5 Letter Words That Start With QUE


Noun : (Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, less common in North America) A line of people, vehicles or other objects, usually one to be dealt with in sequence (i.e., the one at the front end is dealt with first, the one behind is dealt with next, and so on), and which newcomers join at the opposite end (the back).

Noun : A waiting list or other means of organizing people or objects into a first-come-first-served order.

Noun : (computing) A data structure in which objects are added to one end, called the tail, and removed from the other, called the head (in the case of a FIFO queue). The term can also refer to a LIFO queue or stack where these ends coincide.


Noun : A question, an inquiry (US), an enquiry (UK).

Noun : A question mark.

Noun : (computing, databases) A set of instructions passed to a database.


Noun : The wife, consort, or widow of a king.

Noun : A female monarch.

Noun : A woman whose pre-eminence, power, or forcefulness is comparable to that of a queen.


Noun : A journey or effort in pursuit of a goal (often lengthy, ambitious, or fervent); a mission.

Noun : The act of seeking, or looking after anything; attempt to find or obtain; search; pursuit.

Noun : (obsolete) Request; desire; solicitation.


Adjective : (dated outside Ireland, Scotland and England) Weird, odd, or different; whimsical.

Adjective : (Britain, informal, dated) Slightly unwell (mainly in "to feel queer").

Adjective : (Britain, slang) Drunk.


Verb : (transitive) To subdue, put down, or silence (someone or something); to force (someone) to submit.

Verb : (transitive) To suppress, to put an end to (something); to extinguish.

Verb : (obsolete, transitive) To kill.



Noun : (archaic) A woman, now especially an impudent or disreputable woman; a prostitute.

Noun : (Scotland) A young woman, a girl; a daughter.


Noun : A mill for grinding corn, especially a handmill made of two circular stones.

Verb : (transitive) To grind; to use a quern.



Verb : (obsolete) To please, to satisfy.


Noun : Short for chile con queso: melted cheese, used for instance as a dipping sauce. [A creamy sauce used as a dip, made from melted cheese and chili peppers.]


Verb : (transitive) To twirl; turn or wind around; coil.

Noun : A twist; curl.


Noun : (music) A traditional flute of the Andes.


Noun : Alternative form of quaich [(Scotland, historical) A traditional shallow, two-handled cup of Scottish origin symbolizing friendship. It was originally used to toast the arrival or departure of a visitor.]


Verb : (transitive) To throttle; choke; stifle; suffocate.

Verb : (intransitive) To grunt, croak, squeal; to moan, complain; to sigh, huff; to emit a breath forcibly, as after great exertion.

Verb : (dialectal, intransitive) To die.


Noun : A certain Native American tribe of Washington.



Noun : (vulgar, slang) An emission of air from the vagina, especially when audible; vaginal flatulence.

Noun : (vulgar, slang) A contemptible person.

Verb : (vulgar, intransitive, slang) To produce an emission of air from the vagina.


Noun : Obsolete spelling of queen [The wife, consort, or widow of a king.]


Noun : A surname.

Noun : Alternative form of kero (“Inca drinking-cup”) [(Australia, New Zealand, colloquial) Kerosene.]


Noun : Alternative form of queek [A vocal sound produced by certain birds.]

Verb : Alternative form of queek [To produce this sound.]



Verb : (intransitive, UK dialectal) To faint away.

Verb : Obsolete form of quail. [(intransitive) To waste away; to fade, to wither.]




Noun : One who, or that which, queries.

Noun : (UK, obsolete) A chimney sweep who goes door to door looking for work.




Noun : Alternative form of Queddah

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