5 Letter Words That Start With RA


Noun : A line or series of mountains, buildings, etc.

Noun : A fireplace; a fire or other cooking apparatus; now specifically, a large cooking stove with many hotplates.

Noun : Selection, array.


Verb : To form by the accumulation of materials or constituent parts; to build up; to erect.

Verb : To cause something to come to the surface of water.

Verb : (nautical) To cause (the land or any other object) to seem higher by drawing nearer to it.


Noun : A number representing a comparison between two named things.

Noun : (arithmetic) The relative magnitudes of two quantities (usually expressed as a quotient).

Noun : (Internet) The number of comments to a post or other expression on social media relative to the number of likes; a high ratio suggests disagreement with the contents of the original post.


Noun : A public gathering or mass meeting that is not mainly a protest and is organized to inspire enthusiasm for a cause.

Noun : A protest or demonstration for or against something, but often with speeches and often without marching, especially in North America.

Noun : (squash, table tennis, tennis, badminton) A sequence of strokes between serving and scoring a point.


Noun : (uncountable) The technology that allows for the transmission of sound or other signals by modulation of electromagnetic waves.

Noun : (countable) A device that can capture (receive) the signal sent over radio waves and render the modulated signal as sound.

Noun : (countable) On-board entertainment system in a car, usually including a radio receiver as well as the capability to play audio from recorded media.


Noun : (uncountable) A method of detecting distant objects and determining their position, velocity, or other characteristics by analysis of sent radio waves (usually microwaves) reflected from their surfaces

Noun : (countable) A type of system using such a method, differentiated by platform, configuration, frequency, power, and other technical attributes.

Noun : (countable) An installation of such a system or of the transmitting and receiving apparatus.


Noun : A large plot of land used for raising cattle, sheep or other livestock.

Noun : A small farm that cultivates vegetables and/or livestock, especially one in the Southwestern United States.

Noun : A house or property on a plot of ranch land.


Adjective : Very swift or quick.

Adjective : Steep, changing altitude quickly. (of a slope)

Adjective : Needing only a brief exposure time. (of a lens, plate, film, etc.)


Noun : Someone who takes part in a race.

Noun : A racehorse.

Noun : A vehicle or other device used for, or designed specifically for, racing.


Noun : (countable) Any of several, generally large and lustrous black species of birds in the genus Corvus, especially the common raven, Corvus corax.

Noun : A jet-black colour.

Adjective : Of the color of the raven; jet-black


Noun : Synonym of honey badger


Verb : To entwine or tangle (something) confusedly; to entangle.

Verb : (also figuratively) Often followed by up: to form (something) out of discrete elements, like weaving fabric from threads; to knit.

Verb : To unwind (a reel of thread, a skein of yarn, etc.); to pull apart (cloth, a seam, etc.); to fray, to unpick, to unravel; also, to pull out (a string of yarn, a thread, etc.) from a piece of fabric, or a skein or reel.


Noun : A keen-edged knife of peculiar shape, used in shaving the hair from the face or other parts of the body.

Noun : Any tool or instrument designed for shaving.

Noun : The sharp tusk of a wild boar.


Noun : A condiment used as a dip or sauce in the cuisine of southern Asia, made from seasoned yogurt.

Noun : (India, derogatory, politics, online slang) A Hindu who does not support Hindutva, a liberal Hindu, especially (highly derogatory) as considered a traitor to India or race traitor towards Indians.


Noun : Soup noodles of wheat, with various ingredients (Japanese style)

Noun : A type of instant noodles.

Verb : (Pastafarianism, humorous) amen


Adjective : Affected with rabies.

Adjective : Of or pertaining to rabies, or hydrophobia.

Adjective : Furious; raging; extremely violent.


Noun : A Jewish scholar or teacher of halacha (Jewish law), capable of making halachic decisions.

Noun : A Jew who is or is qualified to be the leader of a Jewish congregation.

Noun : (law enforcement, slang) A senior officer who acts as a mentor.


Adjective : Sexually aroused; full of sexual lust.

Adjective : (chiefly Scotland) Rude or coarse in manner.

Noun : impudent beggar


Noun : (Britain, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong) Taxes, usually on property, levied by local government.


Adjective : Slender and long of limb; lanky

Adjective : Prone to roaming around.

Adjective : Having or permitting range or scope; roomy; commodious.


Adjective : (obsolete) Slashed or striped in patterns.


Noun : a bar or bars of rolled steel making a track along which vehicles can rol


Verb : (slang) To vomit.

Noun : (UK, regional, obsolete) A raven.

Noun : A male given name from the Germanic languages.


Noun : The chemical element (symbol Rn, formerly Ro) with atomic number 86. It is an odorless, colorless, chemically inert but radioactive noble gas.

Noun : The most stable isotope of this element, ²²²₈₆Rn.


Noun : (informal) Rastafarian

Noun : Rastafari.


Noun : A manufactured regenerated cellulosic fiber.

Noun : (obsolete) A ray or beam.

Noun : A surname from Spanish.


Adjective : Pouring with rain; wet; showery


Adjective : (now UK regional) Of a food, taste, odour etc.: like a ram; pungent, rank.

