5 Letter Words That Start With SL


Verb : (intransitive) To rest in a state of reduced consciousness.

Verb : (idiomatic, euphemistic) To have sexual intercourse (see sleep with).

Verb : (transitive) To accommodate in beds.


Noun : A person who is held in servitude as the property of another person, and whose labor (and often also whose body and life) is subject to the owner's volition and control.

Noun : (figuratively) A drudge; one who labors or is obliged (e.g. by prior contract) to labor like a slave with limited rights, e.g. an indentured servant.

Noun : (figuratively) An abject person.


Noun : An area of ground that tends evenly upward or downward.

Noun : The degree to which a surface tends upward or downward.

Noun : (mathematics) The ratio of the vertical and horizontal distances between two points on a line; zero if the line is horizontal, undefined if it is vertical.


Verb : (ergative) To (cause to) move in continuous contact with a surface.

Verb : (intransitive) To move on a low-friction surface.

Verb : (intransitive, baseball) To drop down and skid into a base.


Verb : (intransitive) To rest in a state of reduced consciousness.

Verb : (idiomatic, euphemistic) To have sexual intercourse (see sleep with).

Verb : (transitive) To accommodate in beds.


Noun : That which is thin and broad.

Noun : A thin, broad piece cut off.

Noun : (colloquial) An amount of anything.


Noun : (uncountable, geology) A fine-grained homogeneous sedimentary rock composed of clay or volcanic ash which has been metamorphosed so that it cleaves easily into thin layers.

Noun : (uncountable) The bluish-grey colour of most slate.

Noun : (countable) A chalkboard, sheet of slate for writing on with chalk or with a thin rod of slate (a slate pencil) formerly commonly used by both students and teachers in schools.


Noun : (with "the") Those who have been killed.


Noun : (uncountable) The part of anything that hangs loose, having no strain upon it.

Noun : (countable) A tidal marsh or shallow that periodically fills and drains.

Noun : (uncountable, psychotherapy) Unconditional listening attention given by client to patient.


Noun : (cricket) the area of the field covered by fielders in the slip positions; the slip fielders collectively


Noun : Initialism of student loan asset-backed securities.


Noun : A broad, flat, wooden bar, a slat, especially as used to secure a door, window, etc.

Noun : A metal bolt or wooden bar, especially as a crosspiece.

Noun : (Scotland, Northern England) An implement for barring, bolting, locking or securing a door, box, gate, lid, window or the like.


Noun : (countable, derogatory) A dilapidated neighborhood where many people live in a state of poverty.

Noun : (slang, uncountable) Inexpensive trinkets awarded as prizes in a carnival game.

Verb : (intransitive) To visit a neighborhood of a status below one's own.


Noun : Language outside of conventional usage and in the informal register.

Noun : Language that is unique to a particular profession or subject; jargon.

Noun : The specialized language of a social group, sometimes used to conceal one's meaning from outsiders; cant.


Adjective : Slippery or smooth due to a covering of liquid; often used to describe appearances.

Adjective : Appearing expensive or sophisticated.

Adjective : Superficially convincing but actually untrustworthy.


Noun : A surname.

Noun : A unisex given name

Noun : A female given name


Noun : (medicine, dated) milk sickness


Noun : A slope; an incline, inclination.

Noun : A sloped surface or line.

Noun : (mining) A run: a heading driven diagonally between the dip and strike of a coal seam.


Verb : To throw with a circular or arcing motion.

Verb : To throw with a sling.

Verb : (nautical) To pass a rope around (a cask, gun, etc.) preparatory to attaching a hoisting or lowering tackle.


Verb : (intransitive) To collapse heavily or helplessly.

Verb : (intransitive) To decline or fall off in activity or performance.

Verb : (intransitive) To slouch or droop.


Noun : A slashing action or motion

Noun : A swift, broad, cutting stroke made by an edged weapon or whip.

Noun : (cricket) A wild swinging strike of the bat.


Verb : To throw with a circular or arcing motion.

Verb : To throw with a sling.

Verb : (nautical) To pass a rope around (a cask, gun, etc.) preparatory to attaching a hoisting or lowering tackle.


Adjective : Having an even, smooth surface; smooth

Adjective : Glossy.

Adjective : Not rough or harsh.


Noun : A narrow cut or opening; a slot.

Noun : (vulgar, slang) The opening of the vagina.

Noun : (vulgar, slang, derogatory) A woman, usually a sexually loose woman; a prostitute.


Noun : the largest European ethnolinguistic group.

