5 Letter Words That Start With QUI


Verb : To the greatest extent or degree; completely, entirely.

Verb : With verbs, especially past participles.

Verb : With prepositional phrases and spatial adverbs.


Adjective : With little or no sound; free of disturbing noise.

Adjective : Having little motion or activity; calm.

Adjective : Not busy, of low quantity.


Adjective : Moving with speed, rapidity or swiftness, or capable of doing so; rapid; fast.

Adjective : Occurring in a short time; happening or done rapidly.

Adjective : Lively, fast-thinking, witty, intelligent.


Noun : An idiosyncrasy; a slight glitch, mannerism; something unusual about the manner or style of something or someone.

Noun : (architecture) An acute angle dividing a molding; a groove that runs lengthwise between the upper part of a moulding and a soffit.

Noun : (archaic) A quibble, evasion, or subterfuge.


Noun : One-twentieth of a ream of paper; a collection of twenty-four or twenty-five sheets of paper of the same size and quality, unfolded or having a single fold.

Noun : (bookbinding) A set of leaves which are stitched together, originally a set of four pieces of paper (eight leaves, sixteen pages). This is most often a single signature (i.e. group of four), but may be several nested signatures.

Noun : A book, poem, or pamphlet.


Noun : A bed covering consisting of two layers of fabric stitched together, with insulation between, often having a decorative design.

Noun : A roll of material with sound-absorbing properties, used in soundproofing.

Noun : A quilted skirt worn by women.


Noun : The lower shaft of a feather, specifically the region lacking barbs.

Noun : A pen made from a feather.

Noun : (by extension) Any pen.


Noun : (music) An interval of one fifth.

Noun : (music) The E string of a violin.

Noun : (card games) In piquet, a sequence of five playing cards of the same suit; equivalent to a straight flush in poker


Noun : (British dialect) A puff or whiff, especially of tobacco smoke.

Noun : (regional, slang) A trick or ploy; a stratagem.

Noun : (UK) A hairstyle whereby the forelock is brushed and/or gelled upward, often associated with the styles of the 1950s.


Noun : A recording device, used by the Incas, consisting of intricate knotted cords.


Noun : A rawhide whip plaited with two thongs of buffalo hide.

Verb : To strike with a quirt.


Noun : (computing) A program that produces its own source code as output.

Verb : (philosophy) To deny the existence or significance of something obviously real or important.

Verb : To append something to a quotation of itself.



Noun : A surname from Irish.

Noun : A male given name transferred from the surname.

Noun : A female given name transferred from the surname, of occasional 1990s and later usage.


Noun : The capital city of Ecuador.


Adjective : (colloquial, Britain) On equal monetary terms; neither owing or being owed.


Noun : A smart, sarcastic turn or jest; a taunt; a severe retort or comeback; a gibe.

Verb : (intransitive) To make a quip.

Verb : (transitive) To taunt; to treat with quips.


Noun : Alternative form of queest


Noun : (UK Midlands) The wood pigeon, Columba palumbus.

Noun : A surname.


Verb : (chiefly dialectal, Southern US, Midland US) To curl or twirl, or twist or coil (up).


Noun : Alternative form of cuisse [Defensive armour (especially of plate) for the thigh.]


Noun : (archaic) quinine


Noun : Obsolete spelling of quitch [Elymus repens, couch grass (a species of grass, often considered a weed)]

Verb : Obsolete spelling of quitch [(transitive, obsolete) To shake (something); to stir, move.]


Noun : A small opossum, Didelphis quica, from Guiana and Brazil


Noun : (now Appalachia) Pronunciation spelling of coil. [Something wound in the form of a helix or spiral.]

Verb : (now Appalachia) Pronunciation spelling of coil. [To wind or reel e.g. a wire or rope into regular rings, often around a centerpiece.]


Noun : Joaquín Salvador Lavado Tejón, better known by his pen name Quino (17 July 193230 September 2020), was an Argentinian cartoonist.

Noun : an Argentine cartoonist.


Noun : The inherent nature of something.

Noun : (US, historical) A member of a section of the Democratic-Republican Party between 1805 and 1811, following John Randolph of Roanoke. (From tertium quid.)

Noun : Paired with quo, in reference to the phrase quid pro quo (“this for that”): something offered in exchange for something else.


Noun : The tough wood of Platymiscium pinnatum.


Noun : Alternative spelling of quipu [A recording device, used by the Incas, consisting of intricate knotted cords.]


Noun : (informal) A quintuplet.

Noun : A European scallop, Pecten opercularis, used as food.

Noun : A surname.



Noun : (vulgar, slang) The female genitalia; the vulva.

Noun : (vulgar, derogatory) An extremely unpleasant or objectionable person.

Adjective : (Ulster) Affectedly nice, prim.


Noun : A surname from Irish.


Noun : (physics) A hypothetical fundamental particle; a preon.





Noun : a sugar-sweetened breakfast cereal from the Quaker Oats Company.




Noun : The deliberate ending of something.

Noun : The ceasing of a habit, especially smoking cigarettes or other addictive behaviors.

Noun : The termination of employment, initiated by the employee.





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