Adjective : (US, colloquial) Frisky, lecherous.

Noun : (Scotland) A disorderly argument or disturbance; a fracas.


Adjective : (poetic) Ripening or blooming early.

Verb : (obsolete) Quickly.

Verb : (poetic) Early in the morning.


Noun : (biology) A root.

Noun : (linguistics) A primitive word, from which other words may be derived.

Noun : (mathematics) The number of distinct symbols used to represent numbers in a particular base, as ten for decimal.


Noun : (anatomy) The long bone in the forearm, on the side of the thumb.

Noun : (zoology) The lighter bone (or fused portion of bone) in the forelimb of an animal.

Noun : (entomology) One of the major veins of the insect wing, between the subcosta and the media; the vein running along the costal edge of the discal cell.


Noun : (anatomy) A seamlike ridge or furrow on an organ, bodily tissue, or other structure, typically marking the line where two halves or sections fused in the embryo.

Noun : The connecting ridge between the two halves of the medulla oblongata or the tegmentum of the midbrain.

Noun : (botany) The part of the stalk of an anatropous ovary that is united in growth to the outside covering and forms a ridge along the body of the ovule.


Noun : (usually countable) A tall, tropical Asian perennial herb, Boehmeria nivea, cultivated for its fibrous stems.

Noun : (usually uncountable) The fibre extracted from this plant known especially for its ability to hold shape, reduce wrinkling, and introduce a silky lustre used to make textiles, fishing nets, upholstery, etc.


Adjective : Strong of its kind or in character; unmitigated; virulent; thorough; utter (used of negative things).

Adjective : Strong in growth; growing with vigour or rapidity, hence, coarse or gross.

Adjective : Suffering from overgrowth or hypertrophy; plethoric.


Adjective : (of sound) Rough, raw, especially of vocal quality.

Adjective : Irritable.


Noun : A polishing material made of potter's clay that has failed in baking.

Noun : (countable) A piece of fabric fitted to the collar covering the shirt-front worn by Catholic and Anglican clergy.

Noun : (countable) The clerical linen collar itself.


Noun : A small spray or twig.

Noun : (biology) A branching, as of nerves or blood vessels.

Noun : (ornithology) The stem of a barb of a feather, from which the barbules extend.


Adjective : Resembling or characteristic of a rat; ratlike.

Adjective : Infested with rats.

Adjective : In poor condition or repair.


Noun : A person who attends rave parties, or who belongs to that subculture.

Noun : A person who raves or rants.

Noun : A surname.


Noun : a Hindu prince or ruler in India.

Noun : Any of various nymphalid butterflies of the genus Charaxes.


Noun : (Proto-Indo-Iranian: *Hrátʰas, Sanskrit: रथ, ; Avestan: raθa) also known as the Indo-Iranian term for a spoked-wheel chariot or a cart of antiquity.

Noun : In Hindu temple architecture, a ratha is a facet or vertical offset projection on the plan of a structure, in particular of the shikhara above the sanctum.


Adjective : (now rare) Scolded, rebuked.

Adjective : (engineering) maximum (load, voltage, etc.) under which a device can function properly


Noun : Alternative spelling of rani [The wife of a rajah.]


Noun : A type of coloured marble from Belgium. Rance is red and often has white or blue graining.

Noun : (Scotland) A prop or shore.

Noun : A round or spreader between the legs of a chair.


Noun : (nautical) An armed ship with its upper deck cut away, and thus reduced to the next inferior rate, such as a seventy-four cut down to a frigate.

Verb : (transitive, nautical) To cut (a ship) down to a smaller number of decks, and thus to an inferior rate or class.

Verb : (transitive, figuratively) To trim or abridge by cutting off parts.


Noun : A surname.

Noun : (figuratively) One who is reckless, disregards orders, uses violence to solve all problems, and bravely charges headlong into the teeth of the enemy.

Noun : An American variety of apple with a greenish-yellow skin, mottled and striped with dull red.


Noun : (informal) A person who has raped someone; a rapist.

Noun : A surname.


Noun : (obsolete) A scratching out, or erasure.

Noun : A slight wound; a scratch.

Noun : A way of measuring in which the commodity measured was made even with the top of the measuring vessel by rasing, or striking off, all that was above it.


Verb : (obsolete) To dine or feast upon plunder or goods seized by violence.

Noun : (obsolete) Food obtained by violence; plunder; prey; raven.

Adjective : (obsolete) Ravenous.


Noun : A ratchet wheel.

Noun : A white mark on a horse's face.

Verb : (transitive) To stretch.


Noun : (medicine) Abnormal clicking, rattling or crackling sound heard from the lungs, often audible only with a stethoscope.


Noun : One who provides a rating or assessment.

Noun : One who rates or scolds.


Noun : Someone who razes.



Noun : A person who uses a rake.

Noun : A machine for raking grain or hay.

Noun : A gun positioned so as to rake an enemy ship with gunfire.


Noun : A city, the county seat of Colfax County, New Mexico, United States.


Noun : A surname.