Noun : The Slavic ethnonym (and autonym), Slavs, is reconstructed in Proto-Slavic as *Slověninъ, plural Slověně.


Noun : Soft, moist earth or clay, having an adhesive quality; viscous mud; any substance of a dirty nature, that is moist, soft, and adhesive; bitumen; mud containing metallic ore, obtained in the preparatory dressing.

Noun : Any mucilaginous substance; or a mucus-like substance which exudes from the bodies of certain animals, such as snails or slugs.

Noun : Synonym of flubber (“kind of rubbery polymer”)


Noun : (now rare or dialectal) A valley, a flat grassy area, a glade.

Noun : (dialectal) A hillside.

Noun : A spade for digging peat.


Noun : (nautical) A single-masted sailboat with only one headsail.

Noun : (military) A sailing warship, smaller than a frigate, with its guns all on one deck.

Noun : (military) A sloop-of-war, smaller than a frigate, larger than a corvette.


Adjective : Of or pertaining to slime

Adjective : resembling, of the nature of, covered or daubed with, or abounding in slime

Adjective : (slang, figuratively) Friendly in a false, calculating way; underhanded; two-faced; sneaky; slick; smarmy.


Noun : (uncountable) Laziness; slowness in the mindset; disinclination to action or labour.

Noun : (countable) A herbivorous, arboreal South American mammal of the families Megalonychidae and Bradypodidae, noted for its slowness and inactivity.

Noun : (rare) A collective term for a group of bears.


Noun : (mining) half-roasted ore


Noun : A thin, narrow strip or bar of wood (lath), metal, or plastic.

Noun : (aviation) A control surface that extends forwards and downwards from the leading edge of a wing, leaving a gap between it and the leading edge, in order to modify the airflow around the wing so as to allow flight at a higher angle of attack without stalling, lowering the aircraft's stall speed.

Noun : (skiing, slang) A ski.


Noun : (chiefly US) Pellets of ice made of mostly frozen raindrops or refrozen melted snowflakes.

Noun : (chiefly UK, Ireland, New England) Precipitation in the form of a mixture of rain and snow.

Noun : (rare) A smooth coating of ice formed on ground or other objects by freezing rain.


Verb : In a sly manner, cunningly.


Noun : A two-player reaction game in which opponents slap each other's hands.


Noun : Half-melted snow or ice, generally located on the ground.

Noun : Liquid mud or mire.

Noun : Flavored shaved ice served as a drink.


Verb : (transitive, ergative) To shut with sudden force so as to produce a shock and noise.

Verb : (transitive, ergative) To put in or on a particular place with force and loud noise. (Often followed by a preposition such as down, against or into.)

Verb : (transitive, intransitive) To strike forcefully with some implement.


Noun : A small, light vehicle with runners, used recreationally, mostly by children, for sliding down snow-covered hills. (A "sled" in this sense is not pulled by an animal as a "sleigh" is.)

Noun : (US) A vehicle on runners, used for conveying loads over the snow or ice. (contrast "sleigh", which is larger)

Noun : (slang) A snowmobile.


Noun : A county of Ireland.

Noun : A town in County Sligo, Ireland.


Noun : An animal, especially a calf, born prematurely or abortively.


Noun : An insult or slight.

Noun : An extremely offensive and socially unacceptable term targeted at a group of people (such as an ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc.).

Noun : A mark of dishonour; a blight or stain.


Noun : Waste material from a mine.

Noun : Scum that forms on the surface of molten metal.

Noun : Impurities formed and separated out when a metal is smelted from ore; vitrified cinders.


Noun : (with "the") Those who have been killed.



Noun : Alternative form of shloka [A distich of Sanskrit verse, in which each line contains sixteen syllables.]


Verb : (intransitive) To sneak about furtively.

Verb : (transitive, intransitive) To give birth to an animal prematurely.

Noun : (countable) A furtive sneaking motion.


Verb : (transitive) To satisfy (thirst, or other desires).

Verb : (transitive) To cool (something) with water or another liquid.

Verb : (intransitive) To become mixed with water, so that a true chemical combination takes place.


Noun : (obsolete) Loose trousers.

Noun : (nautical, historical) Sailors’ breeches ending just below the knees or above the ankles, worn mainly in XVIII century.

Noun : (nautical, dated) Clothing and bedding issued to sailors.



Adjective : Resembling the mineral slate.


Noun : A surname.


Noun : (Eastern Orthodoxy) The custom of honoring a family patron saint, celebrated chiefly by the Serbs, but also by some Macedonians, Montenegrins, Bulgarians and Gorani.


