse, Sussex: A river in both West Sussex and East Sussex.


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