Noun : Alternative form of ramie [(usually countable) A tall, tropical Asian perennial herb, Boehmeria nivea, cultivated for its fibrous stems.]


Adjective : Raglike; like a rag.

Adjective : Scruffy; tending to dress in rags.

Adjective : Similar in style to ragtime music.


Noun : A rainy season; monsoon

Noun : A surname.


Noun : (botany) A clone (individual member of a genet).


Noun : A beacon that, on detecting a radar signal, responds by transmitting a coded navigation signal.


Noun : A contest between people, animals, vehicles, etc. where the goal is to be the first to reach some objective. Example: Several horses run in a horse race, and the first one to reach the finishing post wins

Noun : Swift progress; rapid motion; an instance of moving or driving at high speed.

Noun : (computing) A race condition.


Noun : Alternative form of rach [(dialectal) a dog that hunts by scent]


Noun : (obsolete outside dialects, East Anglia) A shrew (the animal).


Noun : Viverricula indica, the small Indian civet.


Adjective : sloping


Noun : A surname transferred from the given name.


Adjective : (medicine) Of or pertaining to rabies.


Noun : A surname.


Verb : In a raw manner.


Noun : A surname transferred from the given name, variant of Raine.

Noun : A female given name.

Noun : A city in Acadia Parish, Louisiana, United States


Noun : Alternative form of ragi (“finger millet”) [A type of grain, Eleusine coracana, cultivated as a cereal in arid areas of Africa and Asia; finger millet.]


Adjective : (social studies) Belonging to a certain race of people.


Noun : a large number or amoun


Noun : A surname.

Noun : A transliteration of the Belarusian male given name Рама́н (Ramán).


Noun : (uncommon) One who rages.

Noun : (slang) A party, particularly a large, wild party (social event).

Noun : (slang) A raging erection; a massive erection of the penis.


Noun : both a given name, and a nickname in the English language, popular in North America and Norway.


Noun : (metonymically) publication, distribution (of a magazine)

Noun : A hamlet east of Dumfries, Dumfries and Galloway council area, Scotland (OS grid ref NY0374).


Noun : A surname from Spanish.


Noun : A surname transferred from the given name derived from any of several personal names (such as Raymond).

Noun : Obsolete form of rain. [Condensed water falling from a cloud.]


Verb : To speak or shout at length in uncontrollable anger.

Verb : To disseminate one's own opinions in a - typically - one-sided, strong manner.

Verb : To criticize by ranting.


Noun : Alternative form of rattan [Any of several species of climbing palm of the genus Calamus.]


Noun : (music) a subgenre of reggae that incorporates hip hop, rhythm and blues and sampling; dancehall


Noun : Violent uncontrolled anger.

Noun : A current fashion or fad.

Noun : (obsolete) Any vehement passion.


Adjective : sexually abuse

Adjective : having been robbed and destroyed by force and violenc


Noun : A beam of light or radiation.

Noun : (zoology) A rib-like reinforcement of bone or cartilage in a fish's fin.

Noun : (zoology) One of the spheromeres of a radiate, especially one of the arms of a starfish or an ophiuran.


Noun : A city in central Poland


Noun : Violent uncontrolled anger.

Noun : A current fashion or fad.

Noun : (obsolete) Any vehement passion.


Adjective : Very uncommon; scarce.

Adjective : (of a gas) Thin; of low density.

Adjective : (UK, slang) Good; enjoyable.


Noun : Alternative form of arango [A rough carnelian bead, formerly used in Africa as currency when buying slaves for the slave trade.]



Adjective : of or pertaining to the true frogs.

Noun : a true frog of the family Ranidae.


Noun : An inclined surface that connects two levels; an incline.

Noun : An interchange, a road that connects a freeway to a surface street or another freeway.

Noun : (aviation) A mobile staircase that is attached to the doors of an aircraft at an airport.


Adjective : (anatomy, dated) Of or pertaining to a ramus, or branching


Noun : A traditional Maltese unit of weight, officially 1.75 imperial pounds (0.794 kg), now widely metrified informally to mean 800 grammes.

Adjective : Pertaining to a rate of taxation.

Noun : The amount on which a tax rate is assessed.


Adjective : (cooking) (of food) Not cooked.

Adjective : (of materials, products, etc.) Not treated or processed; in a natural state, unrefined, unprocessed.

Adjective : Having had the skin removed or abraded; chafed, tender; exposed, lacerated.


Noun : A male given name from Arabic.

Noun : A surname from Arabic.


Noun : (agriculture, horticulture) A garden tool with a row of pointed teeth fixed to a long handle, used for collecting debris, grass, etc., for flattening the ground, or for loosening soil; also, a similar wheel-mounted tool drawn by a horse or a tractor.

Noun : (by extension) A similarly shaped tool used for other purposes.

Noun : (gambling) A tool with a straight edge at the end used by a croupier to move chips or money across a gaming table.


Noun : An enthusiastic review (such as of a play).

Noun : An all-night dance party with electronic dance music (techno, trance, drum and bass etc.) and possibly drug use.

Noun : (music, uncountable) The genres of electronic dance music usually associated with rave parties.

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