Noun : (vulgar, often derogatory) A sexually promiscuous woman.

Noun : (vulgar, by extension) A prostitute.

Noun : (vulgar, often derogatory) Any sexually promiscuous person, often a gay man.



Verb : (intransitive, of a liquid) To shift chaotically; to splash noisily.

Verb : (transitive, of a liquid) To cause to slosh.

Verb : (intransitive) To make a sloshing sound.


Verb : (transitive) To eat or drink noisily.

Verb : (intransitive) To make a loud sucking noise.

Noun : A loud sucking noise, especially one made in eating or drinking.


Noun : Initialism of State Law and Order Restoration Council: the junta which overthrew the democratically elected government of Burma (Myanmar) in 1988.



Noun : (Ireland) A one-eared spade for cutting turf or peat, consisting of an iron flat-bladed head and a long wooden shaft.

Noun : A surname.


Noun : (weaponry) Initialism of submarine-launched ballistic missile.


Noun : A narrow piece of timber that holds together large pieces; a slat.

Noun : A surname.


Noun : (Scotland, Northern England) A draught; a gulp.

Verb : (Scotland, Northern England) To swallow, gulp.

Verb : (transitive, West Country, slang, obsolete) To poach (a servant) from another household.


Noun : (informal, derogatory) A lazy and slovenly or obese person.

Verb : To move slowly or cumbersomely.

Verb : To act like a slob, in a lazy or slovenly way.


Adjective : Slender, thin.

Adjective : (of a person or a person's build) Slender in an attractive way.

Adjective : (by extension, of clothing) Designed to make the wearer appear slim.



Noun : A surname.


Noun : A surname.


Noun : a town and municipality located in the west of Zeelandic Flanders, in the south-western Dutch province of Zeeland.


Noun : A surname.



Noun : A peninsula in the south of the Isle of Skye, Highland council area, Scotland.


Verb : Alternative spelling of slyly [In a sly manner, cunningly.]


Noun : A surname.

Adjective : Obsolete form of sly. [Artfully cunning; secretly mischievous; wily.]




Noun : (South Africa) A ditch.

Noun : (South Africa, archaic) An irrigation channel.


Noun : The small, astringent, wild fruit of the blackthorn (Prunus spinosa).

Noun : The tree Prunus spinosa.

Noun : Any of various other plants of the genus Prunus, as a shrub or small tree, Prunus alleghaniensis, bearing dark-purple fruit.


Noun : allocation to a slot


Noun : A Scandinavian system of handicraft-based education that emphasizes the importance of practical, hands-on work to develop cognitive and problem-solving skills. In particular, it is often associated with woodworking and carving, but can include other crafts as well.

Noun : A knife for carving.



Noun : A surname from German.


Noun : A surname.



Noun : a large number or amoun


Noun : A surname from Polish.

Noun : A surname from Assyrian Neo-Aramaic.


Noun : Initialism of strategic lawsuit against public participation: a lawsuit or other legal harassment designed to intimidate and silence critics.


Noun : A stone slab used as a veneer for coarse masonry.


Noun : (dated, fandom slang) A fan of science fiction.


Verb : (transitive, obsolete or dialectal) To cut; split; separate.

Verb : (transitive, obsolete or dialectal, chiefly Scotland) To cut or slice something off; separate by slicing.

Noun : (dialectal) A slice or sliver; slip, chip.



Noun : The Russian Orthodox Christmas, which is celebrated from January 6 through 13 in outstate Alaska, USA, wherever there is a sizable Russian Orthodox population.


Noun : The act of something that slips; a slip; a skidding or sudden loosening motion.


Adjective : Artfully cunning; secretly mischievous; wily.

Adjective : (having a positive connotation) Dexterous in performing an action, so as to escape notice

Adjective : Done with, and marked by, artful and dexterous secrecy; subtle


Verb : (intransitive) To crawl; creep; slide.

Verb : (transitive) To make sleek or smooth.

Verb : (transitive, UK dialectal) To rend asunder; cleave.



Verb : (transitive, dialectal) To slit; tear or rip up.

Verb : (transitive, dialectal) To wear away (clothes).

Noun : (dialectal) The act or process of ripping up; rending; wear and tear.


Noun : (architecture) A covered passageway, especially one connecting the transept of a cathedral or monastery to the chapter house.



Adjective : (UK, dialect) slippery; smooth

Adjective : (UK, dialect) crafty; hypocritical

Noun : A surname.


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